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[media digest] Can you hear the media sing

With the media starting to play a larger role, the purpose of this post is to be a digest and master post for everything that the media (newspapers, radio, TV, internet, etc) have said and will say. This includes content created by both players and mods, regardless of if it stems from numbered and their allies, their opponents, or neutral third sources.


- You may either link to a post that you made which contained a media voice (like this) or or create small articles/opinion pieces/internet discussions/interviews/statements/etc and put them into the body of the comment, (like this).
- Please use this form:
- If your media voice talks about a small group of reincarnates or one reincarnate in specific, please make sure that you have their players' permission to have the media talk about them in this way.


- The media and general public in Locke City and the US as a whole are now seeing the numbered as two groups: Victims of the situation who try to resolve things peacefully that it sees positively, and violent numbered that it sees negatively - though there are few numbered that they have slotted into either category. Worldwide, the opinion of the numbered is still mostly positive, and it gets better the further south or east a person goes. Worldwide it's roughly America-> rest of NA->Europe/Latin America/Africa->Asia on a scale from negative to positive treatment, though that of course is only a rule of the thumb. The interest in Africa and South America is not terribly high, but especially Europe and the Arabic-speaking countries as well as some parts of Asia (especially India, Indonesia, Japan/Taiwan/Korea) are pretty interested and largely friendly towards the numbered. Notably, the opinion of the numbered is generally better in areas that are not echo boundaries.
- On the internet, opinions are varied and shrill, and the numbered phenomenon has long stopped being one that is only discussed in the English language.
- The attempts of reincarnated persons to enter the discussion on their own terms is treated differently. Some welcome it, others not, but whenever it happens it is discussed thoroughly in the media afterwards.
- America: Locke City radio station Energy Up is still on the topic of the numbered, but now there are hostile as well as neutral and even positive pieces, depending on the host. Fox News continues its morning magazine programme about the numbered worldwide, though heavily focusing on America, with more or less fact-based pieces about the reincarnates, laced with gossip and speculations about their mental state and how dangerous they really are; they also sometimes blame random events at them.
- German, Austrian, Finnish and Australian media are mostly friendly, at the worst neutral.
- The BBC, Al-Jazeera and other worldwide news networks all follow the developments associated with the numbered, though it remains one topic among many for them.

Former Media Posts:
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[personal profile] originaloddcouple 2015-02-11 07:31 pm (UTC)(link)
Date: 2/11
Type of media/location if applicable: Germany, a few news outlets here and there but not big news
Link/Content: Reports suggest an Adam Rosenthal has gone missing recently, last seen with an unidentified blonde woman on 2/7. Adam Rosenthal is the heir to the Rosenthal fortune and is a known playboy. While Adam has vanished and reappeared quite frequently over the years, the Rosenthal family has been unusually insistent in finding the young man in this occasion. Police have yet to comment on events and are keeping information discreet.

Date: 2/12
Type of media/location if applicable: Much more news coverage.
Link/Content: The body of Adam Rosenthal is found in the Pöllat River. He sustained one bullet in the forehead and death is believed to have been instant. Information has been revealed to the public that Adam Rosenthal was kidnapped and ransomed for a large, unknown sum of money. News media is awaiting more information as it comes by.
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[personal profile] knights_king 2015-02-20 06:04 am (UTC)(link)
Date: 2/5/15
Type of media/location if applicable: News; International
Link/Content: A pillar of black light erupted nearby the castle Neuschwanstein, known for housing and remaining inhabited by numerous 'Numbered' in recent weeks. No one has been harmed and there was no damage done, but officials are comparing photographs and videos of the light to determine what it was--whether it was due to the actions of a Numbered citizen or some other phenomena.

Concerning this!
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[personal profile] stefanged 2015-03-25 05:24 am (UTC)(link)
Date: 10th March 2015
Type of media/location if applicable: Internet / Locke Interfaith website
Link/Content: (Referenced in this thread) Although we don't exactly understand why the Numbered exist, we live in an era where people of different backgrounds co-exist as never before. Some of you have commented to ask, "how do Numbered fit into our diverse worldview?" Do they have the same values that we do? Do they value the same things we hold dear?

We believe that our current interfaith model can more than accommodate them. Through sustaining relationships with the Numbered, we can assess the varied faith systems in their community and adequately serve them as we serve our own. At this moment, we see no need to alter our current model, or even our worldview, as they are already woven into the fabric we've created here in Locke City. Our worldview contains everyone, as the mission of LI states, and we will continue to ensure that it remains as such.

Date: 10th March 2015
Type of media/location if applicable: Internet & brochures / Locke Christian community
Link/Content: We choose to see the Numbered as an opportunity from God to bring unity to this era of humanity. As we have been working to show, the Abrahamic faiths in particular share an empowered spiritual inheritance that can lead to progress and empathy as much as it has led to strife and destruction. We would hope all of our members and their congregations would embrace this concept as well, and apply it to this new situation.
peacefulwinter: (Allow me to explain.)

[personal profile] peacefulwinter 2015-04-28 03:04 am (UTC)(link)
Date: 4/26
Type of media/location if applicable: YouTube, shared to Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook; from there, hopefully viral?
Link/Content: Winter warns the world about the coming calamity. Open for comments from pretty much whoever.