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Plot post for July 30!

This format of plot post is designed for players to ask questions and find ways to influence the plot. Be bold and ask what you can or can't do; the worst that can happen is that I will say no. As plots in Save the Earth are not self resolving nor on a time limit they can evolve in many ways. Although some potential outcomes are given, they are little more than suggestion and can be changed by character action. What role you take is up to you.

The post is also open for players to plot and coordinate between one another.

Events occurring currently;
• The Vermini swarms have disappeared for the most part, and there's no sign of Vermedi either. Some characters may glimpse hairy figures in dark alleys or in sewers, but the creatures always disappear as soon as they are spotted.

• There are an unusual amount of police patrols out and about in the city. Any suspicious activity will be noticed, though there are no immediate IC consequences.

• We also have two super secret event opportunities that have not been claimed. Two commenters to the thread below will be randomly selected for this plot.

Events occurring in the immediate future;
Beginning Friday, August 2, there will be something in the water. Drinking any tap water will result in occasional, uncontrollable fits of laughter, along with re-experiencing previous Echoes, especially memory Echoes. One Echo per 8oz glass of water, and the beginning of its effects can be delayed for up to an hour. Within six hours it'll be out of the character's system completely.

Events potentially occurring;
• If PCs wish to investigate Thunder Corp this week, comment to the thread below with a general idea of how you plan to get in and what you plan to do once you're there. Details will be forthcoming on a case-by-case basis.

Potential Echo Opportunities:
• Drinking the tainted water will grant one new Echo (and only one, no matter how much water is drunk) in addition to any re-experienced ones. Uncovering any secret information about Thunder Corp will also grant an Echo. Canon parallels are a constant.
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Oh wow, that's awesome! And would I be correct that that is secret enough to get an echo as well?