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Because we can't leave the prodigies to the Death Note cast, amirite.

But more seriously, say hi to Feivel Arandale, formerly Fëanor (aka the guy who swore an oath to kick the Dark Lord in the face in such a dumb way that it caused most of the shit that happened afterwards in his world, including lots of death and destruction. It's complicated, check out his application for more info - Arnold Benedict is the reincarnation of Fëanor's son, for maximum confusion).

He's 14, lives with his family in London, was born in Locke and is adopted - his parents died in a car crash when he was 4. He has a biological brother, one Tony Sparado (just that neither of them knows this - Lazarus has dibs on figuring it out). His special fields are natural science things and languages, and he's a bit of a snotty brat and also not particularly good at social interactions.
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/slides in here hi hi I'm Bookworm or Tea, and I come to you with Liam Benedict's father, the eccentric filthy rich artist and almost hippy Arnold Benedict... who was, in a past life, one Makalaure "Maglor" Canafinwe, the second of Feanor's infamous seven sons... who er. may have killed just about all Legolas' senior relatives.

Y E P.

Far too much information about Mags is available on his app, if anyone feels like wading through loads and loads of information, but basically Mags is the Emoest elf you ever met - he was emo before you humans thought it was cool. Arnold on the other hand... is about the happiest person you will ever meet. Also ditzy. But he loves his family a lot (some things don't change) and is here basically to make sure Liam doesn't kill himself. yes.

I hate doing intros.

I can be PM'd on Mags' account or reach me on plurk at [plurk.com profile] bookwormfaith
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Okay, he's only one out of the three right now, but things happen, right?

So this is Misty, player of our resident Hitsugaya, bringing in . . . another smart, emotionally repressed young fellow with white hair. These types ping me on purpose, I swear. This is Near (AKA Nate River) from Death Note, reincarnated as a poor soul named Nathan Brooks.

In canon, he's a brilliant but co-dependent detective with a lot of odd behaviours and a quiet confidence about him. Here, however, he's a young man with a very bad history, serious anxiety issues, and is struggling to get by on his own. So he surely needs to suddenly get memories of chasing a supernatural serial killer, right? Right. His info post is here and his full app is here. (Content warning for non-graphically-described child abuse applies for his reincarnated history.)

I'm bringing him in from having been in the 4th Wall, so he's got four Echoes already; he's been getting them since November, but this shit is scary and dangerous and he's been avoiding it. Sorry, Nathan. Looks like you can't anymore. Super happy to get him in here and see how he develops.

For those that don't have me on there yet, my plurk is at [plurk.com profile] cloudyskies, and is the best way to get ahold of me for plotting.
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hi guys

guess who's got his echoes back

So I'm Krystal, and I'm the crustiest oldbie you ever did see, bringing everyone's favorite prodigal pot doctor back.

Here's what you need to know:
-Dr. Aaron Strider has been married to his job run a charity clinic on the wrong side of the tracks for years.
-He got Echoes about two years ago, then lost them in December 2013. The clinic has remained open in his hands through that time, and has always been friendly to the Numbered.
-He comes off as slightly kind of needlessly creepy, but is actually one of the more standup guys you will ever meet.
-He used to sell pot.
-Info post is here.

Feel free to assume your character knows him! If you want to hash out backstory, whether it's your character having visited the clinic before or knowing him from his time traveling around the world or in the military, feel free to hit me up here, in a PM, or on plurk with an idea of the general impression he's gotten of your character! He might even have sold you weed. That shit stopped for good a year ago, but it was definitely a thing.

So yes! I am back, and my long-term plans for him involve destroying his life's work. :'D I've been planning for him to get in trouble with the law for some time, so the clinic may either not be around or not be in his hands much longer. That way, he'll be less tied to Locke and freer to move around with the plot. He'll also be Echoing back his canon appearance soon, castmates, so if you're interested in playing with that, it'll happen.

Please do add me on plurk -- that's the easiest way for me to plot, though PMs work too. Looking forward to playing with all of you!
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Hi everyone!

After a long series of things in RL that made me have to drop for a few months, Cesar's back, and ready to make life hazardous! Cesar's a cool dude who love science and the weirdness of echos, and who keeps getting into ethically sketchy situations through totally no fault of his own. He's also as cagey as all get-out about over-the-network info security, thanks to having been around when someone was leaking people's information to the mafia. (Seriously, who does that?) People probably won't see it for a long time, but he now has a goatee, and he's also going to communicate only via text for a while.

Nice to meet everyone. Add me on plurk at [plurk.com profile] Zalein, we'll chat and plot! Until then, I look forward to tagging with you all soon~
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S'up guys? ♥ My name's Ziya (Zi for short), and I'll be dragging along Stefan Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries for the ride.

Stefan's pre-incarnation was an immortal vampire with the tendency to brood (and I can't really blame him, the dude's from a CW show where everyone dates everyone else in the span of 2 1/2 years), and he suffers a lot from Chronic Hero Syndrome. Oh, and he makes amazing Italian food.

Stefan Alesci, on the other hand, is a junior at Princeton who's just now realizing he's a Numbered in time for endgame, and converted to Islam approximately 2 1/2 years back. Dude's legal but he sure won't touch alcohol for the sake of his religion :') His younger sister dated Danny before she moved, so it's entirely possible that some PCs have seen him around - after all, Princeton's not THAT far from Locke.

If you want more information, his full app can be found here.

If you need to get ahold of me, you can easily do so on AIM (bengali sonata) or through PMs, whichever's most convenient!
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Thank you, fuck you, the star has arrived!

Heeeey, it's Rakka's mun, Drizz! and I'm bringing in my second character to this game, Ladd Russo from Baccano.

In his previous life Ladd was a psycho assassin, working for the New York mafia in the 1930s. Now, he's a member of the Locke City police department. Funny how things like that work, huh.

He's also the father of Jacuzzi Splot, which says a lot, honestly.

I'm terrible at introductions, but I'm looking forward to this!
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guys i'm back

I played Saber here a couple months back! This is Dan, btw, dannication @ plurk. Feel free to add me(again) for plotting purposes if you like! Otherwise, I'm bad at intros and re-intros.

For the most part, Arthur's back in the city after losing his job and apartment, so he'll need somewhere to live.........

He'll be homeless, otherwise......
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Yo, StE! church here (again) bringing you someone new! Laharl form Disgaea and he'll be echoing back becoming the demonic king of Hell!

I've been at StE before, previously with Jean from SnK! His name was Jamie back then, perhaps you remember him-- maybe not. Nonetheless, he was my little weeb and now I'm back with more children (jesus...)

Laharl's got himself the nickname "Harley" over here in Vegas, given to him by his family. He's 13 whole years old and much like your average one. His father and mother are separated, his mother lives in New Jersey while he and his brother ([personal profile] vicmegane) live with their father in Vegas. Their father owns and runs Brightlight Hotel and Casino. Needless to say they're very rich and Laharl's very ignorant and annoying.


Harley's first echo was his fear of "sexy ladies" (boobs!!) when he was around seven years-old. ;^) he's scared of them like most 13 year old boys.
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HELLO STE I'm nor if anyone remembers me I used to play Bertholdt and Gale here about a year ago!

Feels good to be home. :3c Add me on plurk! [plurk.com profile] themightynor

I'm bringing you this little asshole from Disgaea 3, Mao! He's the main character and is shounen as fuck but also somehow the creepiest creepo to ever creep. He's a demon and a mad scientist with a 1.8 million EQ (which is like an IQ but... evil?) who won't hesitate to slice you open. He also makes giant mecha robots!

You don't have to worry about that yet though. Right now Mao is a harmless fifteen year old boy who likes anime and collects figures and dakimakura (you heard it here folks, we got a weaboo on our hands) and plays hero to all his moe waifus. His main squeeze is Nano Shinonome from Nichijou because I'm sure she'll never get an app laughs and also she's a robot. He's also have a massive video game collection which he plays constantly and has the MENSA approved IQ of a child prodigy.

In the AU, he's the older brother of the Laharl ([personal profile] overlordkun) who just apped in too so that'll be fun! Their dad owns and operates a big hotel/casino on the Vegas strip. :^) Spoiled rich boys 101.


Aug. 10th, 2014 08:01 pm
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Before I am hopelessly distracted again, I should introduce myself! I'm an Ashley. Brand new to this game, so I'm super nervous but also pretty excited.

This is Helen Magnus from the television series Sanctuary. She's a little different here. Or a lot different. Here, she is not a doctor, but a lawyer. Though her first echo did leave her with some hazy medical knowledge and the realization that maybe she's supposed to be a doctor. She's trying hard to ignore that at the moment because she isn't quite sure what's happening yet but is pretty sure she doesn't like it. She's also a little less confident because she is so much younger and hasn't had time to build up the same walls and strengths.

Her life got a little rough in the middle and she's just really starting to open up again, so social things might still be somewhat awkward for her. But she's very good at her job.

For more information, please see her info page or her app or just ask me! I'm usually pretty happy to talk about her. I tend to be around plurk a lot at [plurk.com profile] formallyintroduced, so feel free to grab me there whenever.

I'll step down now and let you go about your regularly scheduled rping.

+1 Agent

Jul. 15th, 2014 03:40 pm
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Hi folks, MaxSalsa here. You probably know my other derp, Winter, the magical girl that needs to learn to stay out of the way. This... is something a little bit different. Once upon a time, this poor sap was Chrono Harlaown, Enforcer with the Time-Space Administration Bureau, readily simplified to the space police. He's kind of a hardass and lives by the rulebook.

Now, he's Kevin Steele, FBI agent assigned to Locke City. He has one or two things that weigh pretty heavily on him, but in general he's still a person that puts a lot of faith in justice, even if he spends his free time searching for his missing sister. He's also starting to wonder exactly what he's gotten himself into, as things get weirder and weirder in Locke.

I don't have a whole lot for pre-existing CR with him; he lived in Virginia for a long time, and only recently came to Locke when he was assigned here. So I'm up for him to meet new people! I should be able to get an IC post up for him tonight. And I'm always available to plot at [plurk.com profile] MaxSalsa!

+1 alien

Jul. 4th, 2014 02:54 pm
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Hello, StE folks! I'm Sceadu, and I'm brand new to this game, although I've been lurking around the edges of it for some time now. Coming along for the ride with me is The Master, from Doctor Who. This particular version is one of the more polite version of him, but he's still pretty horrible when you get down to it.

In StE, however, he'll be reincarnated as Archimedes Keller, an electronic engineer who's just recently moved to Locke City and is John's bff from their school days. He'll also be telling most people to call him Emil, since he has too many names he's not terribly fond of the most common ways to shorten his given name.

As for me, I can most commonly be found on either AIM (sceadugesceaft) or plurk ([plurk.com profile] draconic). I'm glad to be here, and I look forward to playing with you all!
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Hello there, earthlings.

I'm tao (as known as gabi). I’m brand new here and super excited about StE. I bring you Cecil Keller, obsessive USPS mail carrier, introverted fern nurturer and inveterate penguin figurine collector. If your character lives in Las Vegas and needs someone to deliver or send them packages, he’s your guy, be it a cute teddy bear or your worst enemy’s dirty socks. Though, beware, chances are he will look for you, he will find you, and he will make you sign for it.

Oh that's right, in spite of being your regular reclusive weirdo next door, he also volunteers at a public library, helping needy teens with their homework because, w-well, children. 

Cecil is the reincarnation of Kevin Cecil from Makai Ouji: devils and realist, a Victorian butler who happens to be a smiting archangel. He's also addicted to gambling, but ssssh ssssh, he doesn't know that yet  (and here is his info post).

I look forward to rping with you all (old faces and new alike!). Please, feel free to PM or reach me at [plurk.com profile] _realms 

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hey there, ste

this is dan. i play the disney prince, arthur. I'm coming in with Gabriel Martinez, a Senior at LCHS who's about to be graduating with the lot soon enough. He used to be Monkey D. Garp from One Piece--a Marine Vice Admiral who was feared by enemies and allies alike for being a total psychopath. Edit: I forget nobody likes One Piece, so this is his info post with his app linked if you need to know who the hell this guy is.

He's 19, full of energy and spent his adolescent years punching other kids(and adults) in the face. If your muse hasn't actually met him, he'll probably be more obvious because he has a bit of a scar around the left side of his left eye like a crescent moon--which MIGHT stand out. Also, he's a defensive lineman on their football team.

So, please let me know if you're like for your muse to know Gabriel! Otherwise, my plurk is [plurk.com profile] dannication if you'd like to add me! I'm introing him soon like a wrecking ball. :D
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Hi there, I'm Ginshi or Gin or Annie depending on who you ask! I'm new to StE and hope to get along and have lots of fun with all of you~ <3

This guy is Basil from Katekyo Hitman Reborn! and he is a thirteen-year-old Italian Mafia member. He's the youngest person in the CEDEF branch of the Vongola and has a very optimistic perspective and is very loyal. He would speak very antiquated Japanese (translated to thee/thou/thy/etc) and is the only person without a Sky/Boss flame that can fight with his dying will!

His reincarnation is Basilio Lombardi, a thirteen-year-old Italian immigrant (came over when nine without knowing any English) who likes to cook and works with his widowed mother and his aunt and uncle at their family run restaurant when not at school. He isn't as open as Basil was, but once you're a friend you're gonna be staying there.

I can be reached over at [plurk.com profile] Ginshi, just drop a comment here if you wanna be added. :)
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Hi everyone! My name's Mags, and I'm a completely new player here.

Anyway, this girl here is Miku Kohinata from Senki Zesshou Symphogear. She's the best friend of someone who's a singing magical girl (for a loose definition of magical girl), but other than that she's mostly normal. Except for the brief period of time when she isn't, anyway. She basically spends most of her time trying to support said friend from the sidelines, and is really friendly and polite.

Here she’s been reincarnated as Linda Hidaka, and she’s not as polite or nice as Miku is. Miku might have only called out someone she’s really close to for doing something idiotic and left other people alone, but Linda’s a bit more independent and likely to call someone out on it, even if she doesn’t know him or her at all. I totally can’t see this backfiring in any way whatsoever.

Linda’s currently a high school student in Las Vegas, and she’s really starting to get unnerved by the weird things that are going on right now.

Anyway, I have a plurk over at [plurk.com profile] TehMags, so feel free to add me if you want.
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Hello hello!

This is Zero II, player of that one awful jerk George Wolfe/Yuri Lowell ([personal profile] jailbreaks) bringing in her second character.

I have Jude Mathis here from Tales of Xillia. In canon he's a 15 year old med student on his way to becoming a doctor (please don't ask it doesn't make sense) and really doesn't have a sense of purpose. He's the kid of two doctors, so he's been around medicine his whole life... then one day he met Maxwell and things got interesting.

Here, Jude will be a biracial half-Caucasian half-Chinese sophomore in high school who is still the kid of two doctors. He's studying at the Locke School of Science and hopes to get into college to study medicine and become a doctor. He's trained in Kung-Fu mainly for self defense due to being bullied. He's very sweet and a people pleaser so he's probably going to be getting himself into some trouble now that he's a numbered and doesn't have the great Milla Maxwell protecting him.

I do have a plurk [plurk.com profile] endlessnine if you want to give me a pp and I'll add you!
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Hello, Earthlings! Zero ([plurk.com profile] clockworkbrain), Rachel and Cain's player, here with a third. Meet Naoto Shirogane from Persona 4! In her past life, Naoto was a teenaged ace detective and Persona-user in everyone's favorite Scooby-Doo Simulator. (That's a surprisingly competitive field, that is.)

In her new life, Naoto is Natalie Sherman, though she prefers Nat. And, yes, she's related to exactly who the surname implies. Our esteemed Det. Jason Sherman is her uncle! (And Matt Abbot, Professional Weird Person Extraordinaire, is her cousin through the other side of the family. Saints preserve us.)

Nat is just-turned 15-years old, and finishing up her junior year at LCHS. She's skipped a grade or two along the way. She's very focused, very nerdy, and tends to close herself off. But! She's in a few clubs, and starting up a model-building club of her own. She likes to tinker with electronics and do hands-on hobby work in general, and she desperately wants to be a detective when she grows up. Loves detective fiction, robots, superheroes, and all that good stuff.

Any kids at LCHS, or people in the police who might know of her through Sherman, or any other routes you can think of, hit me up, feel free to add me on Plurk, etc! Let's figure something out.
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Hey there, people! Lampy here, player of Jackson Isaka ([personal profile] fusionjack, the stockbroker-turned-tokusatsu-monster) belatedly gearing up to intro a second character!

This here is Rosa Farrell from Final Fantasy IV. She was the love interest of the main character, a damsel in distress for a bit, and then the best damned arrow-shooting healer ever once you got her into your party. She has been reincarnated as Rosa Curry.

Yes. Of those Currys. Good times!

This reincarnated Rosa has all of the original's kindness and determination, but very little of her good sense. She just moved to Locke City after spotting some family members on the news, and got whammied with an Echo as her plane came in for a landing. She is really excited to be having an adventure, and it might be a while until the shine wears off the proverbial apple. She'll be doing volunteer work while looking around for a job, and keeping her eyes peeled for any chance to help with things.

I look forward to fun times and shenanigans and stuff! If you need to get a hold of me, pop me a PM or find me on Plurk at [plurk.com profile] lampdevil!