Jan. 19th, 2015

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hi guys

guess who's got his echoes back

So I'm Krystal, and I'm the crustiest oldbie you ever did see, bringing everyone's favorite prodigal pot doctor back.

Here's what you need to know:
-Dr. Aaron Strider has been married to his job run a charity clinic on the wrong side of the tracks for years.
-He got Echoes about two years ago, then lost them in December 2013. The clinic has remained open in his hands through that time, and has always been friendly to the Numbered.
-He comes off as slightly kind of needlessly creepy, but is actually one of the more standup guys you will ever meet.
-He used to sell pot.
-Info post is here.

Feel free to assume your character knows him! If you want to hash out backstory, whether it's your character having visited the clinic before or knowing him from his time traveling around the world or in the military, feel free to hit me up here, in a PM, or on plurk with an idea of the general impression he's gotten of your character! He might even have sold you weed. That shit stopped for good a year ago, but it was definitely a thing.

So yes! I am back, and my long-term plans for him involve destroying his life's work. :'D I've been planning for him to get in trouble with the law for some time, so the clinic may either not be around or not be in his hands much longer. That way, he'll be less tied to Locke and freer to move around with the plot. He'll also be Echoing back his canon appearance soon, castmates, so if you're interested in playing with that, it'll happen.

Please do add me on plurk -- that's the easiest way for me to plot, though PMs work too. Looking forward to playing with all of you!