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Plot post for March 22nd

Endgame is upon us!

This format of plot post is designed for players to ask questions and find ways to influence the plot. Be bold and ask what you can or can't do; the worst that can happen is that we will say no. Plots in Save the Earth can evolve in many ways. Although some potential outcomes are given, they are little more than suggestion and can be changed by character action. What role you take is up to you.

The post is also open for players to plot and coordinate between one another.

Endgame is upon us, and here is your run-down. As one can see, a lot of things are happening at once. This is intentionally so - people are supposed to split up, so pick and choose where to send your originals and dopples!

Important general notes:

- Activity Check: This month (March), we will ask for only two proofs of activity. April will not have an activity check.
- "Animals": This designates Wise Snake, the Crablobster Thing, Silent Swan with doppels and wolpertingers, the Lapland Devil with grinches and santas, Cousin Itt and the other echo area monsters.
- Dopples can, if there are very important reasons (being imprisoned, being bound by some form of mind control), stay away from the castle for a while, but they will grow more and more restless and unable to sleep and paranoid as time goes on. By at the very last the end of the sixth day they need to head back to the castle to not completely lose it (and a doppel will develop amazing mental and physical resources to achieve not completely losing it). If Silent Swan gets destroyed, dopples will lose this problem. They will however stay limited to echo boundaries for their movement.
- Echo boundaries: LC (Locke City), LV (Las Vegas), NA (Neuschwanstein Area), LA (Lapland Area), CI (Christmas Island), CL (Central London), SA (Santarem Area), GI (Galapagos Islands), TC (Tokyo City), TM (The Moon)
- The worldwide political situation is as follows: Europe, though technically caught up in controversies about immigration, Ukraine, Greece and other things, suddenly stops with all these issues when it is facing the threat of Orbital Tower debris hitting it all over and in a joint effort tries to figure out how to deal with that. The Americas, meanwhile, see a much more negative development as the USA and Brazil come very close to a war over American troops being employed to the Amazonas, while the USA itself is sinking in a political chaos as parts of the military join forces with parts of a party against parts of congress and the government, and everyone tries to do their own foreign politics.
Meanwhile, Geoff with Maryann Young at his side is getting more and more influential in the UN. They manage to be quite popular with most people and countries there. None of the other aliens are present in public, but can be encountered.
- Characters who have meddled with politics/authorities before will have a comparably easy time getting into political decision making processes, especially in Tokyo but also in the various European countries, the EU, Brazil, Australia and Equador; in America the political situation is hard to influence in a constructive way by anyone from the 27th onwards.


3/25: Plot : NA : Checking out the swan.
3/26: Plot : NA : Orbital Tower becomes structurally unstable.
3/26: OOC : Reserves close.
3/27: Plot : USA/Brazil : Politics.
3/28: Plot : Europe/Africa/Asia: Fear of the Orbital Tower falling.
3/28: Plot : CL : The hair grows.
3/30: Plot : CI : Expedition to find the central mushroom.
4/1: Plot : NA/GI : Pink Lights over the Galapagos Islands, Orbital Tower moves from NA to GI.
4/2: OOC : Applications close.
4/3: Plot : CL : Two monsters in London.
4/4: Plot : USA/Brazil : Politics.
4/4-4/9: Plot : SA : The Animal is found.
4/10: Plot : TC : Pink Lights over Tokyo City. A giant kappa goes on a rampage.
4/11: Plot : TC : The Japanese parliament concludes its emergency meeting on if to bomb the kappa.
4/15: Plot : Moon/sky : The invasion begins.
4/16: Plot : Echo boundaries lacking Animals : The invasion reaches the ground.
4/17: Plot : Echo boundaries with weakened Animals : The invasion spreads.
4/20: Plot : The Enemy attacks the remaining echo boundary areas.


3/26: Reserves close at 00:00 PST.

4/2: Applications close at 00:00 PST. After this time, applications will remain closed for the reminder of the game.


3/25: Neuschwanstein Area: Stefan ([personal profile] stefanged) will lead a group of originals to the castle to investigate and try to get his own and Xander's doppel back to Locke City. In the process of this, he will attempt to smash the swan statue. Anyone is welcome to go along on the trip or be there for other reasons when this happens, please go to the assigned thread below for plottings.

3/26: Neuschwanstein Area: The Orbital Tower starts to sway.

3/27: America | Brazil: Congresswoman Alicia Kerren dies. Two more similar cases among opponents of the intervention at/invasion of (depending on whom you ask) the Santarem Area in Brazil become known. | Brazil expels the American ambassador.

3/28: Europe/parts of Asia and Africa: Evacuation plans are made in many countries around the Orbital Tower. People all across Europe and parts of Africa and Asia start talking about what would happen if the tower falls, what can be done to keep that from happening or how the damage from falling debris could at least be kept to a minimum.

3/28: Central London: The London Subway as well as a number of tunnels and other underground areas have to be closed off and evacuated due to hair filling them. Some of the hair starts to move towards the surface, though it will take until the first days of April to show above the surface in significant quantities. It turns out to be sentient and try to wrap around people's/animals' legs or whatever gets close to it and pull it in to choke/squish them, but it is no more than hair: It can be cut with the help of scissors or a knife easily enough.

3/30: Julien ([personal profile] espigeonage) will lead a group into the Christmas Island jungle to check out the central mushroom. This can go four ways: 1+2. Only people that don't have a human respiratory system go. None of them are affected by the fungus's spores. They destroy the central mushroom or they do not. 3. People with a human respiratory system tag along. They destroy the central mushroom. 4. People with a human respiratory system tag along. They do not destroy the central mushroom; the people with the human respiratory system get the Christmas-Island insanity (trying to rid the island of human influences). Even if the central mushroom is destroyed, the minor mushrooms will remain, they just don't emit spores so the crazy will vanish once the central mushroom is gone. Plotting in the designated thread below!

4/1: Neuschwanstein Area / Galapagos Islands: The Orbital Tower is suddenly gone from Austria/Germany; it shows back up in the ocean amidst the Galapagos Islands, right on the equator, just as a pink light flashes over all of the islands. After some hectic panic in the area it turns out that it doesn't sway and is stable once again.

4/3: Central London: Walter ([personal profile] waltharius) will encounter the hair in the London subway and echo a colossus from his canon which will throw Walter. Literally. The hair will consider the Walter-projectile an attack and get into a fight with the colossus. Flying Godzilla vs really hairy King Kong in the middle of London, hide yo kids! (Note: Only Walter will be able to kill the colossus, but killing the hairy Animal/evacuation efforts are totally in all numbered hands.)

4/4: The Americas: Brazil, after multiple diplomatic attempts to stop the American military under Miller diplomatically, declares the continued "intervention" in the Santarem area an invasion and sends its own military there. No war is declared, but that only means that it isn't joined officially - partly because the American government and congress are locked in a political stalemate of uncooperativeness and disagreements and effectively incapable of acting.

between 4/4 and 4/9: Santarem Area: The dopples of Aaron ([personal profile] elfstoned) and Tony ([personal profile] oncedevil) who volunteered under General Miller will find the Animal of the Santarem area. The monster will start its destructive waking process, and the American military will in turn try to kill it. If any numbered with to interfere here one way or the other, please comment to the correct thread below for plotting.

4/10: Tokyo: Pink lights over Tokyo. A giant kappa awakens under the city, rises to the surface, and goes on an (accidental) rampage, desperately searching for water: It waddles around in bigger and smaller circles and asks with a thundering voice for directions to the next big body of water. Starting in Shinjuku, the kappa then moves southwest towards the harbour. The search leaves all of inner Tokyo in ruins from being stepped on, only the Tokyo Tower mysteriously remaining upright, if without power (you'll have to take the stairs, sorry). The kappa moves fairly quickly; everything is over in less than an hour, as it dives into the ocean and curls up on the bottom of the Tokyo Bay. The Japanese parliament has an emergency meeting and decides to try and have the military bomb the monster to death as soon as possible. If you want your numbered to show up at this debate or stop the bombing of Tokyo Bay physically, please comment to the appropriate thread.

4/15: At 4pm EST of the 15th, a child's laughing voice resounds in the air all around the world, remaining for over a minute and staying longer where it gets caught in the echo between buildings, mountains, or other echoing surfaces. Not long after, people in areas where the moon is visible (like those in Europe) will see pink lights on the moon, like a pink aurora borealis from above going all the way around the moon, and then the whole moon changes shape. Literally. It unfolds into a giant serpent that soon can be seen from everywhere around the world as it moves to wrap around the world, tossing and turning head and tail as if trying to hit and bite nasty flies. ...And if someone gets out a telescope, they'll realize that the serpent is doing exactly that: There are tiny spaceships attacking it and trying to pass by it, but for now it is holding up. ....You might maybe rather get to safety than get your telescope out though, because the serpent sometimes smashes down into the earth in its tossing and turning, and while it doesn't hit inhabited areas that still causes tsunamis and earthquakes.

4/16: The first spaceships get through... and strangely enough they land only inside echo boundaries, disappearing somewhere in the Mesosphere and reappearing about ten kilometres above ground. They always operate in exactly the same way: They bomb an area to clear it and then land their spaceship to release roughly a hundred soldiers (they look like humans). Each group of soldiers is equipped with extremely technically advanced equipment and on top of that has one super power - one could also say that it are all groups of 100 clones of the same person. The super powers range from telekinesis to the control of an element to telepathy and so on, but each soldier only has one. They are stronger than grinches - basically, your character will have trouble with them no matter what their powers are. They are not stormtroopers, they are darth vaders, so to speak. That said, they can be taken down, it will just be hard.

At first, they will land in the areas where the resident Animal was killed: Locke City, Las Vegas, and depending on how things go, some other areas. Then, they will land, in smaller contingencies, in areas where the Animal is weakened: Lapland, probably some other areas, too. The Animals in this areas, including their external parts (like doppels, wolpertingers, grinches and santas, minor mushrooms...) will rise to fight the invaders, wrecking havoc as they do so but very clearly focused on the invaders. They are, as a rule, more effective than numbered and normal people. At the last stage, the invaders will attack the echo boundaries with Animals that are still completely intact: Galapagos Island, perhaps more. Here, the Animal will be able to fend them off on its own.

Once the invaders have taken control of an echo boundary, they'll use it as a gateway to Earth, letting more and more of their kind file into the lands beyond. They will, very simply, try to conquer the world. The serpent that lies around the world will do its best to keep more ships from getting through to Earth, but as more and more come and it gets weaker more and more get through.


From here, there are two ways to handle this

I. Play this out. Playing out the invasion will probably turn into a rather tedious and hard-to-keep-track-of thing.

II. To get around this, there could be one big log for invasion shenanigans and an OOC input post to determine how it will end.

The end of the invasion could be threefold:

1. The Enemy wins.

2. Earth wins with the help of its Animals and those who reside on it. Enough of Earth remains inhabitable for people to continue their lives in a post-apocalyptic world.

3. Earth wins with the help of its Animals and those who reside on it. But it has become a wasteland to its residents, and all beings on it which are capable of dying are dead. A long, long time later, Earth develops into a planet that can sustain life once more, and an intelligent species develops into which all characters that were reincarnated in its past are once more reincarnated.

If 2. or 3. happen, the game could be turned into a mod-less musebox or it could be continued with a new mod team, should there be people who are interested in running it. This decision is entirely up to the players.

Another thing to discuss would be if you, the players, would wish to open up the field for the invasion battles and invite back all characters that were previously in the game, aka let dropped characters return. By game mechanics, it would be possible: The Earth Entity could reactivate all those who used to have echoes but lost them as a final effort against the Enemy. But would you, the players, want this?

Please give us your opinion on these points in the designated threads below!

Potential Echo Opportunities

• Encountering a ghost-like presence, a Vermini, a Vermedi, a Vermaxi, a doppelgänger, a wolpertinger or a ghost wolpertinger for the first time grants one plot echo each.
• Using the teleporter for the first time will grant one plot echo.
• Seeing a pink light will grant one Tier 2 plot echo each. This Tier 2 is in addition to the monthly Tier 2.
• Touching the hair in the London tube will grant one plot echo.
• Being affected by the fungus in Christmas Island will grant one plot echo; people who already have a "weird status effect" from being on the island will receive such an echo upon returning there.

Please direct questions regarding these plot points to the thread below and not the post in general.

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