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Because we can't leave the prodigies to the Death Note cast, amirite.

But more seriously, say hi to Feivel Arandale, formerly Fëanor (aka the guy who swore an oath to kick the Dark Lord in the face in such a dumb way that it caused most of the shit that happened afterwards in his world, including lots of death and destruction. It's complicated, check out his application for more info - Arnold Benedict is the reincarnation of Fëanor's son, for maximum confusion).

He's 14, lives with his family in London, was born in Locke and is adopted - his parents died in a car crash when he was 4. He has a biological brother, one Tony Sparado (just that neither of them knows this - Lazarus has dibs on figuring it out). His special fields are natural science things and languages, and he's a bit of a snotty brat and also not particularly good at social interactions.
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Yay, looks like we've got an honorary Wammy's Kid! I'm really excited to play off this guy, and especially to help him reconnect with his roots. We should figure out how that'll go down. :D
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That is something he can totally do. By this point he's so good at digging up old records and newspaper articles and stuff it's scary. I'll hit you guys up later via plurk after L and Fe's conversation's progressed a little further to see if we can figure out a good common resemblance to ping him!
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Be reasonable! People like him can't just quit stalking!