Mar. 5th, 2015


Mar. 5th, 2015 01:07 pm
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This was really hard to do, since I've been here from the very beginning, but I'm finally bowing out. I just can't really keep up anymore. Lyall will be losing his echoes and become a bit baffled by how famous he is, but he'll definitely be an off-screen Numbered ally. If anybody needs him for anything, just send me a PM.

I'll miss all the crazy shenanigans here, and any friends who want to keep me about on plurk of course are welcome to <3 It's been an awesome few years, and I wish the rest of the game the best!

~Gail / Lyall-mun
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Hey everyone, a reminder that the February Activity Check is still ongoing, and all characters who aren't checked in by the time it's over (by the end of the 7th) will be removed. This is your only warning!

Please make your check-ins on the original post and not here, so we can keep track of things. If there's an error like a journal being listed in the warning list when they were checked in, however, go ahead and poke here! Please do not notify us if you see a dropped character on the warning list, we know there are some. That said, if you haven't checked in yet and are not listed here, please check if you're on the taken post and notify us if you are not.

The following journals have a valid hiatus for January, and should check in on the AC post: Here. )

Warning list
Characters who have not yet been accounted for must check in before the end of the 7th and either post activity or take a strike, or will be swept from the game. Their journals can be found below: Here. )