Jan. 27th, 2015

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/slides in here hi hi I'm Bookworm or Tea, and I come to you with Liam Benedict's father, the eccentric filthy rich artist and almost hippy Arnold Benedict... who was, in a past life, one Makalaure "Maglor" Canafinwe, the second of Feanor's infamous seven sons... who er. may have killed just about all Legolas' senior relatives.

Y E P.

Far too much information about Mags is available on his app, if anyone feels like wading through loads and loads of information, but basically Mags is the Emoest elf you ever met - he was emo before you humans thought it was cool. Arnold on the other hand... is about the happiest person you will ever meet. Also ditzy. But he loves his family a lot (some things don't change) and is here basically to make sure Liam doesn't kill himself. yes.

I hate doing intros.

I can be PM'd on Mags' account or reach me on plurk at [plurk.com profile] bookwormfaith