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For the final CR/plot meme, please go here

For the very end of StE's endgame, characters who were at any point of time a part of StE will be allowed to return. Here is how it works:

Come in and find out )
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This post is here for two reasons:

• For returning characters/players to say hi and talk a bit about what their character has been up to while they didn't have numbers, and perhaps figure out how that fits in with other characters

• For everyone to plot endgame things.


Please use the following format when commenting to this post:

Put your Name (original and reincarnate) | Canon | returnee/current character in the subject line and the following into the body of the comment:

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Okay, coolkids, for those of you who don't know yet, LSR CLINIC WILL BE CLOSING THIS WEEK.

IC, it's because Aaron has made deals with local gangs to provide confidential healthcare for free in order to ensure his clinic remains neutral, and has been uncooperative with the police in the past. When the police came in and cracked down on said gangs, some of the arrested pointed fingers at Aaron, saying he wasn't any better than they were, and making claims about Dr. Strider selling drugs (true, but outdated) and killing people on a gang's payroll in the back room of that clinic (utterly false). There will be a warrant for his arrest, which will be coincidentally timed with his Echoing back of Aragorn's appearance, and thanks to a deep-seated mistrust of the police and an AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT judgment call, Aaron will dodge the warrant and do his best to disappear. The police will make it clear: either the clinic opens without him or it opens not at all.

OOC, I want to get him more involved in plot, make him less tied down to the Locke location, and also destroy his past six years of work. :D

What you need to know:

The media WILL get hold of this story and break it on February 26th. Local papers in Locke City will call Dr. Strider all kinds of sensationalist names, and it will be no secret that the police believe gang hits were taking place in that clinic. The kinder headlines will be along the lines of:
The unkinder ones say things like

...and yes all right maybe that last article uses the words Shanker Longshanks, if that's what the people want. If it's in there, it's a nickname given to him by a disgruntled, anti-numbers ex-employee. That employee mentions seeing half a sword around the clinic, that Strider employed people in unstable situations so he could take advantage of them and make them work for free, and that Julien Sakazaki, a well-known Numbered with a particularly gruesome transformation, used to work there. The source is unnamed, but has nothing nice to say.

Aaron Strider will disappear for a few days. He'll be hitting up Lazarus for a fake ID, but other than that, no one will know where his is until the first week of March. Then, he'll send a message to some of the people he knows. If you think he would send you a message, whether because he knows you or because you frequent the clinic and he'd like to set things straight, let me know in the comments. He has handwaved CR here, and I don't want to miss anybody.
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As a look at the Minor Locations place shows, there are 5 more locations that will show up before the game ends. Excluding the mystery location X, they are to a large part up to the players. This will happen in two stages.

1. The gathering
Within the following criteria, suggest locations! Each player can make one suggestion for each option.
A. An area on the equator (preferably a spot in the ocean)
B. A capital city (not: Helsinki, Berlin, Vienna, Washington DC, Ottawa, Tallinn, Vaduz, Canberra, Jakarta)
C. An area/city/etc on the Arabian Peninsula, in Africa or in South America
D. An area/city/etc in Asia
Please keep your suggestions to areas/countries that are not currently in the middle of a (civil or other) war.

2. The voting
You have until the 17th to put in suggestions. All suggestions will be compiled and then put up for voting.


Jan. 8th, 2015 04:05 pm
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Within a few days Julien is finally gonna turn into a ridiculously large pigeon. I've been building up to this since I apped him and am excited! The bulk of the final changes happen over the course of a couple of hours. Buildup for the days before that is basically hunger, lethargy, breaking out in pinfeathers, and brief periods of facial paralysis.

On Friday or Saturday Julien's making a network post complaining of chest pains and an inability to stand. Birdification will soon follow, and on Monday he will fly off and refuse to talk to anyone for I'm not sure how long. Does anyone want to participate? If someone stays with him after the change they'll have to help him eat and he will become uncommunicative, and he'll really need someone to find or catch him after he runs away, who can try and persuade him to stop and come back. Warning, if someone wants to thread the change it will be body horror.

He's also left a letter in his room at the Hotel Lillie for people to see on the event of him losing his number, in which he confesses that his preincarnation's lifespan isn't all that long, which someone might read. Any takers?
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Aka get in here to get your small memories/small items! And along with that, a brief recap of what characters may retain from the Fourth Wall, and what not.

Memories: Every character may, but doesn't have to, retain one small memory. Please request these memories below. Everything else is forgotten, and nobody on the whole planet remembers it.

Echoes: All echoes gained throughout the event will be kept, but the character won't be able to tell what gave them this echo.

Items/Physical changes: If they were directly or indirectly caused by a visitor, no matter if numbered or canon, they will be gone, with the exception of one small item (if the player wishes). Changes that weren't related to visitors will be kept (like if you wanted to paint your house pink anyway). Please request the small item below.

Items cannot have magical/other special powers. They must be smaller than 5ftx5ft/150cmx150cm.
Memories can last a maximum of 5 minutes and may not contain significant information about the person's canon.

Please use the following form:
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Hey everyone!

While not the end of a season, we still might be approaching the end of an arc, and as a number of things might move and change, this is a kind of pre-plot-post post to gather information to be able to properly plan IC happenings on the one hand and OOC who will do whats on the other hand.

Please comment with a link and the briefest description of all large-scale events happening in this post here. This includes killing/injuring mafia higher ups, collateral damage and everything else that could affect the political and public relations situation in Locke City.

There will be tense downtime of five days after the attack. Anyone who would during this time or shortly after
- go to police, FBI, military, media etc (the media in all three countries *will* reach out to the numbered shortly after (specifically to people who have reached out to these media within the last few months), no matter the outcome, and there will be a special political event in Locke, too... The FBI is in the loop about the going-ons (which is a part of the reason why they are on the side of the numbered), yet can of course still be contacted in addition to this)
- would themselves go, or send their family to one of the safe houses that the FBI offers outside of the echo boundaries thanks to numbered requests
please comment here.
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Hello, everyone!

In any case anyone might be interested in a trip into a video-game-style dungeon or night of monster-slaying, here's a post in hopes of plotting a return to the catacombs underneath the Oublié Cathedral Old Tower chapel. (Formerly St. John's Episcopal Church.)

Original location Echo write-up is here.

The chapel appeared in early August and a secret bookcase passage opening to a ladder leading below the ground floor was found and used in mid-August. Those investigating didn't foray especially far on rather unexpectedly finding it housing shambling hostile undead.

Monster-infested passageways are certainly nothing to leave below a civilian-held church, and so consider a call out to investigate and/or take care of it before it becomes a problem!

If your character would consider coming along to explore the (confirmed as monster-inhabited) catacombs below the church this month (possibly Saturday evening; touch base or make suggestions if you'd prefer a different time!), feel free to read on!

What characters can expect in the catacombs... )

For now, that's what comes to mind - if you have any questions at all, please ask away!
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So I know a number of people have posted to Lyall's request for people to go public with him, and he's apparently got a potential backer for some airtime on television. He'll want to do this before school starts (next week? week after? do we have an official start time for school in Locke?), so ASAP, like tomorrow or Monday. (Can't be tonight, cuz he's doing dungeon-delving with Anthony tonight, heh.)

I wanted to post something up here rather than on plurk cuz I know I don't have everybody who replied on my plurk :B Is there a day that works well for everyone IC, and do we have a preference as to how and what network and what kinds of things everyone is willing to say? I know Lyall is going to basically come clean, though he may keep his "I can change into a wolf at will" to himself, in order to keep that particular disguise if he needs it.

Also, do we want to rp this out, or handwave/summarize the actual event, or some combination of the two, like setting up a Q&A sort of thing without rping a full-on interview?
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If your character is (going to get) stuck in the void and you have the time to/ are interested in making a post with your character within the next three days, please comment to this post with the character's name, a link to their void thread starter, and how quickly you could make the post. There is only one spot (though you are welcome to make a joint post with others who are also stuck in the void), so we'll give preference to characters who haven't had much plot involvement yet, but are happy about any and all sign-ups as that gives us more to pick from. Comments are screened.

Please decide quickly (we'll decide tomorrow morning GMT) as we'd like to bring this part of the plot to a quick conclusion so the teleporter's outlet location in Las Vegas can be announced officially.
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Hi! This post is meant to serve as a space to coordinate a player plot involving some kidnappings and Mafia stuff, beginning in earnest on August 9. Relevant characters are Cesar, Rex, L, Tony, Dirk, and Richard, not to mention the greatly desired and utterly vital NPCs!

Timeline of events is that they will begin on August 9 when Tony is kidnapped on his way to work. The plot will last roughly a week, culminating in the rescue and safe return of Anthony Sparado and Lazarus Lawliet.

We want to do it right and make sure no one is left behind or unpleasantly surprised, so gather round and witness the basic plot outline. The comments section is for juicy details and fine-tuned planning; a lot was already gone over on Plurk but any further questions can probably be addressed and answered pretty efficiently in this format. :)

Timeline of events is that they will begin on August 9 when Tony is kidnapped on his way to work. The plot will last roughly a week, culminating in the rescue and safe return of Anthony Sparado and Lazarus Lawliet.

Wall of Text, Cut to Save Reading List )
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Hey! This is Lexil, L's player. As if the journal didn't make that fairly obvious but

I need some input from those of you who play Espresso Yourself employees or people who sometimes sleep in the cots upstairs, because in early August, a certain machine will be stolen from Thundercorps, and need a Numbered-oriented place to be safely stored. It's likely that Espresso Yourself will be the establishment that gets to host this incredible liability honorable and badass token of resistance, but before this, L will approach your character and honestly say that he's worried about storing the machine, but that the coffee shop's spacious basement is a logical choice considering heightened security, and he feels it's important to step up during times of trouble and need.

To keep things running pretty smoothly, I just would like this post to serve as a record of how that little talk will go, since it's simple enough and can be handwaved (though I'm open to threading this if anyone really wants to!) Basically, when your character is approached and told about the machine, do they:

-Support storage of the device 100%?
-Support storage of the device with some misgivings?
-Remain completely neutral on the subject?
-Initially oppose storage of the machine but remain flexible to persuasion?
-Utterly oppose storage of the machine?
-Slap L with a fish idk

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Suggestions are closed.

In the context of an upcoming plot event, there will be a wonderful, unique chance for wonderful, unique echoes! Echoes so wonderful and unique indeed that we can only have a small amount of them, which brings us to the following: Between today and the 31st (7:00pm GMT), you will be able to submit what you would like your character(s) to pulse back; and then until the 5th, everyone will get to vote on which four of those proposed pulses shall become reality. The mods will pick between one and four additional ones of those proposals to round the whole thing off a bit, and then they will take effect over the course of a few weeks.

Now what kind of echoes are we talking about?
- HUGE ONES. More specifically: Buildings, forests, (parts of) mountains, and whatever else is immobile and large. Rules about the size of echoes are obviously suspended in this case, but we'll reserve the option to downsize things in one way or the other to make them workable.
- The echoes in question should carry some significance for the character who echoes them, but in this instance the degree of importance to the character is irrelevant: Living near/in the place or it having a moderately important position in one's life is enough. For example: Any Attack on Titan character could echo Wall Sina, any The Hobbit dwarf could echo the Lonely Mountain, any Pokemon character could echo a Pokecenter and any student of Hogwarts could echo any part of the school grounds.
- The echoes will be plot echoes and thus won't need a trigger; they will be available to characters in both Vegas and Locke.
- Please keep it to a maximum of two echo suggestions per character. In the end, a maximum of one echo per player will be granted (in case more than one echo of a player end up in the top four, the highest ranking one will be implemented).

Please peruse the form below:

Suggestions so far:
Batman: The Brave and the Bold | Hall of Justice
Bleach | Senkaimon
Danny Phantom | The Ghost Zone
Death Note | Wammy's House
Dokidoki Precure | Yotsuba Compound
Dragon Age | The Blooming Rose
Eternal Darkness | The Oublié Cathedral Old Tower & the catacombs
Generator Rex | Abysus
Golden Sun | Venus Lighthouse
Hatoful Boyfriend | St. Pigeonation's Academy
Heartcatch Precure | The Precure Palace
Hetalia | Suomenlinna
Kamen Rider W | The Narumi Detective agency slash billiard hall
Middle Earth | The Halls of the Woodland Realm
Middle Earth | Caras Galadhon, the Elven city in Lothlórien.
Middle Earth | The Lonely Mountain/Erebor
MS Gundam 00 | Orbital Elevator
Pandora Hearts | The Abyss
Tales of Symphonia | Torent Forest
Touhou Project | Scarlet Devil Mansion
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It's now been several months since the Wise Snake incident destroyed portions of Locke City. In order for players to have a better idea of what their characters are experiencing, this post is to give a quick overview of rebuilding progress in the city.

As a general note, the farther from the bulk of the fighting in downtown Locke, the fewer repairs and cleanup needed to be done. The city's rebuilding efforts focused largely on getting the roads clear and repaved where necessary; by now all of that work is mostly done. There is still visible damage around the epicenter of the battle, but things are generally in working order - if not particularly picturesque. The FBI's mecha division is working out of a Locke City University outbuilding, including a portion of the building being regulated specifically for agent training. (This means characters will see a few FBI officers around the area of LCU most of the time.)

Locke City is, however, populated in part by our players, so this post is also here for players to provide specific information about the state of local businesses and establishments their characters are involved with.

Here's a simple guideline form for an idea of what might be useful for other players to know!


Posts can not be locked to groups or locked away from groups; the only way to "post" non-publicly is to (icly) send separate but identical messages to each of the recipients, which oocly can of course be done within one and the same post but for example disables threadjacking. We would also like to take this time to reiterate the resources that explain how the Network works. The setting page offers an overview, with more specific details here.
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Hello, StE. From June 7th, Cecil will be able to read superficial memories and fiddle with them a little bit too. This is only a fraction of his canon powers, but you can go here and check this opt-in post. Any comments would be great. 
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 Heeeey, StE-ers, who wants to talk about how the mafia has gotten info on over a dozen Numbered over the past seven weeks? I sure do. Let's talk consequences!
This here will be a plotting and questions post for things happening over the next two weeks: do you want the mafia to strike at your character in any way? They could do anything from just trying to scare them to trying to ruin their livelihood. They could even do nothing at all, and just bide their time until later! (Everything here is totally optional.)
Meanwhile, how did the mafia know any of this? That there sure is a mystery. Someone from the Network must have leaked! Here's the place to plot possible investigations and ask questions.

Have at it!

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On June 24th in Las Vegas, Russel is going to perform a reprise of his first appearance in the manga. In which he went full-blown cackling villain and tried to kill Hamel by brainwashing a town into a single-minded mob.

Here's what we have so far: )
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Hello, StE! If I may have your brief attention.

John here just echoed back the ability of telepathy through touch! Which will take some time for him to get the hang of.

Because of the nature of that ability, I threw up a permissions post, so if you'd take a look at that and comment, that'd be fabulous.
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So, myself and a few others have been discussing this for awhile and I wanted to bring it up more publicly so everyone than just those on my plurk could see.

You see, I and a few others thought it'd be a neat idea for the kids of the game to form a certain kind of "club". This club would be all about the Network and wanting to help out and fight. Essentially, it's for those kids who want to do stuff more actively in fighting the aliens and the bad guys rather than being told to let the adults handle things. Think, kid superhero team, like Young Justice or Teen Titans.

Henry would bring up the idea of a club to people his age if only because this is stuff he's experienced in game so far. But, if and when he announces the idea he's firstly just going to ask to meet a bunch of the network kids to make "friends".

So after much blathering I get to what I need from the rest of you.

I want to know who else would be interested to have their kid characters in this little club. The max age for this group I'd say would be thirteen but otherwise just gimme the info and I'll start to set something up more official.

Just fill out the stuff below. And Note: these aren't like applications I'm not just going, okay you're accepted, but you're not. When you fill it out it means you're in. And they're not going to get booted out when they turn fourteen.

Let me know if you have any questions!