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Name:Save the Earth OOC Community
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SAVE THE WORLD HAS ENDED. There is a successor game: [community profile] raisetheearth.

The planet Earth is a familiar place to all of us. Although often amazing, it is never fantastic. All things come from nature and the supernatural is nothing but myth and imagination. But what of other worlds? They surely contain the unknown and incredible, the things that we wish for in our dreams and fear in our nightmares. And what should happen if they reach out and touch one another?

Our beautiful blue Earth found out in the distant past, before mankind arose. An attempted invasion from an enemy beyond the borders of reality. The living mind of the planet used the same breach of time and space to reach into other universes long since dead and gathered the remnants of its inhabitants. They were to be its guardians should another force from beyond try to threaten Earth. Their past lives sleep inside them, as they go about their days as ordinary citizens of the ordinary world.

Now is the time to see if they are capable of their task. Now is the time to awaken. Now is the time to...


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