Jan. 10th, 2015

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As a look at the Minor Locations place shows, there are 5 more locations that will show up before the game ends. Excluding the mystery location X, they are to a large part up to the players. This will happen in two stages.

1. The gathering
Within the following criteria, suggest locations! Each player can make one suggestion for each option.
A. An area on the equator (preferably a spot in the ocean)
B. A capital city (not: Helsinki, Berlin, Vienna, Washington DC, Ottawa, Tallinn, Vaduz, Canberra, Jakarta)
C. An area/city/etc on the Arabian Peninsula, in Africa or in South America
D. An area/city/etc in Asia
Please keep your suggestions to areas/countries that are not currently in the middle of a (civil or other) war.

2. The voting
You have until the 17th to put in suggestions. All suggestions will be compiled and then put up for voting.