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Meredith vs. Aaron and those friends he made by accident I guess


-Possibly Isabela?

I'd prefer to keep the number preeetty small, because one of the questions this post needs to address is how are we going to thread this? It'd be possible to do one long thread and take turns, but it'd take forever with 4-5 people involved, and we have OOC time limits. That's option 1. Option 2 is free-for-all: tag in whatever order you get to it. Option 3 is to work out essentially what happens in this post and RP it out as slow as we have to. We can also have a rule set that if you don't go within 24 hours you get skipped? I'm just throwing out ideas at this point.

I would like to get a general idea of what will happen in this post so no one's left in limbo if one or two or all of us wind up with other obligations. I'll hand the mic to Kira about what Meredith is capable of and why we need multiple people.
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I am totally up for a free for all punching bag... thing.

Or whatever.

idk I'm flexible.
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Basically, this. Meredith can alter the memorization process of others, which they primarily use to write themselves out of people's memories. The key tactic against Meredith will be to
1. be multiple people who
2. appear/act in a way that stop Meredith from accessing all their memorization processes at once. This can for example be achieved by being in wildly different locations while moving at a fairly high speed.
3. These people need to keep each other informed of what just happened - basically they need to create a collective memory that Meredith cannot just erase.

Beyond his power, Meredith is good at martial arts and has a gun, but isn't terribly strong.

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Does this work on robots?
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Yep! It works on all kinds of memorization processes - including video cameras and such, so it will work on robots too.
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Baw, curses! understood :)
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Chris would absolutely kill Meredith.
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Not really - the problem is that he has no goals outside of being loyal to the Enemy. The only option would be to keep him unconscious until the Enemy has been dealt with. If the Enemy is reformed, he will give all aliens that are still on Earth a new order after that, which will be peaceful.

This means that they would have to detain him for roughly half a day if they don't kill him.
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Pigeon martial arts could extend to being able to knock someone out! well Yuuya manages it with Ryouta, he might be able to do it with something human-shaped. Julien would like her kept alive, only killed in cold blood if it's all lawful.
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I mean Aaron could also stop Chris and she'd be very angry about it.

Tbh I don't care either way! I, too, enjoy Chris succeeding AND failing! Especially because success on her part is its own kind of fail.
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Julien has uh... Yuuya's pigeon martial arts. He's very strong at close range but has that terrible tendency to do something and then have to get rescued. Sounds good!

Jules also doesn't want them killed in cold blood.
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Got room for another returning character?
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For Vin? Absolutely. ♥
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Somebody tell Mamoru to stop trying to look cool, please.
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Um, who needs to try.
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Uh huh.

Got your wallet.
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She gets to be a Big Damn Hero? I'm entirely down for that, you have no idea.

And she will totally be for killing Meredith, and even for doing the job herself in cold blood if need be. She's not likely to try to go behind the group's back if they decide to keep Meredith alive (depends on how the fight goes) but she also won't try very hard to stop anybody who does.
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Well, somebody needs to get some results around here, wow.

And, yep, all good with me. Seems like all three of our fighters here are gonna go straight for the throat so Meredith's chances don't seem too great. This oughta be good.
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Isabela's got... sharp things. But she aims to kill. She can throw or slash, so. STABBITY DOOM.