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aaron telcontar ([personal profile] elfstoned) wrote in [community profile] saveyourselves2015-05-05 01:19 pm
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Meredith vs. Aaron and those friends he made by accident I guess


-Possibly Isabela?

I'd prefer to keep the number preeetty small, because one of the questions this post needs to address is how are we going to thread this? It'd be possible to do one long thread and take turns, but it'd take forever with 4-5 people involved, and we have OOC time limits. That's option 1. Option 2 is free-for-all: tag in whatever order you get to it. Option 3 is to work out essentially what happens in this post and RP it out as slow as we have to. We can also have a rule set that if you don't go within 24 hours you get skipped? I'm just throwing out ideas at this point.

I would like to get a general idea of what will happen in this post so no one's left in limbo if one or two or all of us wind up with other obligations. I'll hand the mic to Kira about what Meredith is capable of and why we need multiple people.

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