Jan. 6th, 2015

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Aka get in here to get your small memories/small items! And along with that, a brief recap of what characters may retain from the Fourth Wall, and what not.

Memories: Every character may, but doesn't have to, retain one small memory. Please request these memories below. Everything else is forgotten, and nobody on the whole planet remembers it.

Echoes: All echoes gained throughout the event will be kept, but the character won't be able to tell what gave them this echo.

Items/Physical changes: If they were directly or indirectly caused by a visitor, no matter if numbered or canon, they will be gone, with the exception of one small item (if the player wishes). Changes that weren't related to visitors will be kept (like if you wanted to paint your house pink anyway). Please request the small item below.

Items cannot have magical/other special powers. They must be smaller than 5ftx5ft/150cmx150cm.
Memories can last a maximum of 5 minutes and may not contain significant information about the person's canon.

Please use the following form: