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Returnee registration


For the final CR/plot meme, please go here

For the very end of StE's endgame, characters who were at any point of time a part of StE will be allowed to return. Here is how it works:

I. ICly: The Enemy has finished all preparations, and the invasion begins. To answer this, Earth mobilizes all her power in a final effort to re-establish its connection with those with whom she was once connected yet since has lost contact - in other words, she returns their echoes to as many reincarnates who since lost them as she can manage. One of those who have their echoes and the memories of their time as a numbered returned to them is your character.

II. OOCly:

• Returnees will not be added to the communities or the taken list. They are however free to play in any and all posts tagged "!invasion". They also should use the echo request pages if they receive any new echoes.

• All characters who were accepted into the game at any point may return, with the exception of characters who were permadropped through killing them off.

Please use the following form and comment to this post, making a separate comment for each character that you wish to return.

Mun: Your name | contact (for example plurk)

Name: Reincarnated name | Preincarnation name
Canon: The character's canon
Application: Please link both to the comment on the application page where your character was accepted and, if the link is dead now, to the application itself.

What happened while you were gone:
Wise Snake, a big stone snake, emerged in Locke City and wrecked destruction, until it was taken down by numbered. A second pink light went up over Las Vegas, a third over the German/Austrian border near Neuschwanstein Castle and then there were more pink lights above a number of other locations, which means that there are more echo boundaries now within which characters will keep their echoes. Outside of echo boundaries, echoes are at 10%.
The giant crablobster creature that emerged from under Las Vegas was battled and killed by numbered as well. A large humanoid creature under Lapland was frozen up again by numbered after some battle and exploration. In the Neuschwanstein area, doppelgängers of some characters and wolpertinger have emerged. The fate of the remaining Animals (the giant creatures under the echo boundaries) remains unclear at this point.
Numbered can travel between locations like this and of course by regular means.
A number of places from canons were added to the landscape: A church in Locke City that has quite interesting catacombs underneath; a mountain and a lake have remodelled Las Vegas's landscape; and an Orbital Tower has shown up on the German/Austrian border, though it has as of early April moved to the Galapagos Islands.
America has seen three significant political/social movements concerning the numbered: Thunder Crop lost a lot in influence after Wise Snake's rampage. For a while, the general atmosphere and public opinion in Locke City became increadingly hostile and dangerous for the numbered, to the point of casualties, until mafia boss Albero who had fuelled that atmosphere was killed by numbered in December. For a little while, the city was under martial law and has now mostly returned to normal. The same military under General Miller has now invaded Brazil, launching America into a massive internal and international crisis, for more information please check the latest plot post.

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