May. 30th, 2015

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This will be the last mod post on this community. Save The Earth is over. It was a blast, and we hope that everyone who played here had fun, too. Stay as awesome as you are!

There will be a successor game, [community profile] raisetheearth, run by Lexil (of L), Ken (of Lily, Saretha, Natalie), Zalein (of Cesar) and MaxSalsa (of Winter).

All of that said, there is one last IC post for Day 4 on the IC comm for playing out the aftermath of the invasion. Boy NPC tags will be continued.

Going by the threads so far, it has become clear that the Boy has been "defeated" for good, as player characters have already managed to a number of crucial points with him. More information on this can be found at the bottom of the "storytime" under the cut/in the second blockquote.

Thus the game will end as follows:

On the morning of May 2nd, the 4th day of the invasion, enemy soldiers around the world will suddenly cease their attacks. They will tell anyone around them who might hear to go home and make sure that their parents and children and other loved ones are well, and then return to their ships and take off, returning to whence they came from.

The Animals will return to their resting states... and a sight can be seen above Las Vegas and Locke City: A orange-red dragon, rising from within an unconscious Arthur York's body, flies up over Las Vegas, circles over it for a few times and then barrels into the mountain. It instantly heads for the bottom of the mountain and curls up on the gold hoard there. And there it will stay, too. At the same time, Phillip Santorini faints somewhere in Locke City. From his body, a quite different being rises and floats above the city for a while before diving right into the ground, sending tremors through the city for a while as it dives down and burrows deep under the city. The Animals of Locke City and Las Vegas have thus been replaced, and Earth has resealed all her openings, enabling those who live on her to rebuild ...eventually. The Animals will now rest until such time when they should be needed again.

Characters who went to the aliens' home world will be escorted back to Earth personally (please either thread this out with the NPC or contact Kira-mod if you wish to handwave/know ahead of time). In return for each of them, one of the named aliens will be able to return to their place, so by the end of this exchanged, Geoff, Badri, Meredith (if he survived), Young and the Zhangs will all be gone.

The world isn't in a good state after their departure. North America is to a large part inhabitable or at least in a terrible state - it's pretty much your standard apocalyptic setting, complete wasteland in some and "only" ruined shambles in other areas. South America, Europe and Asia are partly in a terrible state, but in other parts all right or even untouched. Even Oceania and Africa, which saw no direct Enemy encounters, carry scars due to the world serpent smashing against them in places when fighting, though they remain for the most part as they were before the invasion. Obviously, even areas of the world that are untouched on the surface will see the disaster on their doorstep with international trade being down, tons of refugees and displaced persons all over the world, and so on.

The numbered will also find that the whole world is an echo boundary now - they won't lose their echoes anywhere any more, unless they lose them completely. Doppelgängers and Wolpertingers stay around if they survived the invasion, but all other Animals go back to sleep. The teleporter has been destroyed in the attack on Locke City.

And in this place, we'll give you a bit of story time. THIS IS STRICTLY OOC KNOWLEDGE. It is also tl;dr – simplified and shortened but still long. Still, it seemed to us that leaving the StE arc of this universe, you deserve to get at least a rough look at the part of the part of the “background info” that likely won't show up again in RtE (if it seems incomplete, that is because other parts will likely show up again in RtE).

Under a cut for length )

Please use this post for telling each other where your character stands at the end of the invasions, if they survived, perhaps even if you'll continue on to RtE, and say your goodbyes. There is a general questions thread below for your last questions and comments.

So long, and thanks for the fish! It was a blast.