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State of Locke City | Network reminder


It's now been several months since the Wise Snake incident destroyed portions of Locke City. In order for players to have a better idea of what their characters are experiencing, this post is to give a quick overview of rebuilding progress in the city.

As a general note, the farther from the bulk of the fighting in downtown Locke, the fewer repairs and cleanup needed to be done. The city's rebuilding efforts focused largely on getting the roads clear and repaved where necessary; by now all of that work is mostly done. There is still visible damage around the epicenter of the battle, but things are generally in working order - if not particularly picturesque. The FBI's mecha division is working out of a Locke City University outbuilding, including a portion of the building being regulated specifically for agent training. (This means characters will see a few FBI officers around the area of LCU most of the time.)

Locke City is, however, populated in part by our players, so this post is also here for players to provide specific information about the state of local businesses and establishments their characters are involved with.

Here's a simple guideline form for an idea of what might be useful for other players to know!


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Espresso Yourself- The old and the new

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There was a coffee shop, Espresso Yourself. It was absolutely leveled during Wise Snake, not by the monster itself, but by Alan in Titan form. The thread is here, just cause.

The old location is basically a scar on the land but the business model was purchased, moved several blocks away from the old location, and rebuilt, opening on May 9. There are some notable differences, but basically what people should be aware of is that the original location is destroyed and it's rebuilt somewhere else under different management. Incidentally it was also recently vandalized but was up and running again in less than a week. This business just can't catch a break but it sure is establishing a track record for being impossible to keep down.

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LSR clinic, which had been absolutely packed immediately after the Wise Snake disaster, got through the majority of its emergency patientload in mid-June, and for the past three weeks has been operating at roughly normal. They've gotten a fair bit of money from the disaster and have been able to keep the place looking a bit nicer than usual.

Details here.