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Concerning endgame: The "too long; *do* read" rundown

For the final CR/plot meme, please go here
For the returnee registration, please go here.

After tallying the things that were submitted here it seems that the invasion will go down roughly like this:

Day 1: A snake!
OOC date: 29th of April

Description: At 4pm EST, a child's laughing voice resounds in the air all around the world, remaining for over a minute and staying longer where it gets caught in the echo between buildings, mountains, or other echoing surfaces. Not long after, people in areas where the moon is visible (like those in Europe) will see pink lights on the moon, like a pink aurora borealis from above going all the way around the moon, and then the whole moon changes shape. Literally. It unfolds into a giant serpent that soon can be seen from everywhere around the world as it moves to wrap around the world, tossing and turning head and tail as if trying to hit and bite nasty flies. ...And if someone gets out a telescope, they'll realize that the serpent is doing exactly that: There are tiny spaceships attacking it and trying to pass by it, but for now it is holding up. ....You might maybe rather get to safety than get your telescope out though, because the serpent sometimes smashes down into the earth in its tossing and turning, and while it doesn't hit inhabited areas that still causes tsunamis and earthquakes. Giorgio A. Tsoukalos and Erich von Däniken will announce that it's totally aliens!!! SEE THEY CALLED IT. Ancient astronauts that gave the earth culture are coming back to us!

What this day is for: This day is mostly for reconnecting with returnees and dealing with the last wave of plot echoes. It is also for catastrophe relief efforts for areas that are hit by tsunamis or earthquakes. The only echo boundary that will be devastated in this way are the Galapagos Islands. Characters that can fly or have special swimming abilities are especially invited to help with rescuing people and delivering first aid. (Icly, the talks with the first wave aliens also happen here and they will be wrapped up or dropped after the 4th of May.)

Day 2: An invasion!
OOC date: May 5th

Description: The first spaceships get through... and strangely enough they land only inside echo boundaries, disappearing somewhere in the Mesosphere and reappearing about ten kilometres above ground. They always operate in exactly the same way: They bomb an area to clear it and then land their spaceship to release roughly a hundred soldiers (they look like humans).

Each group of soldiers is equipped with extremely technically advanced equipment and on top of that has one super power - one could also say that it are all groups of 100 clones of the same person. The super powers range from telekinesis to the control of an element to telepathy and so on, but each soldier only has one. They are stronger than grinches - basically, your character will have trouble with them no matter what their powers are. They are not stormtroopers, they are darth vaders, so to speak. That said, they can be taken down, it will just be hard. A numbered with special talents will find that the troops communicate and will send in an unit that is equipped to handle that specific talent (f.ex: Against a very fast giant, they'll call people who can catch and keep him in place with telekinesis). So no super power works eternally, and they'll have to retreat and do quick surprise attacks on groups that can't hurt them once they've been figured out by the Enemy's troops.

According to what so far has been submitted about numbered battle power, plans and such, the following picture can be painted:

At first, they will land in the areas where the resident Animal was killed or is out of commission: Locke City, Las Vegas and Christmas Island.
Locke City: Due to the fairly high number of numbered defenders, the city will remain in numbered/human hands. It will however suffer heavy destruction. Locke City will be heavily damaged by secure, being entirely defended by numbered and unnumbered humans.
Las Vegas: Due to the in comparison much lower number of numbered defenders, Las Vegas will fall. If numbered decide to turn the mountain and its insides into a fortress, that will hold and be able to shelter pretty much the whole population of Las Vegas and surroundings. The Enemy's troops will slowly start to spread from Las Vegas and conquer the surrounding areas. Las Vegas and Western North America (USA/Mexico) will be destroyed and fallen.
Christmas Island: Due to the low number of defenders, Enemy soldiers will quickly get a hold of the island... until Julien destroys the glass cage over the central Mushroom. As soon as that has happened, the mushroom will put spores into the air that take root in the enemy soldiers' brains and make them fight all further invaders, also following those who have started to cross the ocean to Indonesia and further. Christmas Island & South East Asia will thus be damaged but secure, being entirely defended by the Mushroom.

Once it is clear that Las Vegas is falling, which will be around noon GMT, the Enemy's troops will start to land in areas where the Animal was weakened: Lapland, Santarem, Neuschwanstein, London. In all these areas, the Animal itself will fight, but it will require numbered assistance. Local military and police will help out with fighting enemy soldiers inside and outside of the echo boundaries.
Santarem: The Swarm (literally a swarm of dragonflies) can hold the area, but a couple of troops manage to sneak past them and start to go on a rampage in South America. Local military and the American military that just invaded Brazil itself will cease their hostilities and turn on those new invaders instead. They can for the most part take care of the alien invaders, but there'll be some destruction. South America is damaged but fairly secure.
Lapland: A good number of santas has been killed at the beginning of the year and there are very few numbered there, so while the enemy can be kept at bay, troops still manage to sneak past them (and the horned giant Animal that will rise from the ice to defend the area). Mostly, they wander into Russia, but a few also head down into southern Finland and into Scandinavia. Again, the local militaries will take care of the enemy soldiers fairly well - they mostly aim to capture and not kill, though, so a number of aliens will be in prison around Norway, Sweden and Finland after this. Northern/Eastern Europe is damaged but fairly secure.
Neuschwanstein is in a fairly similar position, with a number of wolpertingers and doppelgängers having died for various reasons or being caught in other echo boundaries/the ghost zone (though all will attempt to return to the Neuschwanstein Area for this. Including those that are ghosts now) and few numbered fighting there. Due to the higher population and country density in the area, there will be more casualties but the surrounding militaries will also manage to contain the danger more quickly. South/Middle Europe is damaged but fairly secure.
London: Cousin Itt will completely take over the underground and parts of the ground - no enemy soldier will manage to leave the area. But that means that the hair can do less about the soldiers that land in the city itself, so they will for the most part be up to numbered to fight - they could of course just give up the whole city, but giving up a capital...? England will be secure, but London itself will be heavily damaged.

In the areas where the Animal remains unharmed, which are Tokyo and the Galapagos Islands, the Animals will be able to take care of the invaders alone, but everything that is there can be damaged in the process. So Tokyo and the Galapagos Islands are secure but damaged, yet the area around them is unharmed

A special area to defend is space. People can decide to assist Jörmungandr with battling the spaceships, but they have to watch out for the serpent so it doesn't trash them in its trashing. At least there are no civilians here?

What this day is for: This day is for fighting, evacuating, helping and organizing. This is the pure battle day, basically; non-combatans have plenty to do with trying to get civilians to safe places, providing medical aid, coordinating things, getting supplies from one echo boundary to the other, getting in trouble... what have you.

Day 3.1: The invasion spills and a counterinvasion!
IC date: May 10th
Description: For the most part, the activities of day 2 continue. All locations are still under attack; more and more things get destroyed by aliens and defenders (especially the Animals) alike and there are more and more casualties, injured and refugees that are on the run from their homes. In the areas where enemy soldiers managed to get past the numbered and Animals, local militaries and police units are engaged in combat along with trying to provide relief. Inside the echo boundaries, numbered fight and help with evacuations as well as worldwide hectic attempts to create a joint military and political response to the invasion.

The only area that sees a massively worse situation is North America: Having established an inroad to America in Las Vegas, alien troops are quickly gaining the upper hand on the continent, leaving only death and destruction in their way - though their primary goal don't even seem to be humans: The soldiers burn forests and plants and kill all life but with even more determination blow deep holes into the ground and drill deep, fairly wide holes, leaving a complete wasteland behind ...and after a couple of hours of doing so a few very active new or newly awoken volcanoes. Everywhere in Mexico, the USA and increasingly Canada also people are fleeing the combat areas. Streets are overcrowded, airplanes overbooked, ships board whom they can and leave behind many. The wildlife is fleeing as well as fire spreads. Though the native armed forces of the areas that get overrun do their best, they are slowly but surely decimated and forced to retreat, their actions mostly serve to buy the refugees more time.

The alien attacks in Locke City seem to have stopped (and the invaders from Vegas aren't headed for New Jersey), and people have started to move into the city because there are rumours that it will along with the mountain in Vegas soon be the only safe place on the continent - but the lull is false: Shortly after 4pm GMT, attacks on the city will start anew, with renewed force. Faced with this, and having had time to evacuate the area during the lull, Aaron blows up Geoff&Co.'s spaceship. This flattens the houses in the area and bars all who came with it from ever leaving Earth again.

It also changes the behaviour of the aliens that came with this ship.
- Meredith will go after Aaron and attempt to kill him.
- Geoff will go around and try to charm political leaders worldwide to please negotiate with the invaders: His promise is that they and their people will, if they surrender, receive safe passage to a new place to live in, and that they will be allowed to bring parts of their natural and cultural heritage. What remains of the North and Middle American nations at this point will join talks, desperate to at least buy time. Where ceasefires can be established despite the disparate communication situation, Geoff, alien leaders and human leaders will form conferences. If any character is interested in getting in one of these, they must be a citizen of an involved country.
- The siblings Zhang will approach Cesar, Lazarus and Emil and clue them in on how to hack into and shortcut the invaders spaceships, and also how to steer them.
- Young will seek out those whom she has spoken to before and trusts to a degree, like Rakka, and tell them more about their Enemy and his troops.
- Badri will also seek out some numbered based on a pattern quite different from Young (hint: one of them would be Raye), and tell them where they may find the one who ordered all of this.

The numbered will have to combine what they do now, and if they manage to do so, they will be able to get to invaders' boss.

What this day is for: Fighting, but more than that dealing with refugees and destruction and all that follows from that. Also diplomacy. Though the diplomacy both among Earth nations and between those nations and the invaders will mostly be carried out by NPCs, if people want to send their numbered character to chip in, they can contact Kira-mod for an info bundle regarding what will be talked about.

Day 3.2 - For those people that are GOING TO SPACE
IC date: May 16th
Description: People will get to space either with a spaceship flown by one of the characters who were clued in by Badri (though they can of course pass their knowledge on further) OR by their own means - magical girls who are space compatible, someone's own starship, mechas, etc.

They will get to a place where they will encounter more enemies, so combat types must come along - but they are not the ones who will define how this turns out. Those who will define how this turns out are others. A number of other abilities need to be combined, and a number of people that may have combat powers but don't have to must combine their forces here:
- Any characters dare to talk to the Enemy peacefully and alone, though children, animals (or people with animal companions) or grandparent types have a bonus. Important is that these characters are not initially aggressive or condescending towards the Enemy.
- The Cures with their purification powers, and any character with similar powers.
- People who belong to one of the following groups and will tell of their "field": Gardeners or people who otherwise have a strong connection to earth and nature/environmentalists; artists (especially musicians); religious persons with an inclusive approach; people who feel a strong, healthy and friendly love for another person, be it romantic or otherwise.

Meanwhile, everything that is happening on Earth continues.

What this day is for: Wrapping up threads and everything that happens on Earth as well as invading the Enemy's home territory and confronting the boss. Depending on how this turns out, there are two options for Day 4.

Day 4: Now the day is over, night is drawing nigh
IC date: May 22th-24th
Description: The invasion is over. The world lies in ruins. Millions of people have lost their lives and many more their homes. North America lies in ashes, South America, Europe and South East Asia have seen death and destruction but are still livable. Africa has seen destruction through being hit by the serpent or tsunamis but is otherwise unscathed, and Oceania looks pretty much the same as it did before the invasion.

Option 1. Earth won the war. They convinced the Enemy to cease his behaviour and Earth is now and for all times safe.
Option 2. Earth won the battle. The Enemy has retreated for now, but may return - not today, not tomorrow, not next year, but maybe in a couple of thousand years.

Either way, the Animals will return to their resting states... and in the night between the 3rd and the 4th day, a sight can be seen above Las Vegas and Locke City: A dragon, rising from within an unconscious Arthur York's body, flies up over Las Vegas, circles over it for a few times and then barrels into the mountain. It instantly heads for the bottom of the mountain and curls up on the gold hoard there. And there it will stay, too. At the same time, Phillip Santorini faints somewhere in Locke City. From his body, a quite different being rises and floats above the city for a while before diving right into the ground, sending tremors through the city for a while as it dives down and burrows deep under the city. The Animals of Locke City and Las Vegas have thus been replaced, and Earth has resealed all its openings. The Animals will now rest until such time when they should be needed again.

What this day is for: THIS DAY MARKS THE END OF STE. IT ALSO MARKS THE BEGINNING OF SOMETHING NEW: StE's successor game, with the current working title of "Raise The Earth", set one year after the end of StE. Raise The Earth will start on the 26th of May. Stay tuned for more information on it!

Characters can move around the planet when defending it; we do however ask that players restrict their characters to a maximum of three locations (two location changes) per day to keep things logistically reasonable. They can of course still have network/etc contact with people in a different boundary, they should just physically keep it to a reasonable amount of movement. Space counts as a separate echo boundary/battlefield.

Please direct questions regarding any of the above to the thread below and not the post in general. Please do not use this post for plotting among yourselves and go to the final CR/plot meme instead.
radiantchicken: (Silver)

[personal profile] radiantchicken 2015-04-19 03:41 pm (UTC)(link)
So animal characters get a bonus when trying to talk to the Enemy peacefully. Would Torin still flag as an animal even if he's a bird-dinosaur-man instead of just a tiny little parrot these days, particularly if he's transformed into his Power Ranger form Kyoryu Silver if he tries to speak to it?

I'd also try to ask for Hajime's status as a giant bug counting towards being an animal but lol Hajime being willing to speak with the Enemy instead of trying to kill it then and there.
alilyinthemoonslight: (Yuri - restrained laughter)

[personal profile] alilyinthemoonslight 2015-04-20 08:15 pm (UTC)(link)
that's speciesist, those poor bugs!

I'll see myself out, it's not like the cockroaches won't outlive us anyway

throws self off cliff
radiantchicken: (Default)

[personal profile] radiantchicken 2015-04-21 12:15 am (UTC)(link)
Awesome, thanks! This is good to know.
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Re: General Questions

[personal profile] oncedevil 2015-04-19 04:05 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh hey on a similar note to Airdra's, we've still got a modified mafia goon hanging out at the Academy, do we want to do anything with him?
oncedevil: (Default)

[personal profile] oncedevil 2015-04-20 12:07 pm (UTC)(link)
Luca, the one that was Lexi's npc. Shot Tony in the face?
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[personal profile] espigeonage 2015-04-19 11:50 pm (UTC)(link)
Julien probably counts as an animal, though he hates the idea.

Do the boundaries themselves stand, and people go to 10% echo strength outside of them as before?
espigeonage: (Default)

[personal profile] espigeonage 2015-04-21 01:24 am (UTC)(link)
RTE's operating on the idea there are no boundaries anymore - is that a thing that happens post-invasion?
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[personal profile] espigeonage 2015-04-21 06:50 pm (UTC)(link)
Okay, cool!

Does fighting on an earlier day affect going into space later? Julien's going to help Aaron blow up the spaceship somehow.

Also, ICly does this take place over four days or most of May? IC and OOC dates are mentioned and I'm not sure.
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[personal profile] espigeonage 2015-04-22 10:43 pm (UTC)(link)
Heh, good, Julien doesn't have to be molting badly the whole time. Okay, thanks!
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[personal profile] stefanged 2015-04-22 02:40 am (UTC)(link)
Concerning doppelgangers - I'm sorry if this was brought up earlier, but do they also regain Echoes when their Original does? (IE, Stefan's turning into a vampire soon. Would Doppel-Stefan also become one, or is he considered his own entity at this point?)

Additionally, do doppelgangers have blood? (Stefan may attempt to feed on one for a backdated log! Wish I'd thought to ask of this earlier.)
stefanged: (sure about that?)

[personal profile] stefanged 2015-04-22 07:22 pm (UTC)(link)
Welp, time to go make doppelganger-Stefan's life miserable :') Thank you so much!
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[personal profile] highly_gifted 2015-04-20 08:34 am (UTC)(link)
Just an idea, but there could be a tdm-type post between the end of ste and the beginning of rte that is set in the year that passes between the two games, so people can thread out a bit of what happened between the games?
sakuya_izayoi: (Tea)

[personal profile] sakuya_izayoi 2015-04-20 09:00 am (UTC)(link)
I think it would be nice to have a solid end before starting something new. It doesn't have to be 100% in terms of stuff but to the point where everything huge has been settled. Though I am up for whatever everyone else is comfortable with. I'm not picky.

I do, however, like the idea of having a log where characters can wrap up what they did for the year between the games. Optional, of course. But it would be a nice way for characters to ease their transition.

Also, there needs to be cookies and tea. You can't have a new beginning without cookies and tea.
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[personal profile] alilyinthemoonslight 2015-04-20 02:17 pm (UTC)(link)
I've discussed this with Lexi a bit about the timetable needed to get the game off the ground - full disclosure here in that I've tossed my hat in the ring to help towards set up and early helper mod stuff - and I think at the absolute EARLIEST would be June 15th, which would be a solid three weeks after Day 4 of the invasion.

Beyond needing a solid ending here, which doesn't need to be rushed, starting too early could detract from that or the start of the new game. Applications, be it for a period of free passes to legacy characters and/or actual apps and reserves for normal folks, need to have a period in which they happen. Test drives and plotting and CR memes need to happen. Some things about the ending won't be 100% in concrete until they happen, and thus some folks can't do any of those things until that point, and everyone should have the same crack at things - that's only fair, eh?

But yeah. June 15th at the very, very earliest. Later is certainly viable, but no earlier than that.
Edited 2015-04-20 14:18 (UTC)
dead_black_eyes: "Dead Man's Party" (Leave your body at the door)

[personal profile] dead_black_eyes 2015-04-20 03:14 pm (UTC)(link)
Just wanted to say that I'm with you on all of this, and deeply appreciate you approaching and discussing it with me (as I'm new to modding in general and didn't actually consider all of these things.) I love having your experience and foresight on my side, so as always thank you. <3
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[personal profile] lovesickkiller 2015-04-20 08:36 pm (UTC)(link)
Seconding this!
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