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Christobel Starsky / Commander Starscream ([personal profile] reapsthewind) wrote in [community profile] saveyourselves 2015-05-04 06:20 pm (UTC)

Mun: TealDeer | Email:, Plurk: lucid_seraph

Name: Christobel Starsky | Starscream
Canon: Transformers G1 Cartoon

(original app link is dead :( )

QUESTION ABOUT ECHOES: Would like to have Christobel get the following Echoes:

> turn her fully robotic (side effect of stabilizing her flight abilities); she can still appear human if she wishes, but the effect doesn't hold up too well to close scrutiny (kinda uncanny valley, animatronic)
> alt mode: a small, human sized (5ft long) drone (a less chubby version of this thing:
> Null-ray: lasers that temporarily disrupt electronics; will say that it can disable another transformer for one full minute as an example.

could some of the pink lights and such serve as triggers for these?

might do a full re-app later

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