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Hey, people interested in the Christmas Island mushroom investigation! I wanted to plot things out.

The central mushroom is about as big as a car and does nothing but release spores. It can't move or defend itself. The spores make people want to rush out and destroy or deport human-made things but it doesn't make them violent against people, and they regain their usual faculties soon enough. Wearing a face mask protects people who might be affected, unless it slips. It's by far the least menacing of the Animals.

My character, Julien, wants to get out there, measure the big mushroom, and take samples. He wanted company because he's genre savvy enough to think that coming close and touching and cutting little bits out is a great time for a monster to pop out of the ground, but nothing will happen. After that he'll want it covered somehow so the spores stop spreading - maybe get a greenhouse put over it? - and it can be studied and monitored. Jules has read The Girl With All The Gifts and done a little other reading and thinks burning it could end very very badly, and fungicides could go wrong too.

Your characters may feel differently. Comment here if you've got someone who'd like to come! Will they want to live and let live, or go pre-emptive on the big mush? Should there be a log? If so there'll be random jungle adventures and a massive anticlimax thread, either way.
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ARNOLD WANTS TO COME AND TAKE HOME A CRAB (mushroom what mushroom) he is the most useless ever but people bringing flamethrowers will probably spark echoes and reduce him to a sobbing mess yelling about his brother no not his brother he's still on that ship.
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If it gets him a crab you have a deal
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Well... Emi will be there. When is this happening? The 30th? She'll most likely be leaning towards not destroying the main mushroom by then, given Saretha's post.
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I'm not sure what Emil would rather in so far as outcomes go, but he'd definitely be curious enough to come out and see what all is going on out there!
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Terribly so, yep. But monitoring it is definitely something he can get behind. If it's not actually doing anything then there's no sense in getting rid of it and although he's not precisely thought about it, he'd agree that burning it is probably not the best option.
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Completely the wrong account, but yes! It could definitely be viable as a log and the discussion sounds like it could be really interesting to boot.
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I'll keep an eye on both plurk and the comms in the meanwhile
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Areonwen would love to come.

Because that's what this mission needs. A magical psychic (not-)horse.
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Oh my god, that's beautiful and stupid, I am so happy.
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Not the used to be human part, but the rest... as a big white bird with blue eyes who's capable of communicating with people, he superficially resembles a Tayledras bondbird from her prior life's world enough to probably provoke that echo. (She had friends who were Tayledras.)
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Torin's going to be on board with not killing it! The way he sees it, they can always go back and finish it off if they must, but leaving it alone (albeit covered up or otherwise isolated so it can't cause any more trouble) is something they can't just magically go back and do.
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And Torin doesn't know much about mushrooms beyond that he doesn't really like eating them much, so he will defer to Juilen's research! 8D
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A log would work, sure!
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Walking in late with Starbucks but I would like to be involved in this!

Are we operating under the assumption that everyone knows that the mushroom is dangerous :|a I may have missed that somewhere.

Also kudos RE GWATG I love that book ;;;;;;
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Oooh okay neat.

My guy here obvs has the whole human respiratory system working for him but he's good for security detail and Getting Shit Done if things go ass up.
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A bird in a face mask oh goodness.