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Nerdanel Istarnië Mahtanwen ([personal profile] copper_loved) wrote in [community profile] saveyourselves2015-04-03 10:47 pm

+1 Redheaded Artist!

Hi Earthlings~

Isabela's mun here, adding to the ranks with young Aubriana Goffe here. In her previous life, she was Nerdanel, the brilliant sculptor wife of Fëanor, mother to Maglor (and his six brothers), and the one who tried to talk them all out of that nasty Oath business.

Right now, she's twelve years old, biological half-sister to Nat Arandale, but she was adopted into a different family. She's American-born, but presently living in London, and she's still a precocious little art prodigy!

Have fun with her!

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