Jan. 22nd, 2015

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Okay, he's only one out of the three right now, but things happen, right?

So this is Misty, player of our resident Hitsugaya, bringing in . . . another smart, emotionally repressed young fellow with white hair. These types ping me on purpose, I swear. This is Near (AKA Nate River) from Death Note, reincarnated as a poor soul named Nathan Brooks.

In canon, he's a brilliant but co-dependent detective with a lot of odd behaviours and a quiet confidence about him. Here, however, he's a young man with a very bad history, serious anxiety issues, and is struggling to get by on his own. So he surely needs to suddenly get memories of chasing a supernatural serial killer, right? Right. His info post is here and his full app is here. (Content warning for non-graphically-described child abuse applies for his reincarnated history.)

I'm bringing him in from having been in the 4th Wall, so he's got four Echoes already; he's been getting them since November, but this shit is scary and dangerous and he's been avoiding it. Sorry, Nathan. Looks like you can't anymore. Super happy to get him in here and see how he develops.

For those that don't have me on there yet, my plurk is at [plurk.com profile] cloudyskies, and is the best way to get ahold of me for plotting.
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Five more locations will appear before this game ends, and four of them are up to your vote! Most of what you can find below was suggested by you, the players; the three bottom options of A and the three bottom options of C were added by Kira-mod to supply a few more options. Every player gets one vote for each location, so a total of four.

Please cast your vote as soon as possible; the official cut-off date is the 30th, and the poll will be closed sometime during the 31st of January.

Poll #16384 Location Voting
This poll is closed.
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: Just the Poll Creator, participants: 22

Location A (Equator)

Galápagos Islands
10 (50.0%)

0 (0.0%)

Singapore and a small part of Sumatra, Indonesia
6 (30.0%)

4 (20.0%)

Location B (Capitals)

Bucharest, Romania
2 (10.0%)

London, UK
7 (35.0%)

Taipei, Taiwan
1 (5.0%)

Hanoi, Vietnam
0 (0.0%)

Paris, France
6 (30.0%)

Buenos Aires, Argentina
4 (20.0%)

Location C (Arabian Peninsula, Africa, South America)

Al Khor, Qatar
2 (9.5%)

Doha, Qatar
3 (14.3%)

Georgetown, Guyana
0 (0.0%)

Middle of the desert, Saudi Arabia
5 (23.8%)

Amazonas near Santarém, Brazil
6 (28.6%)

Mt Kenya National Park
5 (23.8%)

Location D (Asia)

Tokyo, Japan
9 (42.9%)

Hong Kong, China
2 (9.5%)

Seoul, Korea
1 (4.8%)

Lake Suwa, Japan
4 (19.0%)

Yatsugatake mountains, Japan
4 (19.0%)

Sekigahara, Japan
1 (4.8%)