Feb. 28th, 2015

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Activity check will remain open through March 7th. Only activity from February 1st through February 31st will be acceptable.

You require three threads with different characters, of which the shortest should be 3 long or 5 short comments in length. The other two threads must be longer than that.
In case that more than one thread only reaches the bare minimum length, bolster threads (which may be with repeat characters) can be used to make up for the shortness. Alternatively they can be used to prove that one is worthy of leniency because of special circumstances (due to none of the threads having been dropped by oneself/to avoid swiping/etc). A bolster thread must be at least two long or three short comments in length.

• All characters must also have a link to some sort of "How's My Driving"/crit post in addition to their info/Echoes post. While there's no other requirements (such as allowing anonymous posting or logging IP addresses), comments do need to be enabled.

• If your character was accepted during this last month/activity cycle, you need only to check them in with their name/journal/info post/HMD, and do not have to fill out the three thread links and activity summary sections.

• If your character has an announced hiatus of a week or more in length for this month, this may be used instead of providing activity. Please use the regular form up to and including the activity summary, and then instead of providing threads link us to your hiatus comment on the hiatus post. A hiatus is not valid before the day on which the hiatus comment was submitted to the hiatus post; you may not call retroactive hiatuses - a hiatus called on the 9th which runs from the 5th to the 12th will not cover you for AC, as we'll only count the 9th-12th. But you can of course submit your hiatus comment for the 5th-12th on the 1st.

The only players/characters that are exempt from posting to the hiatus are those who are currently on hiatus throughout the full AC period, though we appreciate it if you do; if such a hiatus covers enough of the AC month, they will be assumed to have used a hiatus, if it does not, they will be assumed to have requested a strike for it. If you have special circumstances and need to provide your activity after the 7th, please speak to the mod processing AC (Mark).
Please note that using a hiatus instead of providing full activity two months in a row will constitute a strike, which will stay in place for four months (you can, however, use a hiatus the month after you took a strike); we therefore encourage players who have sufficient activity to post it to submit it even if they have a valid hiatus.

• If your character does not meet activity requirements and is not covered by a hiatus, you may opt to take a strike for them by replying here. Characters with an existing strike who then qualify for another will be removed from the game, and cannot be apped in again until their initial strike has expired. However, again, each strike only lasts four months before being reset. For example, a character who has a strike from December will need to have activity or a declared hiatus each month up to and including April's activity check.
If you will be late posting to AC or claiming a strike, please notify the mod processing AC (Mark) - however, keep in mind that you will still be required to check in to the post itself, using the regular form up to and including "Activity Summary". Current characters on strike can be found here.

• Another player may provide activity for another (for example, in the case of broken computers/sickness/etc.), as long as permission is given.

Please fill out the following form and add it into a new comment.
Player Section (Paste once.)

Activity Section (Paste once per character. Do not alter the form. When using a hiatus/taking a strike, please use the form up to and including "Activity Summary" and then link us to your hiatus comment or tell us that you wish to take a strike in lieu of the threads. If you are new, use the form up to and including "Link to HMD".)

What can I use?- FAQ:
• All threads in [community profile] savetheearth or IC inboxes can be used.
• You may use up to one inbox thread as activity proof. Up to one "bolster thread" can be an inbox thread as well. (Bolster thread: If you feel that your three threads are not enough, you may provide up to two more ("bolster threads"), both of which can be with a character who is the same as in one of the first three linked threads. If more than one thread only barely meets our minimum requirements, bolstering threads are required.)
• Threads can all be from the same entry (for example if your character made a network post, started a log or you were involved in a party log).
• Threads can have been originally started before the month's start. However, at least two threads provided must have been started during the actual month in question, and all threads must have sufficient activity within the cycle duration. Please also refrain from using the same thread for AC more than once.

Characters that cannot use a hiatus this month due to having used one last month are:



Feb. 28th, 2015 07:38 pm
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Hello everyone, Joc here. I've been struggling to be active lately (most of it is my fault due to dealing with some personal problems) and actually planned to drop a few months earlier, but I hung in there as long as I could. That being said, I'll be dropping the game and Xander will be moving back to Minneapolis after settling a few things in Locke.

Thanks for having me and I enjoyed my time being here. Good luck with the end-game.
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As many have probably heard, I'm dropping Thorir. He already lost his echoes around the middle of the month, but he left himself extensive notes so he has at least a good idea of most things that he learned about his former self and of what happened in the year that he was numbered. He's back in Locke, back at 2m, and will try to pick up where he left off and remain an ally.

I might app someone new when I return from hiatus. But who knows, for now I'm down to a tall nation and her dog. Speaking of whom: Siiri and Floweregg will be on autopilote and hiatus throughout March. I'm doing a very intense internship in a place with shitty internet opportunities so I won't be on enough for RP.