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This will be the last mod post on this community. Save The Earth is over. It was a blast, and we hope that everyone who played here had fun, too. Stay as awesome as you are!

There will be a successor game, [community profile] raisetheearth, run by Lexil (of L), Ken (of Lily, Saretha, Natalie), Zalein (of Cesar) and MaxSalsa (of Winter).

All of that said, there is one last IC post for Day 4 on the IC comm for playing out the aftermath of the invasion. Boy NPC tags will be continued.

Going by the threads so far, it has become clear that the Boy has been "defeated" for good, as player characters have already managed to a number of crucial points with him. More information on this can be found at the bottom of the "storytime" under the cut/in the second blockquote.

Thus the game will end as follows:

On the morning of May 2nd, the 4th day of the invasion, enemy soldiers around the world will suddenly cease their attacks. They will tell anyone around them who might hear to go home and make sure that their parents and children and other loved ones are well, and then return to their ships and take off, returning to whence they came from.

The Animals will return to their resting states... and a sight can be seen above Las Vegas and Locke City: A orange-red dragon, rising from within an unconscious Arthur York's body, flies up over Las Vegas, circles over it for a few times and then barrels into the mountain. It instantly heads for the bottom of the mountain and curls up on the gold hoard there. And there it will stay, too. At the same time, Phillip Santorini faints somewhere in Locke City. From his body, a quite different being rises and floats above the city for a while before diving right into the ground, sending tremors through the city for a while as it dives down and burrows deep under the city. The Animals of Locke City and Las Vegas have thus been replaced, and Earth has resealed all her openings, enabling those who live on her to rebuild ...eventually. The Animals will now rest until such time when they should be needed again.

Characters who went to the aliens' home world will be escorted back to Earth personally (please either thread this out with the NPC or contact Kira-mod if you wish to handwave/know ahead of time). In return for each of them, one of the named aliens will be able to return to their place, so by the end of this exchanged, Geoff, Badri, Meredith (if he survived), Young and the Zhangs will all be gone.

The world isn't in a good state after their departure. North America is to a large part inhabitable or at least in a terrible state - it's pretty much your standard apocalyptic setting, complete wasteland in some and "only" ruined shambles in other areas. South America, Europe and Asia are partly in a terrible state, but in other parts all right or even untouched. Even Oceania and Africa, which saw no direct Enemy encounters, carry scars due to the world serpent smashing against them in places when fighting, though they remain for the most part as they were before the invasion. Obviously, even areas of the world that are untouched on the surface will see the disaster on their doorstep with international trade being down, tons of refugees and displaced persons all over the world, and so on.

The numbered will also find that the whole world is an echo boundary now - they won't lose their echoes anywhere any more, unless they lose them completely. Doppelgängers and Wolpertingers stay around if they survived the invasion, but all other Animals go back to sleep. The teleporter has been destroyed in the attack on Locke City.

And in this place, we'll give you a bit of story time. THIS IS STRICTLY OOC KNOWLEDGE. It is also tl;dr – simplified and shortened but still long. Still, it seemed to us that leaving the StE arc of this universe, you deserve to get at least a rough look at the part of the part of the “background info” that likely won't show up again in RtE (if it seems incomplete, that is because other parts will likely show up again in RtE).

Under a cut for length )

Please use this post for telling each other where your character stands at the end of the invasions, if they survived, perhaps even if you'll continue on to RtE, and say your goodbyes. There is a general questions thread below for your last questions and comments.

So long, and thanks for the fish! It was a blast.
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With the media starting to play a larger role, the purpose of this post is to be a digest and master post for everything that the media (newspapers, radio, TV, internet, etc) have said and will say. This includes content created by both players and mods, regardless of if it stems from numbered and their allies, their opponents, or neutral third sources.

Singing the song of who-knows-what )


May. 18th, 2015 01:34 pm
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Just a heads up that tags will be intermittent for Misa Amane over the next few weeks. I'm not going full hiatus because ENDGAME and also I've already been slow with final exams/graduation happening. BUT life continues to be busy and I'm going to be in Japan from May 19th-June 11! I will be without a computer and likely without much time to catch a breath, but I will still be picking at tags on my phone. Wish me a safe/fun journey and feel free to poke me on plurk if something needs my attention/you want to handwave something with my girl.
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-Possibly Isabela?

I'd prefer to keep the number preeetty small, because one of the questions this post needs to address is how are we going to thread this? It'd be possible to do one long thread and take turns, but it'd take forever with 4-5 people involved, and we have OOC time limits. That's option 1. Option 2 is free-for-all: tag in whatever order you get to it. Option 3 is to work out essentially what happens in this post and RP it out as slow as we have to. We can also have a rule set that if you don't go within 24 hours you get skipped? I'm just throwing out ideas at this point.

I would like to get a general idea of what will happen in this post so no one's left in limbo if one or two or all of us wind up with other obligations. I'll hand the mic to Kira about what Meredith is capable of and why we need multiple people.
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General Invasion Guide

For the returnee registration, please go here.
For a timeline of the invasion, please go here.
The first General Endgame Information post is here.
For the final CR/plot meme, please go here

How it works

• Each IC day of the invasion last multiple OOC days. The exact schedule is:
Day 1: A snake! OOC date: 29th of April
Day 2: An invasion! OOC date: May 5th
Day 3.1: The invasion spills and a counterinvasion! IC date: May 10th
Day 3.2 - For those people that are GOING TO SPACE IC date: May 16th
Day 4: Now the day is over, night is drawing nigh IC date: May 22th-24th

• Each IC day of the invasion starts when the log for the day goes up. Characters that are not returnees are however very welcome to make their own posts on the comm. All posts that take place during the invasion and are thus open to returnees must be tagged !invasion.

Notes (for returnees, but also a refresher for current players)

How to travel, a short guide to teleporter and ghost zone usage.

• Echoes are at 10% outside of echo boundaries. All echo boundaries will be connected through space as soon as the moon pink lights go up.

• All characters, returnees and current ones, are eligible for a Tier 2 plot echo from the moon pink lights. If your character has 15 echoes or less, they can receive echoes that are neither plot echoes nor recurrence echoes. Please check the echo request page for more information.


How strong are the enemy soldiers? Strong. Think something like a boss fight on medium to hard mode, for every single one of them (think Darth Vader to your Luke or a Balrog to your Gandalf). The Enemy's intelligence will adjust the strength of their soldiers to their opponent's to a degree and send stronger soldiers the way of stronger characters. Their strength lies in: Speed, durability, strength and one special power - that can be superspeed or telekinesis or any other superpower.
Can the enemy soldiers combat my special power X? Yes and no. They come in groups of hundred, and every group has a different ability. If your character is lucky, they will not immediately run into a group whose abilities negates your character's special ability X, but they are coordinated well and will send a group who can to their place as soon as they figure it out. Example: Your character can summon ghosts that are invincible because they are intangible. After that registers with the Enemy's troops, they'll send an unit your character's way that can make intangible things tangible, so after the ghosts took out a number of soldiers they'll suddenly encounter opponents who can kill them.
My character can go to space!/Can I my character fight the spaceships? EXCELLENT. Once Jörmungandr has shown up, they will able to fly up in a straight line until they hit the outer parts of the atmosphere and then fly all the way around the planet at that altitude. They should however be careful to not leave the echo boundaries. And yes, they can fight the spaceships. The ships are armed! Their guns are strong enough to hurt the serpent in the sky (which has a similarly hard to pierce hide as Wise Snake and the Crablobster). On the flip side, the spaceships are as stable as an average Star Trek/Star Wars/etc ship with its shields down. Good metal, but nothing supernatural.
How will the Animals (and their smaller parts, like doppelgänger, santas and wolpertingers) react to my character? Not at all. They battle the Enemy's troops without paying attention to what they might wreck or kill in the way, but won't attack anyonething from Earth, either.
What will doppelgängers do once the invasion starts? Once the invasion happens, the Silent Swan part will take over the doppelgänger's brains/actions insofar as they will see only one goal: Defend Earth, and specifically the Neuschwanstein echo boundary, at all cost. What the rest of their personality does with that goal is up to the players. This means that they should be found in the Neuschwanstein area as that is what their purpose is, but there is a bit wiggle room if there are other factors (mind control by a third source, being imprisoned, etc).
Can my character talk to the invaders? Yes! Some may even express regret about their wrecking havoc, but do it anyway, because staying true to their orders conquers all other considerations.
RETURNEES - Will my character receive any echoes upon having their echoes return? No! BUT they will witness Jörmungandr's pink light, so they can have a tier 2 right upon entering the game. They can also receive recurrence echoes throughout the invasion. Please request your character's echoes on the echo page just like you did while they were in the game!

Please direct questions regarding any of the above to the thread below and not the post in general. Please do not use this post for plotting among yourselves and go to the final CR/plot meme instead.
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For the final CR/plot meme, please go here
For the returnee registration, please go here.

After tallying the things that were submitted here it seems that the invasion will go down roughly like this:

Day 1 )

Day 2 )

Day 3.1 )

Day 3.2 )

Day 4 )

Characters can move around the planet when defending it; we do however ask that players restrict their characters to a maximum of three locations (two location changes) per day to keep things logistically reasonable. They can of course still have network/etc contact with people in a different boundary, they should just physically keep it to a reasonable amount of movement. Space counts as a separate echo boundary/battlefield.

Please direct questions regarding any of the above to the thread below and not the post in general. Please do not use this post for plotting among yourselves and go to the final CR/plot meme instead.
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So my conveyancer apparently forgets that *things in Adelaide are not open on weekends* and that I *live interstate* and has given me until Thursday to do a whole bunch of RL things involving signing forms that I do not understand and getting bank cheques so... I am calling an emergency hiatus until... well next weekend, I guess, which is OzCon. I'll be slow as molasses so sorry.
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Hallo all! Sceadu here, with a note that Emil has just recently Echoed back the Master's telepathy and hypnotism. As such, he now has a brand new permissions post over here, and it would be greatly appreciated if you could swing by and take a look. o7
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wow okay this got accepted!

Joysweeper again. This is the final app, for Kuvira of Legend of Korra. She's what you get if you combine Magneto, Boromir, and Loki into the most gorgeous character I've ever seen. Here is a music video which should tell you a lot. I love her like I've never loved a villain or antivillain before. she's Gwyneth O'Reynne, midlevel exec at Rain Industries. Her heart is in competitive fencing and less competitive dance. She's actually Liam's aunt and Arnold's sister in law but hasn't had a whole lot to do with either. She's beginning in Vegas but has traveled a lot, think your character(s) might know her?

I don't know what I'm doing, but there's a lot to try!
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Hey everyone, a reminder that the March Activity Check is still ongoing, and all characters who aren't checked in by the time it's over (by the end of the 8th) will be removed. This is your only warning! (One extra day's leeway is being given, due to the holiday.)

Please make your check-ins on the original post and not here, so we can keep track of things. If there's an error like a journal being listed in the warning list when they were checked in, however, go ahead and poke here! Please do not notify us if you see a dropped character on the warning list, we know there are some. That said, if you haven't checked in yet and are not listed here, please check if you're on the taken post and notify us if you are not.

The following journals have a valid hiatus for January, and should check in on the AC post: Here. )

Warning list
Characters who have not yet been accounted for must check in before the end of the 7th and either post activity or take a strike, or will be swept from the game. Their journals can be found below: Here. )
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For the final CR/plot meme, please go here

For the very end of StE's endgame, characters who were at any point of time a part of StE will be allowed to return. Here is how it works:

Come in and find out )
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This post is here for two reasons:

• For returning characters/players to say hi and talk a bit about what their character has been up to while they didn't have numbers, and perhaps figure out how that fits in with other characters

• For everyone to plot endgame things.


Please use the following format when commenting to this post:

Put your Name (original and reincarnate) | Canon | returnee/current character in the subject line and the following into the body of the comment:

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Hi Earthlings~

Isabela's mun here, adding to the ranks with young Aubriana Goffe here. In her previous life, she was Nerdanel, the brilliant sculptor wife of Fëanor, mother to Maglor (and his six brothers), and the one who tried to talk them all out of that nasty Oath business.

Right now, she's twelve years old, biological half-sister to Nat Arandale, but she was adopted into a different family. She's American-born, but presently living in London, and she's still a precocious little art prodigy!

Have fun with her!
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I am the final application! Fear me!

Hey all, I've brought Fuyuka Terasawa back for the endgame! She is, of course, an AU version of Fate Testarossa from the Nanoha franchise. Stuff and reintroductions will come soon, when I'm feeling less deathly ill.
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Hey-lo, Ken here and with a last minute re-addition for the last minute rush to the finish line.

Natalie Tamura here, AU of Nanoha Takamachi from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha is back for now until the end~ She's in Vegas for now, and will be freaking out soon. 8D
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Okay! Joysweeper here, I play Julien. A year or so ago I brought in a Jedi kid who got put through thirteen or so shades of horror and came out confident and a little scary. Now I'm trying her again, different!

This is Nat Arandale. She and Feivel are actually adopted siblings, but she's a year older and considerably more normal. (Psychic kids are totally normal right?) She's easy to overlook since, well, she's more within the normal range of "pretty bright" and is very able to take care of herself, but watch this space.

She's good at getting in trouble.
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Activity check will remain open through Aprill 7th. Only activity from March 1st through March 31st will be acceptable.

Only TWO proofs are needed for this month's activity check. April will not have an activity check.

You require two threads with different characters, of which the shortest should be 3 long or 5 short comments in length. The other two threads must be longer than that.
In case that more than one thread only reaches the bare minimum length, bolster threads (which may be with repeat characters) can be used to make up for the shortness. Alternatively they can be used to prove that one is worthy of leniency because of special circumstances (due to none of the threads having been dropped by oneself/to avoid swiping/etc). A bolster thread must be at least two long or three short comments in length.

• All characters must also have a link to some sort of "How's My Driving"/crit post in addition to their info/Echoes post. While there's no other requirements (such as allowing anonymous posting or logging IP addresses), comments do need to be enabled.

• If your character was accepted during this last month/activity cycle, you need only to check them in with their name/journal/info post/HMD, and do not have to fill out the three thread links and activity summary sections.

• If your character has an announced hiatus of a week or more in length for this month, this may be used instead of providing activity. Please use the regular form up to and including the activity summary, and then instead of providing threads link us to your hiatus comment on the hiatus post. A hiatus is not valid before the day on which the hiatus comment was submitted to the hiatus post; you may not call retroactive hiatuses - a hiatus called on the 9th which runs from the 5th to the 12th will not cover you for AC, as we'll only count the 9th-12th. But you can of course submit your hiatus comment for the 5th-12th on the 1st.

The only players/characters that are exempt from posting to the hiatus are those who are currently on hiatus throughout the full AC period, though we appreciate it if you do; if such a hiatus covers enough of the AC month, they will be assumed to have used a hiatus, if it does not, they will be assumed to have requested a strike for it. If you have special circumstances and need to provide your activity after the 7th, please speak to the mod processing AC (Mark).
Please note that using a hiatus instead of providing full activity two months in a row will constitute a strike, which will stay in place for four months (you can, however, use a hiatus the month after you took a strike); we therefore encourage players who have sufficient activity to post it to submit it even if they have a valid hiatus.

• If your character does not meet activity requirements and is not covered by a hiatus, you may opt to take a strike for them by replying here. Characters with an existing strike who then qualify for another will be removed from the game, and cannot be apped in again until their initial strike has expired. However, again, each strike only lasts four months before being reset. For example, a character who has a strike from December will need to have activity or a declared hiatus each month up to and including April's activity check.
If you will be late posting to AC or claiming a strike, please notify the mod processing AC (Mark) - however, keep in mind that you will still be required to check in to the post itself, using the regular form up to and including "Activity Summary". Current characters on strike can be found here.

• Another player may provide activity for another (for example, in the case of broken computers/sickness/etc.), as long as permission is given.

Please fill out the following form and add it into a new comment.
Player Section (Paste once.)

Activity Section (Paste once per character. Do not alter the form. When using a hiatus/taking a strike, please use the form up to and including "Activity Summary" and then link us to your hiatus comment or tell us that you wish to take a strike in lieu of the threads. If you are new, use the form up to and including "Link to HMD".)

What can I use?- FAQ:
• All threads in [community profile] savetheearth or IC inboxes can be used.
• You may use up to one inbox thread as activity proof. Up to one "bolster thread" can be an inbox thread as well. (Bolster thread: If you feel that your three threads are not enough, you may provide up to two more ("bolster threads"), both of which can be with a character who is the same as in one of the first three linked threads. If more than one thread only barely meets our minimum requirements, bolstering threads are required.)
• Threads can all be from the same entry (for example if your character made a network post, started a log or you were involved in a party log).
• Threads can have been originally started before the month's start. However, at least two threads provided must have been started during the actual month in question, and all threads must have sufficient activity within the cycle duration. Please also refrain from using the same thread for AC more than once.

My friends, it has been a fantastic time doing AC for you all. Now go forth and end this game on a bang!
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Because we can't leave the prodigies to the Death Note cast, amirite.

But more seriously, say hi to Feivel Arandale, formerly Fëanor (aka the guy who swore an oath to kick the Dark Lord in the face in such a dumb way that it caused most of the shit that happened afterwards in his world, including lots of death and destruction. It's complicated, check out his application for more info - Arnold Benedict is the reincarnation of Fëanor's son, for maximum confusion).

He's 14, lives with his family in London, was born in Locke and is adopted - his parents died in a car crash when he was 4. He has a biological brother, one Tony Sparado (just that neither of them knows this - Lazarus has dibs on figuring it out). His special fields are natural science things and languages, and he's a bit of a snotty brat and also not particularly good at social interactions.
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Hey, people interested in the Christmas Island mushroom investigation! I wanted to plot things out.

The central mushroom is about as big as a car and does nothing but release spores. It can't move or defend itself. The spores make people want to rush out and destroy or deport human-made things but it doesn't make them violent against people, and they regain their usual faculties soon enough. Wearing a face mask protects people who might be affected, unless it slips. It's by far the least menacing of the Animals.

My character, Julien, wants to get out there, measure the big mushroom, and take samples. He wanted company because he's genre savvy enough to think that coming close and touching and cutting little bits out is a great time for a monster to pop out of the ground, but nothing will happen. After that he'll want it covered somehow so the spores stop spreading - maybe get a greenhouse put over it? - and it can be studied and monitored. Jules has read The Girl With All The Gifts and done a little other reading and thinks burning it could end very very badly, and fungicides could go wrong too.

Your characters may feel differently. Comment here if you've got someone who'd like to come! Will they want to live and let live, or go pre-emptive on the big mush? Should there be a log? If so there'll be random jungle adventures and a massive anticlimax thread, either way.
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Endgame is upon us!

This format of plot post is designed for players to ask questions and find ways to influence the plot. Be bold and ask what you can or can't do; the worst that can happen is that we will say no. Plots in Save the Earth can evolve in many ways. Although some potential outcomes are given, they are little more than suggestion and can be changed by character action. What role you take is up to you.

The post is also open for players to plot and coordinate between one another.

This is your final run-down and timeline )