Mar. 23rd, 2015

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Hey, people interested in the Christmas Island mushroom investigation! I wanted to plot things out.

The central mushroom is about as big as a car and does nothing but release spores. It can't move or defend itself. The spores make people want to rush out and destroy or deport human-made things but it doesn't make them violent against people, and they regain their usual faculties soon enough. Wearing a face mask protects people who might be affected, unless it slips. It's by far the least menacing of the Animals.

My character, Julien, wants to get out there, measure the big mushroom, and take samples. He wanted company because he's genre savvy enough to think that coming close and touching and cutting little bits out is a great time for a monster to pop out of the ground, but nothing will happen. After that he'll want it covered somehow so the spores stop spreading - maybe get a greenhouse put over it? - and it can be studied and monitored. Jules has read The Girl With All The Gifts and done a little other reading and thinks burning it could end very very badly, and fungicides could go wrong too.

Your characters may feel differently. Comment here if you've got someone who'd like to come! Will they want to live and let live, or go pre-emptive on the big mush? Should there be a log? If so there'll be random jungle adventures and a massive anticlimax thread, either way.