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This will be the last mod post on this community. Save The Earth is over. It was a blast, and we hope that everyone who played here had fun, too. Stay as awesome as you are!

There will be a successor game, [community profile] raisetheearth, run by Lexil (of L), Ken (of Lily, Saretha, Natalie), Zalein (of Cesar) and MaxSalsa (of Winter).

All of that said, there is one last IC post for Day 4 on the IC comm for playing out the aftermath of the invasion. Boy NPC tags will be continued.

Going by the threads so far, it has become clear that the Boy has been "defeated" for good, as player characters have already managed to a number of crucial points with him. More information on this can be found at the bottom of the "storytime" under the cut/in the second blockquote.

Thus the game will end as follows:

On the morning of May 2nd, the 4th day of the invasion, enemy soldiers around the world will suddenly cease their attacks. They will tell anyone around them who might hear to go home and make sure that their parents and children and other loved ones are well, and then return to their ships and take off, returning to whence they came from.

The Animals will return to their resting states... and a sight can be seen above Las Vegas and Locke City: A orange-red dragon, rising from within an unconscious Arthur York's body, flies up over Las Vegas, circles over it for a few times and then barrels into the mountain. It instantly heads for the bottom of the mountain and curls up on the gold hoard there. And there it will stay, too. At the same time, Phillip Santorini faints somewhere in Locke City. From his body, a quite different being rises and floats above the city for a while before diving right into the ground, sending tremors through the city for a while as it dives down and burrows deep under the city. The Animals of Locke City and Las Vegas have thus been replaced, and Earth has resealed all her openings, enabling those who live on her to rebuild ...eventually. The Animals will now rest until such time when they should be needed again.

Characters who went to the aliens' home world will be escorted back to Earth personally (please either thread this out with the NPC or contact Kira-mod if you wish to handwave/know ahead of time). In return for each of them, one of the named aliens will be able to return to their place, so by the end of this exchanged, Geoff, Badri, Meredith (if he survived), Young and the Zhangs will all be gone.

The world isn't in a good state after their departure. North America is to a large part inhabitable or at least in a terrible state - it's pretty much your standard apocalyptic setting, complete wasteland in some and "only" ruined shambles in other areas. South America, Europe and Asia are partly in a terrible state, but in other parts all right or even untouched. Even Oceania and Africa, which saw no direct Enemy encounters, carry scars due to the world serpent smashing against them in places when fighting, though they remain for the most part as they were before the invasion. Obviously, even areas of the world that are untouched on the surface will see the disaster on their doorstep with international trade being down, tons of refugees and displaced persons all over the world, and so on.

The numbered will also find that the whole world is an echo boundary now - they won't lose their echoes anywhere any more, unless they lose them completely. Doppelgängers and Wolpertingers stay around if they survived the invasion, but all other Animals go back to sleep. The teleporter has been destroyed in the attack on Locke City.

And in this place, we'll give you a bit of story time. THIS IS STRICTLY OOC KNOWLEDGE. It is also tl;dr – simplified and shortened but still long. Still, it seemed to us that leaving the StE arc of this universe, you deserve to get at least a rough look at the part of the part of the “background info” that likely won't show up again in RtE (if it seems incomplete, that is because other parts will likely show up again in RtE).

Under a cut for length )

Please use this post for telling each other where your character stands at the end of the invasions, if they survived, perhaps even if you'll continue on to RtE, and say your goodbyes. There is a general questions thread below for your last questions and comments.

So long, and thanks for the fish! It was a blast.
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Endgame is upon us!

This format of plot post is designed for players to ask questions and find ways to influence the plot. Be bold and ask what you can or can't do; the worst that can happen is that we will say no. Plots in Save the Earth can evolve in many ways. Although some potential outcomes are given, they are little more than suggestion and can be changed by character action. What role you take is up to you.

The post is also open for players to plot and coordinate between one another.

This is your final run-down and timeline )
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Date: 2nd-5th of January
Location: Within all echo boundaries
Who: All fictional characters

• Opt-in through a "-fourth wall" tag. There will also be posts put up by the mods to allow the fourth wall characters to put up threadstarters in log or network post format.

• There will be the following events/activities in the various echo boundaries during the 4th wall (visiting characters and current StE-characters alike are "numbered"):
- 2nd, all locations: A sudden surge in Vermini and Vermedi activity! Some of them are aggressive towards the numbered and will attack, but some seem rather interested in herding or baiting people with numbers towards other people with numbers... They clearly want as many numbered as possible to be together or at least not be alone today.
- 3rd, Lapland: There's a snowmobile race north of Rovaniemi and someone that totally isn't an alien, why would you think so signed up a good number of people that all happen to have numbers. Will you take up the challenge?
- 4th, all locations: Something is off. Numbered will find themselves teleported to random places within the echo boundaries - perhaps you are now in the middle of dark, snowy Lapland, or in the heat of the Australian jungle? In a casino in Las Vegas or a castle in Germany? Or in your friend's shower in Locke?
- 5th, Las Vegas: Bestselling author Roy Locke is cooperating with some of his fans and a few people from media and politics to throw a New Year's party, especially inviting all those who have numbers. He would like to meet as many numbered as possible!

You are free to tag around to your heart's content even after the fifth, but no new posts may be made anymore.

Information for visitors

• The basics of StE can be found summarized in our new player guide.

• This might be called fourth wall event, but please do not truly fourth wall other characters. Simply use the "slightly different" method, for example: Even if your character watched Star Wars on TV, they will now have watched "Star Battle" in which Lucas Moonrunnuer is Dark Viper's son, so they can't tell Luke Skywalker about his parentage.

• Allowed are all fictional characters. This includes, appable characters aside, also characters that have too little canon information to be apped as well as CRAUs from other games. This excludes real persons, personal accounts, and so on. Doubles of characters that are already in the game are fine. If you're uncertain, please ask!

• There are two ways for characters to come into StE for the fourth wall:
- As they are in canon/their original universe. Players are asked to modify their characters at their discretion if alterations are necessary (to have them survive or not break the universe upon arrival, etc). You do not have to powercap/humanize your character unless it severely impacts their ability to function in-game!
- As StE-AUs. Characters that come in AU-ed may have up to five echoes by the end of the fourth wall - these can either be gained during it or already be present at its beginning. Please do not use the echo post for these, but this thread. If such characters app afterwards and are accepted, they may retain these echoes, though they will, like everyone, not remember what happened during the fourth wall.

• Both types of visitors may not leave the echo boundaries (Locke City (America), Las Vegas (America), the Neuschwanstein Area (Germany/Austria), Lapland (Finland) and the Christmas Island (Australia) (for brief descriptions of the locations check the setting page). They will simply vanish if they do and respawn on the platform of the teleporter in Locke City, no matter where they left the boundaries.

• Visitors will have access to the network: This means that all visitors will have their very own number, and by writing this on any surface will be able to access the text, audio and video function that connects them with all other characters. Please note that there are only two privacy settings: Open to all and locked to one single person; there is no in-between.

• For more information, either check the navigation or ask below in the General Questions thread!

Information for current StE characters

• Once the 4th wall is over, all that happened will be forgotten by numbered and unnumbered alike, and all that the visitors altered will vanish. Newspapers, security cameras, etc will simply not cover the days between the 2nd and the 5th. With one exception: If the player wishes so, every character can keep one brief memory and one minor item.

• It's perfectly fine to bring in characters for the fourth wall that are too close to other characters of yours to app them!

• Up to two 4th Wall threads can be used towards AC.

Please use this post to plot among yourselves, announce whom you might bring, request characters... And direct all questions and comments to the mods to the "General Questions" thread below and not the post in general.
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Or five, if we stay on schedule. (Which, let's face it, makes it a really rough estimate because of StE's dependence on player actions.) But six sounds better. ANYWAY.

First of all, a quick c/p of the original announcement for those that are tuning in only now:

SaveTheEarth is a game that works with seasons; two that last roughly a year and a third that is comparatively very short. Since the development of season two now allows for a scheduling of its end, that means that the end of the game is also within our sights.

Save The Earth will endgame sometime next spring.

The exact when and how heavily depends on character actions (or inaction), but by the current rough outline of events, season 2 is set to end around late March/early April, so the game itself should end by the end of April. This is a rough outline and changes might take place, but it is the best estimate that can be given right now.

To make it easier for new characters to still app and get up to a decent number of echoes, characters that have been in game for more than a year are now able to cause echoes in all characters who have received less than 15 echoes.

As mentioned before, the rough outline below is dependent on what players do, so it might change and has to stay a thing of vague "if this happens" pieces.

• The three locations Locke City, Las Vegas and Neuschwanstein Area will stay fixtures in the game and stay relevant to the plot until the end, Locke and Neuschwanstein more so than the two others.

• Additional locations will join them over the next months, between the second half of December and late April; some of them will be up to suggestions and popular vote, some are already decided on. All of them will stay open after their part in the plot is done, so characters may start there/restart there, but no mod plot will happen in them after a certain point.

• Timeline info:
- Nick's plot (kick-off: IC post and OOC post) will end the mafia subplot as it is now, if the numbered manage to kill Albero. After the attack, there will be an eerie calm over Locke City for five days; depending on what the people involved in the attack do, there might be a brief surge in chaos after that, but just in time for Christmas, Locke City should have returned to being a relatively safe place for the numbered. For a measure of safety, anyway; distrust, dislike and fear in the population don't go away that easily, but no systematic targeting of the numbered in the style of the mafia will take place anymore. The playing field in the city will be levelled, so to speak.
- Look forward to two (2!!!) new locations this Christmas. They will be appropriately Christmassy~ Following these, new locations will continue to show up in a much faster frequency until April, making the numbered issue more and more global. Other things will of course also happen.
- At this point, the short third season will start.
- After the game has ended, there are two options: Either it simply ends, or a musebox with little modly invention continues it, or someone else can start an StE 2.0 (there is a game mechanic that would allow for that to happen stringently building on the plot of the current StE).

There will be a Fourth Wall!
Date: 2nd-5th of January
Details: Opt-in through a "4th wall" tag; allowed will be all fictional characters (who will stay the way they are in their original universe and timeline); afterwards, all that happened or that the visitors altered will vanish, with an exception: If the player wishes so, every character can keep one brief memory and one minor item. Visitors will be unable to leave the echo boundaries without going poof, but can otherwise show up wherever they want.
More information will go up closer to the date.

Please direct questions and comments regarding this post to the thread below and not the post in general.
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1. Fresh Blood Guide

We are thinking about creating a "Fresh Blood Guide" for STE, and hope to do this as a group effort with our players, both the actual creation and the brainstorming for what should go into it. But what do we mean by such a guide?

> Not an extended FAQ. This guide is specifically meant for people who are considering apping into STE for the first time, or who are very new, so they may get a first idea of the game and be enabled to app/play - to learn their way around, to understand how the game functions and works icly and oocly, easily gathered in one place. (Loosely inspired by Aather's introduction guide)
> What it should contain: The basic information about the world that one needs to write an app and start playing, the basic game mechanics ... and whatever else seems to be necessary for a starter. Please leave your ideas for what needs to go into it under the brainstorming top level.

If you have the time/brains to help with writing this or comments or questions about the idea that you want to address directly to a mod, please leave those here.

Otherwise go wild and discuss things freely in the comments!

2. Activity Check

• Next AC, we will have revised the wording of the rules to be more concise and easily understandable.

• There will be one fairly minor change: All characters will have to check into the AC from now on, including those that want to use a hiatus (minus those that are on a hiatus all throughout the first seven days of the next month, aka when the activity check can be replied to). (Talking about hiatuses, we'd like to remind our players that a hiatus needs to be called at the latest on the day on which it starts; you may not call retroactive hiatuses - a hiatus called on the 9th which runs from the 5th to the 12th will not cover you for AC, as we'll only count the 9th-12th.)

• Potentially, there will be a larger change: We are thinking about changing what activity is asked for, and wish to have our players vote on this.

1. This option is a clearer and more concise version of what is currently in use:
You require three threads with different characters, of which the shortest should be 3 long or 5 short comments in length. The other two threads must be longer than that.
In case that more than one thread only reaches the bare minimum length, bolster threads (which may be with repeat characters) can be used to make up for the shortness. Alternatively they can be used to prove that one is worthy of leniency because of special circumstances (due to none of the threads having been dropped by oneself/to avoid swiping/etc). A bolster thread must be at least two long or three short comments in length.

2. This is the new option:
Twenty comments of any length in at least three and at most six threads with at least three different characters; none of these threads may be shorter than three comments from your side.

Please discuss this here. To vote, please go here Voting will be open until the 23rd.

3. Mafia

As of today, PMs and PPs regarding incoming mafia trouble have started to go out to those that signed up.
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Second Character Apps and Guest Star NPC Apps

After considering it for a while, we are pulling the need to put in a request for a second character from the same canon/franchise. Second characters from the same franchise/canon will still fall under the same rules (they may have no significant overlap in CR/echo-worthy circumstances in canon and no shared Pre-CR in game), but you won't have to prove that to us ahead of apping anymore.

Guest Star NPC Apps have been moved onto the main app page.

News from the staff

We have recently lost two helper mods: Len has dropped from the game, including her position as a helper mod, and Bookie has stepped down as a mod. Thanks to both for their great work while they were with us!

Louise and Kira will both be very busy throughout September, for health respective work reasons. We will do our best to keep everything running as usual, but might be a bit slow in answering questions and processing things.


As many will have noticed, Plurk is very funky these days. In addition, Kira does not get pings. So: If we do not reply to your plurks/comments on a plurk, it might be that the site didn't notify us about them. Please use the mod contact or PM the mod account in such cases - we definitely do not deliberately ignore anyone, your message might just not come to our attention!
(In addition, as a reminder: Please do not message the mod plurk, chances are that nobody will see your message for a good long while!)
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The mod team, currently consisting of Louise (head), Kira (head), Aave, Bookie and Len will be joined by two new helper mods. We'd like to extend a warm welcome to to Fae (of Killian Ryan) and Mark (of Liam Benedict). Mark will help with lists, AC and apps, and Fae will help with npcing.

Having Fae on the team, we now can offer npcing of minor NPCs on request. This currently includes monster encounters, mafia encounters and cultist encounters, but may expand in the future.


This format of plot post is designed for players to ask questions and find ways to influence the plot. Be bold and ask what you can or can't do; the worst that can happen is that we will say no. As plots in Save the Earth are not self resolving nor on a time limit they can evolve in many ways. Although some potential outcomes are given, they are little more than suggestion and can be changed by character action. What role you take is up to you.

The post is also open for players to plot and coordinate between one another.

Let's dance like we never danced before. )
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Voting is now closed! Stay tuned for updates on how the winning echoes will manifest!

Original post and poll beneath this cut! )
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As some might have noticed already, the profile pages have changed slightly and now appear a bit lighter, instead linking to the brand spanking new navigation. Here you should find all the links that should reasonably be linked to from a central place - if there is something that you feel should be there and isn't, please tell us!

Along with the new navigation page being created, a lot of other pages have been redone and some of them can now be found in new locations. This includes the pages for
- Setting - updated and separated from the Network page.
- Locke location - updated and revamped.
- Vegas location - updated and revamped.
- Network - expanded and separated from the Setting page.
- Echo - added an "Echo FAQ" - in the future, echo related questions can as it was before be asked either on the main FAQ or be directly addressed to an echo mod (Bookie or Louise), but they can now also be asked on the "Echoes Explained" page.
and some minor alterations to other pages. If you notice old links that we didn't catch remaining in one of the information posts, please tell us so we can fix it!


The location pages for both Locke City and Las Vegas have been redone with the aim to have them resemble each other more closely, be more up to date and above all be of more use to players. And here is where you come in!

If you have a location to add to either of the maps (because your character works there/goes to school there/frequents it regularly/etc; this can be a made up location or (in Vegas) a rl location), even if you did it before, please do it (again) on the new pages using the provided form. If the place already has a (longer) ooc history like the LSR Clinic or the Espresso yourself, please feel free to include links to older descriptions/posts about them in the "general" portion of the form.

The new form also asks people to comment to the locations with the characters who work there/go to school there/frequent it/etc.

A sample can be found here.
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It's now been several months since the Wise Snake incident destroyed portions of Locke City. In order for players to have a better idea of what their characters are experiencing, this post is to give a quick overview of rebuilding progress in the city.

As a general note, the farther from the bulk of the fighting in downtown Locke, the fewer repairs and cleanup needed to be done. The city's rebuilding efforts focused largely on getting the roads clear and repaved where necessary; by now all of that work is mostly done. There is still visible damage around the epicenter of the battle, but things are generally in working order - if not particularly picturesque. The FBI's mecha division is working out of a Locke City University outbuilding, including a portion of the building being regulated specifically for agent training. (This means characters will see a few FBI officers around the area of LCU most of the time.)

Locke City is, however, populated in part by our players, so this post is also here for players to provide specific information about the state of local businesses and establishments their characters are involved with.

Here's a simple guideline form for an idea of what might be useful for other players to know!


Posts can not be locked to groups or locked away from groups; the only way to "post" non-publicly is to (icly) send separate but identical messages to each of the recipients, which oocly can of course be done within one and the same post but for example disables threadjacking. We would also like to take this time to reiterate the resources that explain how the Network works. The setting page offers an overview, with more specific details here.
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Good evening, Save the Earth!

This is just a quick announcement that Blue has decided to step down from the mod team and engage with the game as a player instead. She's offered to help out with plotting in an advisory capacity if we need her, but she's no longer on the moderation team in any kind of official capacity; we've removed her from the mod contact pages, so if you're looking to ask about plotting your best bet is to contact Sandy or Louise!

Thank you,

StE Mod Team
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Good evening, Save the Earth!

Last night we promised some notes on applications, so here we go:


Recently, the rules here at Save the Earth disallowed players from playing multiple characters from the same canon. After discussion, that rule has changed to the following:


You may apply for the reincarnations of up to two characters from the same canon. Given the advantage that castmate characters can potentially give each other in-game, we ask that any two such characters are not close in canon and won't be likely to specifically influence each other (such as by introducing Echo material that is especially relevant to both) in the game environment. If you're interested in apping a second character from a canon you're currently playing from in-game, please fill and post a request to the Applications page so that we can let you know ahead of time whether they're good to fly!

In effect, our concern is about characters being separate in both their preincarnation and their reincarnation, in order to prevent characters from being Echo-sources for one another. The form linked above will be required, as it is with combo application.


A page to make clear our expectations and standards has been created here. We hope this clears up any questions about the application process! Included in this page are sample applications, including a sample application that would receive revisions in at least one area, for people to take a look at.


A new applications page is now live. The old apps page is being retired. We have added a section on re-application standards, to make clear the options for players hoping to re-app a character. Please take a look at it if you're going to be re-apping a dropped character!
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Good evening, Save the Earth!

We have a couple of announcements tonight, with some notes on regular applications to go up tomorrow:


As we announced in the last round of announcements, we are implementing a new system for players who want to run a player plot including NPCs - characters who exist for the run of the plot, not as a regular, full character. This is now live. There is an example included for your perusal on the page, but if you have questions, feel free to ask!


The characters chosen for the Locke City Car Final Takedown are as follows:

  • Arthur York
  • Shou Chinen
  • Aaron Harding
  • Nick Angell
  • Anais Temple

Feel free to plot in this post, or in the plot post. A log - with a thread for this takedown - will go up tomorrow during the day.
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Good afternoon, Save the Earth!

Last week, we announced that several changes would be coming to the game's OOC structure, pending mod discussion. Those discussions are now completed, and we'll be implementing several new features.


We changed this last week without an announcement, but we'd like to publicly announce that there are now two updated Mod Contact pages: one screened and the other unscreened. This is in order to give players the amount of privacy - or public accountability - they feel they require, and allows for players to discuss plotting or concerns without revealing everything to their fellow players.


The plot calendar post is now live. Mod posts and plot posts will be linked in the calendar after they are posted, and generic events like "Trouble in Locke" will be edited to something more exact after they are officially announced.

Included in the plot calendar post is a form for players wishing to add a player plot officially to the calendar! Fill that out up to 30 days before the plot is intended to occur, and it will go up on the calendar.


A plot suggestions post will be going up by the end of the week, with a new concept: non-PC plots. Many players in the game have ideas for reincarnations of characters that they don't want to use a character slot for, or who would be difficult to run for long periods, especially villains or antagonists, and we'd like to offer an opportunity to run player plots involving those kinds of characters. Thus, NPC apps will be shorter applications (requiring only a history link, a shorter reincarnation history and personality sections, abilities, and a single sample) as part of a player plot subject to mod revision or approval in order to fit it into the game's plot. These plots are not intended to be playercest or echo trigger extravaganzas, benefiting the player apping the NPC and no one else, but rather ways to add to the game world and, hopefully, have some fun. Think Elsa from Frozen as a short-term Guest NPC, covering Locke in more perpetual blizzard until stopped, or Simon Skinner of Hot Fuzz terrorizing a Las Vegas neighborhood as the newly-murderous president of the neighborhood watch.

The implementation of this system will be, at first, experimental: we're doing our best to give you an easy system to work with, but please bear with us as we perfect the process.

Changes to applications and Echoes

Applications are currently being processed by the modteam to the best of our ability. We understand that consistency has been a point of concern previously, and are working on an official rubric. We didn't want to leave the current applicants hanging or close applications entirely, and are doing our best to reflect consistent standards without a rubric. The minor application form edits, re-app rules, application standards for same-franchise characters from the same player are still being drafted and discussed, and will be presented ASAP. Echo rules are also in the process of being clarified in order to make things clearer for everyone, and we'll be editing and adding to the Echo FAQ.

Everything else

We do want to note that we know things have been fairly slow on our end plot-wise, including most particularly the Las Vegas Vermini-infested animal/Vermini swarms incident sign-ups. The timing on those has been decided for May 19th through June 4th.

The characters chosen from the signups are:

1. Russel
2. Jonas
3. Lily
4. Marina
5. Claire
6. Alex (Xerxes)
7. Alex (Allelujah)
8. Kari

Obviously, this list allows for multiple characters in a single encounter. We won't dictate those groupings, so feel free to do so among yourselves! A log for these encounters will go up shortly.

The FBI has been somewhat quiet for several weeks now, and we realize that this probably sounds like radio silence, especially to players whose characters are reliant on plotting with the FBI. The FBI is working on establishing a reincarnates division, like SHIELD but involving the Numbered, with the opportunity for Numbered characters to eventually join. This is not an immediate change, but we want to be clear that the FBI is working behind the scenes, and opportunities are coming. We will be approaching players with characters most directly affected by/reliant on the FBI at this time to see what they need in order to get the best experience out of the game. (You're also welcome to approach us, instead!) We welcome and encourage anyone interested in planning for the future - and the present! - around the subject of the FBI to come to discuss it with us.

The next plot post is May 24th as we finish getting our ducks in a row this week. May has been a quiet month IC - but June is going to be much busier.
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Good evening, Save the Earth!

On the 10th, a fairly informal announcement of the new modteam went up, but we weren't able to be more transparent about duties and responsibilites at that time because there hadn't been time to hash those things out. As of now, those decisions have been made, and so we'll be outlining them for you.

Your HEAD MOD team is as follows:
Blue (Anthony Janvier, Walter Beck, Steve Bean)
Kira (Blaine Frost, Siiri Pulkkinen & Floweregg, Thorir T. Thorsson)
Louise (Annabel Lyons, Octavia Serket, Nathaniel Mithryn)
Sandy (Steven Huguenot, Yoko Aznable)

Player relations will, for the most part, fall under the purview of Kira and Louise; Kira will be handling the FAQ and general player plotting & gameplay questions, and Louise will be focusing on player concerns and mediation in a non-plotting & gameplay arena. You can absolutely still go to any mod with concerns - but Louise and Kira will be handling day-to-day questions. The metaplot mods are Sandy and Blue; Blue is largely responsible for handling the active metaplot & subplots as they're implemented into gameplay, and Sandy will be writing up plot posts and announcements, as well as being the first in line on metaplot questions, along with larger metaplot development and implementation. AC will be largely handled by a helper mod, with Sandy as the head mod overseeing the process. All mods are still responsible for rule application and making decisions on changes to gameplay, as well as the application process. We hope that by dividing up duties into several spheres, things can be dealt with at a steadier pace, and allow for a clearer delineation of our decision-making process. This separation of duties is meant to mark the mod in question as the primary mod for it - this is a moderation team, and more complex situations will be handled by us as a group.

Your HELPER MOD team is as follows:
Aave (Alan Hunter)
Bookie (Phillip Santorini, Neku Sakuraba, Melissa Lyre, Pierce Wingate)
Kalan (Gerald Vakarian)
Len (Kara Miroshnychenko, Nyah Leijon)
Olga (Karl Aurion)

Aave remains an applications mod. Bookie and Kalan will be on Echoes and apps, Len is in charge of AC and working on the various lists, and Olga will be working on Echoes and assisting with the lists. Playing NPCs will remain a group affair on an as-needed basis. Echo mods are now part of the application process, in an attempt to streamline issues with first Echoes, which tend to hold things up.

We want to once again thank everyone who applied - your interest is appreciated - and hope everyone will work with us from here as we try to move forward. The modteam is dedicated to giving StE a dynamic atmosphere where player actions help form the plot, but more importantly, we want to foster an atmosphere where the playerbase is comfortable speaking up.

In the next few days, several changes will be coming to the game - a plot calendar has already been announced as in the works, and kinks are being worked out of the process now. We'll also be changing the way the mod contact pages work, specifically adding the option for comments to be screened or unscreened, and making small changes to plot post structure, and the current application/re-application process, including a rubric. We ask for your patience as we implement these changes, and want to thank you for staying with us during recent events.
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Good day!

As of the end of last night, moderator apps are now CLOSED, and three new head mods and three new helper mods have been selected.

Congratulations to
- Sandy (of Yoko Aznable and Steven Huguenot)
- Louise (of Octavia Serket, Ellie Lyons, and Nathaniel Mithryn)
- Kira (of Blaine Frost, Siiri Pulkkinen, and Thorir Thorsson)


- Bookie (of Phillip Santorini, Neku Sakuraba, Melissa Lyre, and Pierce Wingate)
- Len (of Kara Miroshnychenko and Nyah Leijon)
- Kalan (of Gerald Vakarian)

For reasons of scheduling for discussion toward the end, we'll seek to make a fuller announcement delineating roles and structure of StE's new modteam and first orders of business by Monday evening, PST.

Our special thanks to everyone who applied - in only three days, we got a full nineteen strong candidates! - and another thanks to a more general everyone for your patience!
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Good morning, Save the Earth!

We're pleased to finally be able to announce that

RESERVATIONS will open on
March 25th.

APPLICATIONS will open on
April 1st.

Thank you (and any friends you may have eyeing the dates) kindly for your patience!
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Save the Earth
Season 1: END

As of the rampage in Wise Snake on March 9th, 2014, Save the Earth: Season 1 has officially ended - and so has the reincarnates' secrecy.

The catastrophe and the scenes surrounding it are lighting up the news, on not only a state or national but global level - footage of raging snakes the size of live-and-moving stone dinosaurs, giant robots, exotic weapons and superhero costumes, displays of apparent magic, and live interviews with some of the unreal people who've presented themselves have appeared on screens on every continent, and at the center of it all is Locke City.

The F.B.I. have moved in to identify and investigate whichever strange people they can get a lead on, including but not at all limited to those caught on camera - and, in wake of certain (*ahem*) allegations against the L.C.P.D., local law enforcement on a level that isn't strictly cooperative. Thunder Corp. are taking advantage of the current state of things (i.e. SHAMBLES!) to expedite the improvement of their public image, offering their engineering technology - the technology that allowed that as-of-yet still closed fortress in the Dead District to be completed in less than two months - toward rebuilding of Locke's ruined business district.

The Enemy are cleaning up after themselves further from the publicized disaster zone as well: the alien is gone, and so is its base. One may return to the farmhouse if they wish; they will be met with no retaliation or danger. They will find the grounds looking cleaner than ever, and inside, absolutely nothing - no electronic doors, no high-tech security, no sterile rooms or cages in the basement - but the interior of an utterly innocent farmhouse.

As for the general public, they've got nothing to clean and no duties to cover - but nearly everyone is reacting. Theories are popping up with minimal evidence to go on running a gamut - some are staunchly insisting (a safe distance away from Locke) that the entire thing's an elaborate hoax, while others, with a particularly wild set of groups in the Western half of the United States, are spinning ambitious theories with what little the news has given them. Who or what are these people? Where are they coming from? Why now? Who or what "gives" them their powers - and how does a person get them?

So we set the stage for our TWO-WEEK BREATHER PERIOD.

For its duration, no brand-new pieces of plot which demand player reaction - or will likewise react in an non-easy-to-avoid manner to player action - will be introduced. You are free and highly encouraged to backtag, wrap-up, and play out a last few plots as you will before the scale of everything dials up!

For players (and characters) who would like a bit more work to do, however, remember that Locke City's superheroes (or monsters, or mutants, or aliens, or what have you) are hot news - would you care to get some reincarnate voices doing Numbers Club public relations in the between-season stretch?

We will un-sticky the Wise Snake attack log on March 16th - if you still have anything to begin or complete on it, please save the post if you must!

In its place, a Catch-All Media Outlet post will go up, in which you can and may specify exactly what your character might have contributed to the news or watercooler and how. You're all free to tag each other on this post - and may receive NPC tags with notes of potential responses or prompts for interim "discussion" and drumming-up of specific buzz on the reveal of the paranormal!

This isn't limited to painting a favorable (or at least not terribly sinister) image of the reincarnates - controversy's abound on a number of subjects, and by taking advantage of it, character actions can pay off in directly affecting the statuses of those subjects within these two weeks. One of the most glaring and vulnerable targets is the corrupt L.C.P.D. - if anyone might be able to really give the press confirmation or quelling of scandal, it would surely be the Numbers Club.

However, in preparation for that post, to both plan and to ensure that no character's contribution goes un-taken into account, please post what your character might do and/or how they might speak out regarding the current state of affairs to the appropriate header comment below this post!


Thank you so much, everyone, for all of your interest and enthusiasm - we couldn't have possibly gone this far without a glorious playerbase, and we can't wait to see how Season 2 unfolds with your participation. May you, likewise, find where we're going to be well worth your while, and well worth the wait!
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Hello, everyone!

In December we opened up applications for new blood on the mod team - and our choices have been made and we're ready to announce changes going into the shift to Season Two.

Our thanks and gratitude, first of all, to the applicants - your offering of your time and investment in seeing the game thrive is appreciated, and know that, should you maintain it, you may be approached in the future regarding interest in a helper mod position! On that note, meanwhile, anyone else who may be interested in applying for a helper mod position is still welcome to do so on the mod app post.

Know that we are not only adding to the mod team as overdue, we are filling in a loss in it - Krystal, of Aaron Strider ([personal profile] elfstoned) and Mamoru Nakamura ([personal profile] 15minuteslate) is, due to IRL commitment, intending to step down as a mod at StE, and she will formally be no longer a mod by the end of the month. She will, however, still be around as player of Aaron and Mamoru (and will be glad to be able to invest her time in RP in properly playing!), and will continue NPCing Det. Sherman.

But as of yesterday afternoon, we are definitely pleased to announce that Olga of Karl Aurion ([personal profile] flamberge) and Jason Perkins ([personal profile] horsesaround) and Mini of Alexander Varista ([personal profile] amberhearted) and Angeline Strauss ([personal profile] sugarslice) have been taken on as full-fledged mods, to lend their muscle and brains in everything from handling the (soon to be growing!) plot to answering questions; processing applications, reserves, and Echoes; and beyond from now moving forward. Wish them luck settling in - with thanks to Krystal for the time and patience she's put in as a mod, and to our newest for coming on to see that the game flourishes!

Thanks to all of you, as well, for your patience and for your time likewise - and cheers!
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To the players who came to us with concerns over the acceptance of the application for Elsa from Frozen, know that action has been taken, and we thank you highly for speaking up and confirming that we were treating our own far too gently.

It was a poor judgment call, and it was entirely on myself - namely Blue; handling of this has been sloppy, but it has been deeply acknowledged as an error thoroughly avoidable and in indecisiveness and lack of firmness solidly learned from, and I do not intend to make any sort of similar one twice - and I am thoroughly sorry that it's taken such a breach in player comfort.

Again, it has been resolved - Lexi has been contacted and understandingly accepted a retrospective rejection of her application; she has assured intent to take all concern brought up to heart and our consultation should Elsa be available when re-application is open again as per an ordinary rejection.

In the meantime, if you've any further concerns, or request follow-up details within reason, feel free to comment to this post - comments are screened - or on the Mod Contact post - comments are screened and anonymous commenting is enabled.

On that note while hopefully you'll not have to call us out on folly again, any contact on the Mod Contact post on matters of concern or otherwise is always undoubtedly appreciated, as is correction when it is definitely due.