May. 18th, 2015 01:34 pm
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Just a heads up that tags will be intermittent for Misa Amane over the next few weeks. I'm not going full hiatus because ENDGAME and also I've already been slow with final exams/graduation happening. BUT life continues to be busy and I'm going to be in Japan from May 19th-June 11! I will be without a computer and likely without much time to catch a breath, but I will still be picking at tags on my phone. Wish me a safe/fun journey and feel free to poke me on plurk if something needs my attention/you want to handwave something with my girl.
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So my conveyancer apparently forgets that *things in Adelaide are not open on weekends* and that I *live interstate* and has given me until Thursday to do a whole bunch of RL things involving signing forms that I do not understand and getting bank cheques so... I am calling an emergency hiatus until... well next weekend, I guess, which is OzCon. I'll be slow as molasses so sorry.
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As many have probably heard, I'm dropping Thorir. He already lost his echoes around the middle of the month, but he left himself extensive notes so he has at least a good idea of most things that he learned about his former self and of what happened in the year that he was numbered. He's back in Locke, back at 2m, and will try to pick up where he left off and remain an ally.

I might app someone new when I return from hiatus. But who knows, for now I'm down to a tall nation and her dog. Speaking of whom: Siiri and Floweregg will be on autopilote and hiatus throughout March. I'm doing a very intense internship in a place with shitty internet opportunities so I won't be on enough for RP.
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Siiri, Floweregg and Thorir will be on hiatus until mid-January, mostly for health reasons. I will still be around as a mod. Meanwhile

Siiri and Floweregg will, together with Åsa, first visit Åsa's family and then Siiri's for Christmas and New Year's. Which is absolutely a thing that you do with a good friend. (Also it means that they will be around for the fourth wall because Siiri lives near to the Finnish echo area.)

Thorir will try to find Jovan on the 24th bofa spoilers below ) I'm not sure if he'll be back for the fourth wall.


Dec. 21st, 2014 08:37 am
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Aaaas some of you have probably noticed, I've sucked this month. Work's kicked my ass harder than I expected it to (although I should've known better - big box retail in a border town of a tax free state), so I've pretty much been working or sleeping. Plus holiday stress.

Anyhow. I'm calling an official hiatus. My fiancee comes in for a visit today, and I haven't seen her since February. We've got the next two weeks together, and after that I'm hoping to come back refreshed and de-stressed and ready to get my head back into the game.

Apologies all around. Love you guys, love my CR, just been run ragged.

Oh, right, and Sheila was finally guilted into visiting her family in Chicago, so she'll be out of town for the time being.


Dec. 19th, 2014 09:55 pm
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Hey lovelies! Just wanted to let you know that I'll be out of town from tomorrow, December 20th until January 4th (give or take a day - I'll be super jet-lagged, so I'm not sure what I'll have the energy to tag until I get back). I don't know what my internet situation'll be like, so I may be completely AWOL, or I may have unexpected downtime. Since it's up in the air, I'm hiatusing just in case.

In the meantime, Stefan has gone up to Boston to visit his family for the holidays, and so he will lose his Echoes for the time being. His sister may or may not be coming back with him for 4th wall! (He's left notes for himself, so if people call, he'll have a vague idea, but not much beyond that.)

See you soon!


Oct. 13th, 2014 02:08 am
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Hello, lovelies!

I'm going to be going on hiatus for a couple of weeks, as I am going on my jolly holidays to ~Walt Disney World~ in Florida!

This will affect Bro Strider/Richard Stroud here, and I will be back tagging in full on October 27th. While I'm away I might pick at things here and there, but I probably won't be tagging into anything new unless it's desperately needed.

Richard will still be around. Any autopiloting needs go to Jess and Lexi.

See you on the flip-side, darlings!


Oct. 2nd, 2014 10:30 pm
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Iiiiii am moving. To Japan. To study Japanese for a year. Not leaving until Sunday but I have plans the next few days and I still have a lot of preparing to do and I am freaking out so lmao tags? That's funny.

So I'm calling a hiatus from today until the 20th of this month, to give me time to hopefully get settled and sort of all things like phone and school schedule and shit. Not to mention I'm staying with a host family so that'll take adapting and working around. I have no idea how my everyday life is going to look there (and this is stressing me out like hell). The hiatus might end up extended too. Who knows!

John here is going to lose his Echoes, but he's left notes for himself so he'll still be working at the clinic. He'll also be back to his previous face since lost Echoes! AKA this one. Numbered life is the strangest thing.

See you on the other siiiide. Hopefully.


Sep. 17th, 2014 11:54 pm
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Hey everyone, this is Joc and I'm letting everyone know that I'm going to be on hiatus from Sept. 17th to Oct. 1st just to be on the safe side due to dealing with a fever. I probably won't be able to get back to tags due to how I'm feeling, so I apologize in advance to those I had made plans with and tags that I owe. This only affects Xander and he'll be on autopilot.

Edit: I'm feeling better as of the 23rd, so I'll be coming off my hiatus early.


Sep. 17th, 2014 06:13 pm
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To make a long story short, I'm going to be busy and without steady Internet access through the end of next week, so I'm going to go ahead and call a hiatus. This effects Hajime, Arthur, and Torin, all of whom will be on autopilot and just very busy with their respective jobs throughout this time. I should be back in time for all sorts of Radiant Shell hijinks, though some of that might have to be backtagged by a day or so.

In the event you need me for anything, just ping me on Plurk at [ profile] Airdra, as usual!


Sep. 4th, 2014 11:51 pm
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As already announced in the last mod post, I will ...not be around much this upcoming month. The reason is that this weekend, my cousin gets married, and then Sunday evening I will start a very intensive 3-week-internship that will be splendid but leave me with little time for RP, and when I'll have time mod stuff comes first... This means the following for me player-wise:

This affects Blaine, Siiri, Floweregg and Thorir )
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This month has been a bit of a mess for me, and I'm struggling to catch up with everything. For now, I'm just declaring a hiatus for all of August. I'm going to try to get back on my home next month. But it would just be too much stress for me to figure stuff out at this point. Maybe if I can find my zen, I'll try to get back into things here.


Aug. 14th, 2014 09:21 pm
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So any of you on plurk probably know by now, but I live in Ferguson, right near where all the protests and cray shit is going down. Needless to say, my mind isn't the best for RP right now, and I've been having a semi-low drive for the game recently, so a break is kinda needed right now. However, I will be picking at tags here and there as I can, so I won't be gone completely. Just kinda calling a hiatus to be safe.

Giving myself 2 weeks for this to chill out, or at least for me to get back into the swing of things. This affects Eri and Dirk both!
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I am off to Gen Con tomorrow and will be out of town late Sunday/Monday. May use phone to backtag, but pretty much AWOL. Danielle will temporarily lose her echoes (and may end up right in the hospital because I am cruel.)

See you all next week.


Aug. 4th, 2014 11:45 pm
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Well, I should have posted this yesterday buuuut- I'm going to be on hiatus for the next few weeks as I'm getting a visitor form out of state and other things are catching up with me.

SO that means little Dani is going to vanish due to family issues. She'll be found before I get back so she has a bit of time to recover from her hiding so there is going to be someone searching for her. That someone is going to be asking soon about her sooo yeah.

Nothing huge but still good to give a heads up on.
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Mio here!

I'm going to be away from August 4th to the 10th! But I'll try to get to my tags as fast as I can! So if I don't get to your tags quickly, you'll know why!

This applies to Abby/Anna ([personal profile] sjokolade) and Katie/Kaede ([personal profile] mimicery). Katie will be on autopilot while Abby will be up in New York just chilling for a week.


Aug. 1st, 2014 04:24 pm
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hey, guys! i'm going to be on vacation for the next week, starting tomorrow, so i'm declaring a hiatus. roxy's going to canada to visit her mom, so her echoes will be weakened by virtue of being outside locke.

my internet access is probably going to be negligible, so it's best you PM me if you want me to see something.

see you all later!
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Just letting everyone know that as of yesterday, I'm on hiatus. This affects Amy, Jasmine, and Fuyuka. My apologies, but I've been sick the last few days and experience has shown that it takes me a while to recover from this kind of thing. x_x

I'll still be slowplaying and doing back tags, but in general I'm gonna be taking it easy.


Jul. 20th, 2014 10:08 am
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From tomorrow to 21 August I'll be busy travelliiiing.

Until 31 July I will be in the US (for SDCC and Disneyland and hanging with friends aaaaaa). From 1 - 6 August I'll be at home for a bit, during which I will catch up on what I missed in the week I was in the US. So for that week, John's just going to be on autopilot.

THEN, however, I'm going away for a whole two weeks, and since that's a much longer period of time John's going to head out of country too. He'll go to the UK. The plan is actually to set up so that he tries telling his family who he is (finally), so during the week I'm back home I'll try to make that a thing and that'll be the main reason he's going to the UK. FAILING THAT AKA if I manage to not make that happen, he'll just go for nostalgia's sake.

See you later!


Jul. 13th, 2014 06:33 pm
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Starting tomorrow, I'm going on hiatus until the end of July. Emil will be on autopilot (that is, holing up in his house and pretending the mob thing never happened). See you guys in two weeks!