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If you can't go home, let home come to you!

Suggestions are closed.

In the context of an upcoming plot event, there will be a wonderful, unique chance for wonderful, unique echoes! Echoes so wonderful and unique indeed that we can only have a small amount of them, which brings us to the following: Between today and the 31st (7:00pm GMT), you will be able to submit what you would like your character(s) to pulse back; and then until the 5th, everyone will get to vote on which four of those proposed pulses shall become reality. The mods will pick between one and four additional ones of those proposals to round the whole thing off a bit, and then they will take effect over the course of a few weeks.

Now what kind of echoes are we talking about?
- HUGE ONES. More specifically: Buildings, forests, (parts of) mountains, and whatever else is immobile and large. Rules about the size of echoes are obviously suspended in this case, but we'll reserve the option to downsize things in one way or the other to make them workable.
- The echoes in question should carry some significance for the character who echoes them, but in this instance the degree of importance to the character is irrelevant: Living near/in the place or it having a moderately important position in one's life is enough. For example: Any Attack on Titan character could echo Wall Sina, any The Hobbit dwarf could echo the Lonely Mountain, any Pokemon character could echo a Pokecenter and any student of Hogwarts could echo any part of the school grounds.
- The echoes will be plot echoes and thus won't need a trigger; they will be available to characters in both Vegas and Locke.
- Please keep it to a maximum of two echo suggestions per character. In the end, a maximum of one echo per player will be granted (in case more than one echo of a player end up in the top four, the highest ranking one will be implemented).

Please peruse the form below:

Suggestions so far:
Batman: The Brave and the Bold | Hall of Justice
Bleach | Senkaimon
Danny Phantom | The Ghost Zone
Death Note | Wammy's House
Dokidoki Precure | Yotsuba Compound
Dragon Age | The Blooming Rose
Eternal Darkness | The Oublié Cathedral Old Tower & the catacombs
Generator Rex | Abysus
Golden Sun | Venus Lighthouse
Hatoful Boyfriend | St. Pigeonation's Academy
Heartcatch Precure | The Precure Palace
Hetalia | Suomenlinna
Kamen Rider W | The Narumi Detective agency slash billiard hall
Middle Earth | The Halls of the Woodland Realm
Middle Earth | Caras Galadhon, the Elven city in Lothlórien.
Middle Earth | The Lonely Mountain/Erebor
MS Gundam 00 | Orbital Elevator
Pandora Hearts | The Abyss
Tales of Symphonia | Torent Forest
Touhou Project | Scarlet Devil Mansion
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[personal profile] scramasax 2014-07-23 12:01 am (UTC)(link)
Player: Blue
Character: Anthony | Eternal Darkness
Echo: The Oublié Cathedral Old Tower - a chapel with two levels anyone was meant to see. To the left of the entrance of the main floor is a small meeting room which would be effectively a hundred percent empty when the chapel was Echoed, if it will be Echoed. In the front would be an empty coffin, optionally containing a corpse in a robe with its ribcage blasted open from the inside.

Also on the left directly from the entrance is a set of stairs leading to a study occupied by three desks and three bookshelves, full, lined with books, extremely dusty, in medieval Latin, and religious in content.

Moving one of the books on the middle shelf would cause the right one on the slide to open the way to a ladder leading below the main level to a couple levels of catacombs, stalked by skeletons and mummies. Also lumbering about someplace is a Horror - as well as dog-sized Trappers, the latter of which can canonically teleport living creatures to an escapable side-dimension with a "sting". Since that dimension hasn't been Echoed into existence, they wouldn't do anything but make agitated chirping sounds, flash green, and attempt to sting anyone making too much noise and/or stepping on one.

The catacombs would lead back through several torch-lined rooms decorated here 'n there with a spooky occult sensibility (there's a gargoylish baptismal font that appears to generate what may or may not just be badly tainted water), down another flight of stairs, and eventually, through a study full of mostly literally unreadable eldritch texts with a pressure plate panel in the back leading to a dead end at a small room with a candle-lined shrine of dubious nature. Also sitting here and there one'd be able to pick up one of three stone tablets

Prolonged exposure to and/or eye contact with the skeletons, mummies, or Horror will stress anyone going down into the catacombs to the point of vividly hallucinating (audiovisually and otherwise). How much they can take and how bad it'll get all depends on individual nerve and/or stability - but de-stressing (there's a character in canon who can boost his sanity at will by taking a swig from a flask) and/or finishing monsters off when they're downed relieves it some! The skeletons are weak; the mummies are somewhat stronger; the Horror's tough but can be brought down by sufficiently damaging all three of its eyes - if you can get close enough to do so, as it has wide reach with those claws and can channel corrosive sorta-energy bolts across the floor at targets, which also damage sanity. Cutting the head off a skeleton will both keep it from coming after you; a cutting any limbs off a mummy will leave a "ghost-limb" in its place, meaning one could cut off an arm and still be scratched or cut off a head and still be seen.

Mind you, it's logical to assume the effect of coming face to face with what are technically eldritch creatures from beyond the veil sticks with an entity from this plane we all know 'n love, and so it isn't a stretch to assume that even after the monsters are all wiped out, anyone who crossed paths with one will be prone to episodes of losing touch with reality under downright dire stress. If anyone wishes to assume so and/or play with it, that'd be optional but certainly up to them. 8|b

Why it would be great: Come, now, not everything an Echo can bring on has got to be completely convenient!

The catacombs would make a decent out-of-the-way base in their own right, and a secure one (maybe you've heard of that mythical place called the Couuurt of Miracles), given that they've got a good number of chambers and amount of space and only one small not-explicitly-obvious entrance, but they would be far from a packaged-and-ready-to-use one! If a small bit of exploration/messing with characters/let's-pretend-to-be-Lovecraft-protagonists wouldn't be the opposite of anyone's idea of an enjoyable time, it'd be just a bit extra to play with. And it'd still have some "flavor" when and if it's cleared out by virtue of its content and decor. In fact, it needn't even be cleared out entirely - without the Trapper Dimension, the Trappers are completely harmless.

The chapel itself, meanwhile, is a plain old reasonably nice chapel, not taking the catacombs into account.

The legitimate books might just be worth money if nothing else, as well, if anything could prove or vouch for authenticity, and as for the assorted eldritch texts and what-have-yous, again, they'd add a bit of flavor, and possibly be something to further fool around with and wring something out of with a bit of brainstorming.

I'd be delighted to elaborate on or attempt to explain anything - or to brainstorm things as was stated, if it's chosen!
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