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Concerning endgame: The invasion and beyond


For the final CR/plot meme, please go here
For the returnee registration, please go here.


A lot of things are happening at once. This is intentionally so - people are supposed to split up, so pick and choose! That you have to limit the involvement of your character to a reasonable amount is a rule.

Day 1: A snake! OOC date: 29th of April
Day 2: An invasion! OOC date: May 5th
Day 3.1: The invasion spills and a counterinvasion! IC date: May 10th
Day 3.2 - For those people that are GOING TO SPACE IC date: May 16th
Day 4: Now the day is over, night is drawing nigh IC date: May 22th-24th

More information and a description of the invasion can be found here.


You are still welcome to submit this form for your characters, if you haven't done so yet. As per the poll's results, this will be decided OOCly. For the purpose of tallying resources to determine how well the numbered will do in defending Earth and maybe even overcoming the Enemy's mastermind, but also to coordinate what goes down, please comment to this thread using the following format:

Mods may comment to your comment with alteration requests or options for how your cahracter could get involved, but if we don't that doesn't mean that we haven't seen it/are mean, it just means that it is fine as it is. We will try to let everyone do what they want, but please understand that we might shuffle things around a bit if too many people are trying to do the same thing. Please also refer to the FAQ below and the General Questions thread if you need more information to fill in the form.


The successor game will start the day after StE closes. LexiL has volunteered to look into running a post-StE game in the spirit of this discussion. Please go to her thread here to discuss the nature of such a game further, she definitely would like everyone's opinions and also help, if someone would give it.


The start of the invasion has been moved to the 29th. Here is a poll that will be open until the 9th. The thing that is up to voting is if the start of the invasion (currently scheduled for the 15th) should be pushed back to the 19th or 28th. Everything up to the 11th would stay exactly the same; the only change is that there would be a bit more time to wrap up plot relevant threads before the invasion and to explore Tokyo.

During the invasion, every IC day will last multiple OOC days.


As per the poll's results, dropped characters will be allowed to return for the invasion. If you wish to bring back a character or know someone who wants to bring their character back, please make sure that the character gets registered here.


The continued existence of the Animals is crucial to how well defended the echo areas, which are the only gateways to Earth that the aliens have, are. An area with an entirely unharmed Animal will be easy to defend, an area with a deceased Animal will be near impossible to defend.

Wise Snake (Locke City): Both Wise Snake and the smaller snakes are deceased.
Crablobster (Las Vegas): Deceased.
Silent Swan (Neuschwanstein Area): Please tell us if the swan itself is still alive here. Silent Swan is unharmed. Wolpertinger and Doppelgänger are still alive for the most part.
Santa Claus (Lapland): The main Santa is unharmed, but a number of the minor santas/grinches are deceased.
Mushroom (Christmas Island): Alive, but rendered unable to fight due to a glass roof covering it. The minor fungi are still mostly alive.
Deep Blue (Galapagos Islands): Alive.
Cousin Itt (Central London): Damaged, but alive.
The Swarm (Santarem, Amazonas): Please tell us if damage has occurred here. Slightly decimated but mostly intact. Core alive.
Kappa (Tokyo City): Will be added once we know.
Jörmungandr (space): Alive.

How strong are the enemy soldiers? Strong. Think something like a boss fight on medium to hard mode, for every single one of them (think Darth Vader to your Luke or a Balrog to your Gandalf). The Enemy's intelligence will adjust the strength of their soldiers to their opponent's to a degree and send stronger soldiers the way of stronger characters. Their strength lies in: Speed, durability, strength and one special power - that can be superspeed or telekinesis or any other superpower.
Can the enemy soldiers combat my special power X? Yes and no. They come in groups of hundred, and every group has a different ability. If your character is lucky, they will not immediately run into a group whose abilities negates your character's special ability X, but they are coordinated well and will send a group who can to their place as soon as they figure it out. Example: Your character can summon ghosts that are invincible because they are intangible. After that registers with the Enemy's troops, they'll send an unit your character's way that can make intangible things tangible, so after the ghosts took out a number of soldiers they'll suddenly encounter opponents who can kill them.
My character can go to space!/Can I my character fight the spaceships? EXCELLENT. Once Jörmungandr has shown up, they will able to fly up in a straight line until they hit the outer parts of the atmosphere and then fly all the way around the planet at that altitude. They should however be careful to not leave the echo boundaries. And yes, they can fight the spaceships. The ships are armed! Their guns are strong enough to hurt the serpent in the sky (which has a similarly hard to pierce hide as Wise Snake and the Crablobster). On the flip side, the spaceships are as stable as an average Star Trek/Star Wars/etc ship with its shields down. Good metal, but nothing supernatural.
How will the Animals (and their smaller parts, like doppelgänger, santas and wolpertingers) react to my character? Not at all. They battle the Enemy's troops without paying attention to what they might wreck or kill in the way, but won't attack anyonething from Earth, either.
What will doppelgängers do once the invasion starts? Once the invasion happens, the Silent Swan part will take over the doppelgänger's brains/actions insofar as they will see only one goal: Defend Earth, and specifically the Neuschwanstein echo boundary, at all cost. What the rest of their personality does with that goal is up to the players. This means that they should be found in the Neuschwanstein area as that is what their purpose is, but there is a bit wiggle room if there are other factors (mind control by a third source, being imprisoned, etc).
Can my character talk to the invaders? Yes! Some may even express regret about their wrecking havoc, but do it anyway, because staying true to their orders conquers all other considerations.
RETURNEES - Will my character receive any echoes upon having their echoes return? No! BUT they will witness Jörmungandr's pink light, so they can have a tier 2 right upon entering the game. They can also receive recurrence echoes throughout the invasion. Please request your character's echoes on the echo page just like you did while they were in the game!

Please direct questions regarding any of the above to the thread below and not the post in general. Please do not use this post for plotting among yourselves and go to the final CR/plot meme instead.
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[personal profile] dragon_blossom 2015-04-05 05:55 pm (UTC)(link)
Character: Marina Santana | [personal profile] dragon_blossom
Capabilities: On the ground, Marina has relatively (usual combatant magical girl levels of durability) magical armor, a magical sword, spells powerful enough to slay strong monsters of your usual JRPG/fantasy anime setting, and the skill to use it all effectively.

More importantly, Marina can turn Seles into his giant robot form and ride him. Depending on what echoes I manage to put in for, she should at least be able to cast much larger, stronger versions of her spells through him. He's extremely durable and fast; if I get flight, he'll have that too. Marina doesn't have much in the way of other resources or knowledge, just combat ability, and a decent knack for coordinating in a fight.
What role(s) would/could they play: Marina will likely be best suited to combat. As was discussed, the telekinetic brigades are the most effective enemies against her, so I'll plan for someone to bail her out if she gets pinned down. From there, she'll likely be using the fact that Seles can naturally enter and leave mech form at will to launch hit-and-run attacks on alien forces.
Location: Not sure yet. Likely Locke, but she's most likely to follow the Precure wherever they go, although she's quite willing to follow the fight to one other spot that needs more backup.
Options for others: Seles is a big ol' mech, and her control over its fine motor skills should be enough to carry one person in either hand safely.
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[personal profile] alilyinthemoonslight 2015-04-05 06:20 pm (UTC)(link)
Character: Lily Tsukuyomi | [personal profile] alilyinthemoonslight
Capabilities: Lily has the ability to transform into Cure Moonlight, and subsequent super forms. Super strength, agility, durability, flight, beamspam, ability to summon a giant woman to punch the hell out of things, ability to TURN INTO a giant woman to punch the hell out of things once I do those echoes.

A Precure's power has a purifying effect, as well. Those with dark, violent, aggressive, or evil ambitions can be cleansed into a good and pure soul. This is the means of disposing of monsters most of the time in Heartcatch, but has shown to affect both normal people if they get caught in it, or outright villains in the course of the series. There's wiggle room for how that would work, precisely, if at all anywhere.

...oh, and yeah. She can - or will be able to - function fully in the vacuum of space.

What role(s) would/could they play: Whatever she can do - primarily suited for combat, if given the opportunity to try and talk down any of the aliens (as was discussed in the plotting post) she WILL take it. All of the Precure have shown interest in the things that were brought up there, pertaining to that and their ability to purify, so there's that too.

Location: Likely starting in Locke, but with the ability to spread out pretty liberally. Lily will stick with the Precure as much as humanly possible, as their powers are stronger in combination, and well. Fiancee, sister, friends. Through the Heartcatch Mirage, she has the ability to teleport between Echo Zones freely, so there is a large bit of "being able to cover wherever they need to/can."

Options for others: That whole... teleporting thing! People who are not Precure can make use of her portals! Beyond that, will be ready to do the standard superhero magical girl rescuing thing where needed!

As well, the Great Heart Tree and its ability to create Precure is a thing that exists - though I think we don't have many more "powerless pure hearted young girls" floating around here.
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[personal profile] oncedevil 2015-04-05 06:52 pm (UTC)(link)
Character: Anthony Sparado | [personal profile] oncedevil
Capabilities: BATTLE READY, rapid healing and extreme durability make him very difficult to kill, and inhuman strength and speed. He has fully leveled Trickster Style which allows for a great amount of maneuverability and avoidance, as well as a short range teleport. He has Rebellion his sword and Ebony and Ivory, his specialty guns that can fire rapidly and survive the pressure he puts on them. Emergency Devil Trigger, if taken too close to death he'll hulk out and slaughter whatever threat happens to be nearby. Unfortunately it doesn't last long and tends to leave him pretty worn out after. Not to mention the battle-lust he's going to be allowed to let go full bore during this. Gonna be one happy devil.

He also has some pretty great hunter instincts for hunting down specific targets if necessary. Will update if any other helpful echoes happen along the way.
What role(s) would/could they play: Largely combat, though some evacuation whenever the chance arose. He'd also be trying and probably failing miserably at keeping the government from bombing Kappa, because he can't speak Japanese and can really only do the beach equivalent of tying himself to a tree and protesting. Still, he's a very difficult to kill heavy-hitter, so the invaders will be his main priority.
Location: Tokyo for the final invasion.
Options for others: Tony is pretty difficult to pin down, and could work well for picking off specific targets. He could also be pretty useful in evacuation or rescue needs. He's very capable for both close and ranged combat.
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[personal profile] scarlet_devil 2015-04-05 08:34 pm (UTC)(link)
Character: Emilia Stacojiu | [personal profile] scarlet_devil
Capabilities: Very tough, regenerates quickly and has an array of abilities useful for combat, including superhuman strength, speed, hearing and the ability to fly. She can also take mist form and become a small flock of bats, and mesmerise people into obeying her. She's harmed by ultra-violet light (hence the parasol), silver, can be incapacitated by garlic and immobilized if her heart is impaled and kept impaled. While she can create more vampires, I don't know if she can pass on her powers or not. Maybe some NPC vampires with regen and superstrength?
What role(s) would/could they play: This girl? She's COMBAT READY. With Gungnir, her powers and a worrying lack of squeamishness, she'd fit this best. She's not likely to show the invaders mercy, and will shoot to kill, basically.
Location: She'll most likely start in Las Vegas, but her speed means she can get around quickly to Locke and elsewhere. She'll most certainly be helping out other Las Vegas based Numbered, though!
Options for others: She's fast, hard to pin down and can shift large bits of rubble aside where rescue from fallen buildings is needed. Oh, if anyone needs someone mesmerised, she can do that too.
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[personal profile] chalicejoker 2015-04-05 09:46 pm (UTC)(link)
Character: Hajime Aikawa | [personal profile] chalicejoker
Capabilities: He's got his full range of canon horrible monster combat abilities, the most notable of whilch are his transformation to the Joker Undead and Kamen Rider Chalice: Wild Form. The latter is his canon ultimate fighting form, and he's well suited just to punching and kicking the hell out of things until they explode. Sometimes he uses fancy wind-based attacks or energy scythe attacks for this. He's got pretty much all of his combat abilities back now, and he is also immortal and does not need to sleep. He also heals quickly, and since his canon self was essentially a monster who existed only to fight, is very hard to slow down when he gets started.
What role(s) would/could they play: He's going to be best suited to combat, and he'll heavily favor that option. The one exception is that he's going to try to use his status as the mysterious "Lord of the Bugmen" in order to gain entrance to the discussion in Tokyo in an attempt to talk them out of killing the kappa. I'm planning on having this be the point at which his secret identity as the Lord of the Bugmen is blown out of the water. Once that's taken care of, he'll get right to fighting the aliens.
Location: He's going to be most heavily invested in protecting Locke and Tokyo. He's got family in and around both places.
Options for others: He'd be most effective in a group of fighters where everyone could watch everyone else's backs, and someone could call him back to Earth if he starts to lose himself in horrible monster fighting instincts. He can't really share his powers, but he can try to protect others who aren't as strong as he is.

Character: Arthur Curry/Aquaman | [personal profile] italktofish
Capabilities: He is basically unstoppable in the water, and he's got a jetpack and a magic trident that make him a force to be reckoned with on the land. He can breathe water, has super strength, and has a thick enough hide that he is somewhat damage-resistant. I just submitted some Echo requests that will also get him a little more combat skill as well as an immunity to natural toxins.
What role(s) would/could they play: I have nothing planned for him. He'll be drawn to combat for the OUTRAGEOUS ADVENTURE, but he'd also be really good at rescue efforts if there was any flooding involved. Gotta save people!
Location: Arthur isn't married to any location in particular but will be drawn towards places with a lot of water, for he can do the most damage there.
Options for others: If anything happens in the water, he can marshal whales and dolphins and things to assist in the offensive--if someone wants to go riding into glorious battle on a whale, he can make that happen.

Character: Torin | [personal profile] radiantchicken
Capabilities: Right now, he can fly, fire blasts of golden energy from his hands, fight with a sword (that can be summoned to his side from wherever), perform an anime-style finishing attack with said sword, induce infatuation in unwary bystanders (likely a one-shot that would need recharging), and induce dizziness in unwary bystanders (also likely a one-shot that would need recharging). He can also transform into a Power Ranger Kyoryu Silver, the Radiant Hero, and fight in that capacity.If the Echoes I just submitted go through, his robot dinosaur, Bragigas, will grow to canon size and regain his canon ability to change forms into Bragi-Oh, a humanoid fighting machine. Bragi-Oh is skyscraper-sized and capable of doing a lot of damage.
What role(s) would/could they play: He'd ideally want to engage in giant robot combat against any enemy big guns through using Bragigas against them. He's also open for diplomacy and ground-level combat as needed. I'm not really married to anything definite for him yet, though I'd really like a chance to use Bragigas in the last battle.
Location: Bragigas's range of movement means he will likely favor Locke City and the surrounding areas. On his own, he can cover a wider area.
Options for others: He doesn't need help piloting Bragigas, but anyone else on board who can provide a positive melody and reserve bravery would probably be a plus. For ground-level operations, he can fly and offer support with his Beast Batteries.

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[personal profile] peacefulwinter 2015-04-06 12:01 am (UTC)(link)
Character: Winter Adamas | [personal profile] peacefulwinter
Capabilities: Winter has three powersets that make a difference to the fight against the aliens.
  • For general combat, she can become Cure Diamond (as she has been for over a year now) and gain enhanced strength, durability, and speed. She's also still got her ice powers, and they include purification capabilities; she hasn't had a chance to try them out, but she knows they're there. Together with Lily (and, by endgame, possibly also Rakka and/or Jasmine, but not any other Precure, even canon ones, because there won't be time to run plot prerequisites), she can become Super Cure Diamond, who can fly and is even stronger and tougher. She can also go into space like this, which brings up my other point...
  • As Super Cure Diamond, Winter can go into space and fight things! She'll be a little small to make terribly much of a difference against spaceships, but it's a power she has. The real draw here, though, is the Infinity Silhouette, a form that gives the girls "infinite" power through infinite love coursing through them. It's the size of a small moon, and is capable of rapid, perfect movement in space, along with powerful melee attacks that also have purification capabilities.
  • Winter is going to burn one of her pink-light Tier 2 Echoes on one big wallop of a final gambit: the Miracle Bouquet Lights. They're little LED magical lights on pink sticks, tipped with an ornate piece of clear plastic. These allow non-Numbered to cheer on heroes (normally the Precure, but it'll end up being whoever they're thinking of at the time) and give them more power! This'll mostly get used to help prop up the girls when they're in trouble, but there are... other ideas, too. (I'll talk more about this below.)

    What role(s) would/could they play: Winter has access to a lot of roles! She's well-suited to combat, given her durability and specialized powers, but she's also good for talking people down, or helping to get people moving. No specific power set is useful against her, so she'll be flitting around and trying to support as many people as she can. This'll also be the catalyst for her to realize that at least a couple of people look to her for orders, and it'll finally make her the pink Cure leader she's been destined to be since she first took student council office two years ago. Winter's goal is to end the invasion with as little bloodshed as possible, so if she gets wind of ways to stop it without fighting, or even to have a shot at talking to the Enemy's leader and trying to end things through diplomacy, she'll be all over it.
    Location: Winter and Lily are going to be spreading out as they're needed; they can jump between Echo zones largely at will. They'll be starting in Locke because that's where they live, but that won't last forever. The girls are space-capable, so they may be among the few characters spending time in orbit, also.

    Options for others: There are two ways Winter will be useful to other characters! There are things here that can help characters Winter isn't physically near, so everyone should look at this! I'll cross-post some of this to the plot post.
  • One is her usual thing of being everywhere and helping in combat as best she can. She's coming off a grave wound, so she's going to be a little more careful, but she'll slip and take big risks more and more as the invasion goes on. She'll be looking to help in minor ways, too; one of my plans is for her to make a multi-foot-thick dome of ice to help protect civilians that can't leave Locke, among other things. There's the whole teleportation thing, too; the girls make portals anyone can use.
  • The other is the Miracle Bouquet Lights, which are not technically her, but it's close enough. Anyone with a Light - Winter's going to Echo back a large wooden crate of them, and they're maybe as wide as a AA battery, and about twice as long - can use it to help any character, not just the Precure. The user in question need only wave it through the air and wish for a particular person's (or persons') success. Energy produced by the Lights is, individually, not very strong. But the Lights are designed to bring entire towns, cities, regions, and countries together to help heroes save the day. The Lights can work more than once, too. An entire world's worth of Lights is enough to revive a defeated Precure team, give them a new form, and empower an absurd special attack; a group of supporters will be enough to revitalize a character and improve their abilities, or maybe soup up a special attack. Just keep in mind that there's no time for the Numbered to use them during combat - they're designed for NPCs and non-combat Numbered to have a way to help.
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    [personal profile] alderaanda 2015-04-06 02:33 am (UTC)(link)
    Character: Julien | [personal profile] espigeonage
    Capabilities: O-kay!

    Julien is an enormous pigeon. He's a very fast and agile flyer but can't carry a full-sized person, and he can strike with his wings hard enough to kill a human pretty easily (at very close range). His voice can be loud and carry well. This guy is one of the most well-known, recognizable, and well-regarded Numbered. He likes people and makes himself easy to like, and has various contacts in the media and government of Locke, the Neushwanstein Area, and Christmas Island. Even though he comes off as harmless and kinda silly he's not totally without respect. The unusually large intelligent but non-sentient pigeons in Locke respect him. He also has field-medic capabilities.

    Also! He's regained most of Yuuya's spy abilities and could pick up the others, being very quiet and curiously hard to notice at times, hacking/unlocking skills, erm... unarmed combat, could echo some guns from the bird future. Also he could walk in someone's dreams but that's tough to set up.

    What role(s) would/could they play: man idk. He'll go smash or otherwise open the dome placed around the Christmas Island mushroom the first chance he gets. Other than that? I don't know, scouting? rallying? he could help evacuate.

    Location: I don't know! Locke, Neuschwanstein, and Christmas Island are the places where he's spent the most time but I could easily see him trying to help in Vegas. Or elsewhere, but he knows the terrain there pretty well.
    Options for others: I'm afraid he doesn't have anything for that!

    Character: Nat/Tash | [personal profile] alderaanda
    Capabilities: Nat has become familiar with the Ghost Zone and ways in and out of it. She has a danger sense and a shield power that might keep her alive for a while.

    As Tash, well! She could have a lightsaber and is a good fighter(...couldn't take Darth Vader though). She might echo a strong stationary shield that could protect a small room's worth of space. The Force can give her sudden psychic insights on anything the plot demands, which is how that is usually used. She can mind trick people who don't like each other into fighting or at least failing to guard each other. And there's telekineis.

    She also has an X-Wing starfighter and could echo back her skill in it and enough Jedi mojo to be a spectacular pilot. The Incom T-65 X-Wing is a gloriously versatile machine with a balance of speed, maneuverability, and defensive shielding that should be useful. The four turbolasers have a functionally unlimited number of uses and there are six proton torpedos. It's also possible to eject and drift back to the ground.

    What role(s) would/could they play: Ship-to-ship could work! Otherwise Tash has a tendency to go where she shouldn't be able to and help avert crises after they get bad but before they go overwhelming, but idk.
    Location: She's London-based but is often elsewhere.
    Options for others: Tash has a few other ships - Starfly One (truck-sized yellow thing with a tractor beam and a weak laser) and The Shroud, a somewhat larger ship (think Millennium Falcon) which is of a model famous for being armed, but isn't in canon. Starfly is bitty and only moderately sturdy, Shroud is very sturdy and has powerful shields. And an escape pod.

    Giving someone else her lightsaber is also a possibility. what if it was made with a silmaril in it

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    charcoalfeather: (Is that heaven?)

    [personal profile] charcoalfeather 2015-04-06 09:31 pm (UTC)(link)
    Character: Rakka Yoshitoshi | [personal profile] charcoalfeather
    Capabilities: Possesses the ability to turn into Cure Feather, a Precure. This form gives her super strength, agility, durability, flight, and a range of beam attacks. She can also access her silhouette form, which raised her power levels even more.

    As a Precure, Rakka possesses the ability to purify enemies. In the Precure universe, this is used to defeat monsters and return them to their original forms. This can also be, and has been, used against other humans, mainly villains though, which can possibly purify them, depending on a few things.

    What role(s) would/could they play: She can be all over the place, honestly. As a Precure, Rakka can go into combat with her friends, and possibly be support for other combatants. It's very likely that she'll try to talk to the enemies too, if she can. As the heiress of a large corporation in Japan, she'll also be going to Tokyo to try and stop them from killing the Kappa. When that's over, she'll join in the main fight.

    Location: She'll be sticking around Tokyo and Locke mostly. She has family in one place, and friends and loved ones in the other, so protecting both will be....
    a bit difficult.

    Options for others: She's going to be sticking with Allstar Precure, but she'll be around, helping just about anyone she can in the fight. She's still relatively new as Precure go, so there may be slip ups.

    She's also rich, and can possibly arrange for transportation if someone needs it.
    elfstoned: (Default)

    [personal profile] elfstoned 2015-04-06 11:32 pm (UTC)(link)
    Character: Aaron Strider | [personal profile] elfstoned
    Capabilities: Legendary swordfighting skill, horsemanship, ability to command an army of ghosts, ability to hear what's going on around him in the ground, field medicine/first aid. He's very familiar with Locke City and the individuals who live in the poorer part of town. He's got some money put away but it's not limitless. He might be able to get some people he knows, even the ones from the gangs, fighting back against the aliens. He also has a ton of athelas everywhere around the city.
    What role(s) would/could they play: Combat. He'd be interested in talking to the enemies, and he will be killing more in self defense than anything else. He has his ghost army, but that'll be counteracted by the Enemy eventually and only be so effective. I'd like him to rally the people still in Locke City. What are his chances of getting into and blowing up the spaceship that landed in Locke? Will that do anything to disrupt enemy communications to the Locke troops?
    Location: My plan is for Locke City, though if he needs to move, he can.
    Options for others: If I get the go-ahead to blow up the Locke ship, companions there would be A++.

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    dead_black_eyes: "Yellow Flicker Beat" (They used to shout my name)

    [personal profile] dead_black_eyes 2015-04-07 03:40 am (UTC)(link)
    Character: Lazarus "L" Lawliet | [personal profile] dead_black_eyes
    Capabilities: L's intelligent and capable and his chess skills extend to the real world; he's excellent at gathering and coordinating efforts and uniting them toward a cause. He has a helicopter and can pilot it. Though he lacks physical strength, he's a skilled martial artist and has an ice stave that was made for him by Nathaniel. He has locations that can be used for a distraction (the media magnet and known local Numbered hub Espresso Yourself) and the more discreet Willow Ridge Boarding Academy, where he has assembled an intelligence center with televisions and computers tracking the progress of world events and his surveillance cameras. The teleporter is also in this location. L's good at networking; he his CR spans across social circles and many characters trust him. He speaks Russian, Japanese, German, American Sign Language, Hebrew, Greek, and Sicilian Italian, and some Mandarin Chinese. He's also a skilled hacker and forgery artist, and is adept at gathering remote intelligence. He has a comprehensive knowledge of "advanced interrogation techniques," but he also has some experience speaking frankly with official leaders with the goal of resolving problems. He has around a million dollars to throw around.
    What role(s) would/could they play: L is ready and set for surveillance and mission control. I also have him signed up to go to Japan and talk to officials on the Numbered's behalf. He's no good in combat but can offer Willow Ridge as a shelter with food, blankets and medical supplies for wounded Numbered and doctors to convene at.
    Location: He's based in Locke and has been for the entire game. ALL of his resources are there, but he wants to go to Japan, so he will be there for a significant part of this.
    Options for others: He has a helicopter and a Bentley, a coffee shop, and a school that contains a lot of computers, TVs and chairs. The teleporter is also there! He's also generous with the pile of cash that just dropped into his lap, for as long as it's worth anything.
    Edited 2015-04-07 03:41 (UTC)
    gogoghostpowers: (Default)

    [personal profile] gogoghostpowers 2015-04-07 07:23 am (UTC)(link)
    Character: Danny Fenton/Cure Phantom | [personal profile] gogoghostpowers
    Capabilities: A lunatic with mad amounts of superpowers. Flight, invisibility, intangibility, possession, energy blasts, energy shields, super strength, super durability, and an attack called a "ghostly wail" that's basically a godawful noise that wrecks everything in a two-block radius. He's an offensive juggernaut.

    He can also spread many of these powers to others--he can turn others invisible or intangible, which means he's also good for defense in emergencies! He can also carry others quite easily while flying so those who are stuck on land can get a lift if needed.

    Also he doesn't need to breathe and technically isn't alive in ghost form, so he can happily go about his day underwater or in space.

    What role(s) would/could they play: Combat most likely, but if needed he'll do whatever needs to get done. He's got a versatile skillset and he'll use it however is best.
    Location: Locke for sure, as it's likely going to be the first hit (or one of the first hits), but he will also cover Vegas and possibly Neuschwanstein.
    Options for others: He can fly you around and offer invisibility/intangibility help to anyone he needs it--whether that means escaping something or sneaking around the aliens better!

    Character: Jovan Burzek | [personal profile] grannyfucker
    Capabilities: Uh, well, he's immortal. So, y'know, he can be pretty reckless, he don't much care.

    Otherwise, he's got magic. Right now I've got an echo request pending that would allow him to materialize fairly small items (anything he can hold in his arms). This means he could pop out first aid kit after first aid kit, or gun after gun, or fuckin' rubber chickens to strangle the aliens with, whatever you want he can make it. Assuming he knows what it is and it's not too big, anyway.

    What role(s) would/could they play: Evacuation efforts and providing supplies to victims as well as other people involved in the fight!
    Location: Vegas would be his primary station, followed by maybe checking in on Locke to ensure his dad is safe.
    Options for others: Assuming the echo request goes through: if you need something, Jovan can make it for you. He might be gross about it (I can't guarantee he won't literally pull it out of his ass) but if you need something, he can get it to you.
    knights_king: (Default)

    Re: The invasion's outcome

    [personal profile] knights_king 2015-04-07 05:25 pm (UTC)(link)
    Character: Arthur York | [personal profile] knights_king
    Capabilities: Arthur is basically superhuman in terms of speed, power and reflex. He has a sword that can turn into pure heat and light which works on a grand scale. It essentially burns so hot that it atomizes things in its path. The range of the sword's attack is considered 'anti-fortress', which means he can obliterate massive targets larger than buildings. Canonly, Excalibur destroyed a giant fortress-ship piloted by an enemy servant and also evaporated an entire flood engulfing a city. On top of this, if Arthur takes a role as a leader, anyone following him will gain a large power boost. He also has a form of precognition, which alerts him to changes on the battlefield and warns him of dangerous enemy attacks. He also has a riding ability, which allows him to instinctively pilot/ride/drive pretty much anything regardless of experience. He ALSO possesses a sheathe which can protect himself and others close to him by separating them into a separate dimension.
    What role(s) would/could they play: Combat, leading troops!
    Location: Anywhere he's needed! He loves Locke, but he'll go to where it's the worst.
    Options for others: I'm up for suggestions!
    Edited 2015-04-07 17:26 (UTC)
    waltharius: (inside)

    [personal profile] waltharius 2015-04-08 03:30 am (UTC)(link)
    Character: Walter Price | [personal profile] waltharius
    Capabilities: Expertise in archery and horsemanship to INSANE LEVELS, like, 'can stand on the horse at full gallop and still shoot accurately' levels. Mediocre skill with a sword. Other abilities as of the London Incident = insane durability at the cost of physical exhaustion/basically feeling like garbage.

    MAJOR ISSUE IS HIS POSSESSION THING, which I hope to work out If he (somehow) is Dormin-free by Invasion Time, he's considerably weaker and more vulnerable, but feeling 100% less awful.

    What role(s) would/could they play: Combat to an extent, maybe an attempt at diplomacy.
    Location: Locke primarily, as it is his home, but he'd be willing to help in London still if it needs it, since he's kind of responsible for it getting flattened. If not London, another major location that needs support
    Options for others: HE ALSO HAS A FUCKING WARHORSE I refuse to let die. She shares his insane durability. Riding her is an option, as is using a couple of his power-ups (EXPLODING ARROWS, invisibility poncho, etc).
    darkhourdear: (Pharos [Trick up my sleeve])

    [personal profile] darkhourdear 2015-04-08 03:54 am (UTC)(link)
    Character: Phillip Santorini | [personal profile] darkhourdear
    Capabilities: Phillip can talk people's ear off and is cute. Other than that, he is immortal, can turn into a giant monster with a sword, and can deal a lot of heavy damage (usually to one foe at a time but he has a few things that can do multiples). He will probably most be settling on monster form for most of this, considering his parents don't know about the whole Numbered thing.
    What role(s) would/could they play: Probably mostly combat, he looks a little scary for evacuation when transformed but he could probably do that... he also likes talking to people, but that doesn't anyone will listen to him.
    Location: Realistically, Phillip is best suited for Locke. However, depending on whether other people go (mostly Toushirou and Hajime), he could be moved.
    Options for others: Phillip turns into a giant monster with a sword. He can probably carry someone if they need the help.
    Edited 2015-04-08 03:55 (UTC)
    solvethepuzzle: (Satisfaction)

    [personal profile] solvethepuzzle 2015-04-08 06:44 am (UTC)(link)
    Character: Nathan Brooks (Near) | [personal profile] solvethepuzzle
    Capabilities: Nathan is a wimp.

    Ahem. Nathan is a skilled hacker and will be fluent in Japanese by the time the finale goes down. While he's no doctor, he actually does have some medical knowledge and could help out a bit with wounded people. He's been gaining some confidence lately and may be capable of talking with leaders to some extent (though this is not a guarantee). Despite his timid nature and fear of violence, Nathan is actually very good at keeping his cool during intense situations -- because he shuts off emotionally, but it still counts -- and might be able to keep a base of operations organized.
    What role(s) would/could they play: He isn't terribly good for a lot besides mission control. Whether he can talk to enemies depends hugely on his confidence levels and I'm not sure they'd be up to par in time. He can provide limited medical help to the wounded.
    Location: He'll want to stick mostly to his weird little adopted family, which will probably mean Locke and most specifically Willow Ridge. That said, he's going to be among those who are going to Tokyo to convince the government that bombing the kappa is a bad idea. If he's convinced he can do some good there (regarding relief or co-ordination efforts or whatnot), he might stay there for a good share of the time.
    Options for others: I . . . don't quite know what to put here since Nathan doesn't have a ton of skills or resources. If anyone might need the hacker skills for some reason, or maybe a quick little bit of patching up, he's good for that and will do what he can. But that's about all I can think of.
    bythewaves: (Default)

    [personal profile] bythewaves 2015-04-09 12:50 pm (UTC)(link)
    Character: Arnold/Maglor | [personal profile] bythewaves
    Capabilities: At the moment nada combat-wise, although at some point I want to give him his elven music back ala Luthien breaking towers via singing and fighting epic rap battles and putting evil to sleep (look I didn't write this okay). OTHERWISE the guy is filthy rich and has both a private chopper and a private jet. Be nice if I could swing his sword skills back too |D
    What role(s) would/could they play: Arnold will be mostly useful for evaucation and getting folk in and out, smoothing the way via cash etc. THEORETICALLY if he gets his music back he can also (1) cast sleep spells (2) break towers (3) cast disguise spells (4) fight epic song battles (look Tolkien's world is weird). If I can manage his sword skills back too the guy is a dual-wielder and a tad berserkerish and Arnold will be focused pretty much exclusively on protecting his friends and family.
    Location: Arnold's mostly based in Locke, but he knows how to use the teleporter and is likely to follow wherever his family or friends go. His dopple is still around, too, if people want Benedict
    Options for others: I DUNNO JUST DRAG ARNOLD ALONG
    icy_heavens: (Bankai)

    [personal profile] icy_heavens 2015-04-10 02:27 am (UTC)(link)
    Character: Toushirou Hitsugaya | [personal profile] icy_heavens
    Capabilities: Ooooh-kay . . .

    While he might not be space capable, he is flight-capable and would still be able to intercept some ships before they land. He has a spell that can blow shit up and also a high-level barrier spell that could repel some attacks. He can move at speeds that border on teleportation, is an expert swordsman, and can generate ice. Through his sword, he can create powerful ice dragons that can freeze/pulverize most things they hit. Also through is sword, he can boost up his available spiritual power by a lot and generate ice wings, claws, and a tail over himself. All of these are fully functional and he can regenerate them so long as there is water in the area. Furthermore, when in his final release state (which is with the ice wings and the tail and such), he can control the weather (specifically all atmospheric water) within two miles. ON TOP OF THAT . . . he's immune to cold-based effects and he is extremely durable; he can take a lot of damage and still keep fighting.

    There will probably be more later when I decide firmly on some Echoes, but as of the moment, that's what he's got.

    As for non-combat related, he may be a kid but he's got kind of a natural leader thing going. There's a chance that people might listen to him when he tells them to do things, which could be useful in evacuation efforts or something.

    What role(s) would/could they play: He is primarily suited for combat and he knows it. He will pretty much be leaving evacuation efforts to those more suited for that and he's definitely not the sort that does well from a political or diplomatic angle. This kid is build for fighting -- both close-range and long-range, both ground-level and aerial.
    Location: He will definitely start in Locke, simply because that's where he lives. But he'll eventually hit Vegas to shore up some support there.
    Options for others: Toushirou can fly and thus be able to bail some people out of trouble or get them to better strategic locations if they need it. He has a barrier spell and his ice generation capabilities could help set up some safe havens for people who need a secure place to ride things out.
    ruleorserve: (look up to the skies)

    [personal profile] ruleorserve 2015-04-10 10:23 pm (UTC)(link)
    Character: Archimedes "Emil" Keller | [personal profile] ruleorserve
    Capabilities: Direct hand to hand combat is not, and never will be anything that Emil is good at. That said, he has recently acquired a weapon capable of shrinking people to death; once it's clear that the invaders are actually aggressive he'd be more than willing to put it to use even despite his reservations about the thing. He's also capable of some amount of hypnotism; if the invaders aren't completely immune to mental powers, he might be to get some of them fighting on the side of the Numbered for a time.

    He's also familiar with how most electronics work, if only on a cursory level. With some work he might be able to make something of that; and he could temporary house people in his TARDIS for a time if needed (2-3 sort-of comfortably; if no one wanted to sit anytime soon, you could probably get 8 or so in.)
    What role(s) would/could they play: By default he'd prefer mission control with combat as needed, although this may change if something happens between now and the invasion that causes him to echo back the Master's ruthlessness that could easily shift to full on combat.
    Location: Undecided, but Locke or London are the most likely.
    Options for others: Along with the potential safehouse present in the form of his TARDIS, Emil is capable of perfectly mimicking voices he's heard - if your character needs to pretend to be somewhere they're not, he can help with that.
    invinospiritus: (Default)

    [personal profile] invinospiritus 2015-04-17 12:52 pm (UTC)(link)
    Character: Gwyneth/Kuvira | [personal profile] invinospiritus
    Capabilities: Gwyn’s wealthy and has some of the resources of Rain Industries at her disposal, but she’s far from in charge of it and her appearance changing has diminished her standing a little.

    She gets power over earth, rock, and metal. Can’t cause an earthquake but she could disrupt a group, and her metal stuff is fast and precise.

    She could echo a giant mecha that is nigh-indestructible and can fire energy beams that punch through mountains and keep going. But, it can be bored into at close range and is taken down from within much more easily, especially without her rather awesome security team to slow invaders down. Disrupting the core power source in the right way makes it explode. It can’t be taken over and controlled by anyone who doesn’t have powerful metalbending.

    What role(s) would/could they play: She’d be best for fighting.
    Location: I'm inclined to keep her in Vegas.
    Options for others: No big ones - someone could be in the mecha with her, but there wouldn’t be a lot for them to do that she couldn’t get herself.
    purestambition: (Default)

    wooooooooo late as hell

    [personal profile] purestambition 2015-04-18 06:21 am (UTC)(link)
    Character: Saretha Kaiser | [personal profile] purestambition
    Capabilities: Saretha has the Kamui Junketsu, capable of giving her a tremendous amount of power and durability, and wields Bakuzan, a sword capable of cutting ... well, most things you can think of. In addition to her incredible strength comes incredible skill to match. (Pending a set of echoes I'll be requesting tomorrow, she will also be flight capable and able to functionally control Junketsu better.)

    She has money, and numerous business contacts all throughout Locke City and beyond. Her parents, while lacking the power they once had in their youth, have more than that even as a rift has been driven between them in recent months. Still, she will attempt to appeal to their sense of survival and TRY to pool resources to help with evacuations. Her parents were in line for defense contracts many many years ago before their company was absorbed by a larger conglomerate, and as such the Kaiser family likely retains some government contacts. Saretha of course has met with the Secretary of Defense, and attempted to make contacts within the media over the past year.

    What role(s) would/could they play: Largely she will be letting her resources help towards evacuations and the like while she herself focuses on combat, and if there is any political bide she can make anywhere. She's also had significant contact with Maryann Young, so that may be something to consider? She is also a loud voice, and could be a sense of reason amid the chaos if it's necessary.

    Location: Dependent on whether or not politics or aliens of any particular stripe draw her off, she will likely focus primarily on the zones lacking or containing weakened Animals.

    Options for others: Do you need an excuse for getting your family to safety, and they're in a danger zone? The Kaisers' resources could assist there.
    wingsister: (Default)


    [personal profile] wingsister 2015-04-18 08:43 pm (UTC)(link)
    Character: Areonwen (Sayvil) | [personal profile] wingsister
    Capabilities: Areonwen has the ability to project her thoughts into people's minds to speak to them and also read their minds if said minds are unshielded, although ethics means she hasn't actually tried to do the latter to anyone. She probably won't unless it seems like that's the only option. She can run WAY faster than a normal horse now. She also has arcane magic, albeit limited by what she can cast from hp. Also, she can seriously hurt people by kicking/trampling them.
    What role(s) would/could they play: She'd do pretty good on evacuation, given her new fast speed, and at some point she's going to be riding around in/on Bragi-Oh.
    Location: Wherever Torin is, at least for the last half of it. Flexible for the first part.
    Options for others: She can give people rides!

    Character: Ivy "Granny" Curry (Ivy Hisselpenny Tunstell) | [personal profile] pokebonnet
    Capabilities: Granny is in the process of becoming a vampire! She's got super strength, super toughness, and also fangs. Unfortunately, she's also super sensitive to light now.
    What role(s) would/could they play: Combat, maybe communications?
    Location: Her first concern is protecting her grandson, so she'll be wherever Arthur ends up.
    Options for others: If I end up trying to get 'Can turn other people into vampires' as an echo (can you give returnees echoes?) she might be useful for vampirizing anyone who's about to die?

    (no subject)

    [personal profile] wingsister - 2015-04-19 10:09 (UTC) - Expand
    jasminebloominginshadow: (dark power)

    [personal profile] jasminebloominginshadow 2015-04-20 02:33 am (UTC)(link)
    Character: Jasmine Tsukuyomi | [personal profile] jasminebloominginshadow
    Capabilities: Jasmine is a Precure, and she's come fresh off of an epiphany and a transformation that has renewed her confidence and her abilities as a Precure. She's incredibly strong and has power over dark energy, now calling herself "Cure Twilight". Jasmine's powers are more in line with destruction, but after the transformation mentioned above (which has to finish being played out), they're also compatible with the other Precure, thus allowing her to work in synergy with them.

    What roles would they play: Jasmine is a follower, not a leader, though she can take charge through force of will alone. She'd focus on fighting in the front lines, alongside her team.
    Location: Locke, though she can spread out.
    Options for Others: Jasmine can team up with the other people on her team whose powers come from the same source, and they can actually work in synergy without clashing against one another now.
    Edited 2015-04-20 02:33 (UTC)
    feastorfamine: (13)

    [personal profile] feastorfamine 2015-04-20 02:42 am (UTC)(link)
    Character: Amy Dylandy | [personal profile] feastorfamine
    Capabilities: Amy's primary ability is to see particles and sources of energy normally invisible to the naked eye, which allows her to intuit the motion of other people in a manner that borders on precognition. She also has the ability to control what are effectively mobile suits.

    One of which she has gained! Amy has control of a GN-XIII, which, while a grunt suit in its native canon, is reasonably effective here. She has all of Aila's skill in doing so, making her a formidable opponent.

    Location: This depends on how easy it is to move her machine across echo boundaries, but I would like to be be able to have options for her deployment.
    Options for Others: Amy's mech can support people who potentially need it, and I'd be up for doing anything with the others she's helped learn how to pilot the other GN-XIII's.
    ursoreckless: (Default)

    late and sobs

    [personal profile] ursoreckless 2015-04-20 06:13 am (UTC)(link)
    Character: Chinen Shou | [personal profile] ursoreckless
    He has gained back all of his vampire abilities more or less, as well as a few of his past-self's gangster ways, though none at the level that his past self had, more along the line of a mid-level street punk. This had put him into contact with first the small yakuza groups and the mob in Locke City, but due to his taking the Numbered side, has been dropped from the mob's good graces. He still retains connections within the yakuza, and thanks to the fact that he has a couple relatives with connections in the big names back home, Shou probably has a bit of a name among them.

    Let it be known that most yakuza groups tend towards smuggling/money laundering/prostitution in the US. Mainly, they smuggle everything to Japan, while everything else is just a means to fund their smuggling. And they make deals with some groups but mainly tend to stick with other Asian groups. Also, they were founded by outsider groups within the Japanese society and take a keen interest in keeping their streets clean and protecting their people, so they would be the first ones to offer safety or go after those threatening their people.

    He also does have money and Shou has a few slush funds he will be using to help buy supplies like weapons and armor for people. That he will leave with L to distribute in whatever way he sees fit.

    What role(s) would/could they play: He can fight but he will fight in sneak attacks and quick raids and usually at night because of his daylight issues. Most likely he will work with his family in Tokyo in the political side when his fighting skills are not needed but then will definitely go to wherever someone is needed to help as many times as he can. His main weakness will be the bloodlust/daylight issue, but he'll attempt to keep it in control.

    Location: He starts out in Tokyo and then will probably skip to the next place he can, so most likely Los Vegas until he sun rises and forces him back to a dark place.
    Options for others: Weapons, getchur weapons here! Guns! Military grade bazookas! Armor! Riot Gear! We've got it all!

    Ahem. He has a stockpile of goods for those who might not have the skill to punch out someone's guts but still wants to fight. The main location will be at L's HQ, but a smaller shipment might have get stuck in Vegas.