Jan. 12th, 2015

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The Lapland location's plot will go down between the 11th and the 20th. It will for the most part be a trip to Lapland with the Numbered Special Commission Group that through said group everyone is invited to go on. This trip will include elements that are and that aren't in need of combat power, so characters who don't have the latter are absolutely welcome! Be aware that this plot involves kidnapping of children.

On the 11th, David Graibiger and Monika Hallbach will contact the numbered that have signed up for the Numbered Special Commission Group. There was a short notice in December about them heading to Lapland eventually to check things out, but politics had to get sorted out first - yet now the marching order for Finland has finally come, and they are urgent! The information that he can give about their mission right now reads as follows:

> Marching orders )
> Numbered are asked to inform the network and bring numbered friends, but most importantly be in Rovaniemi on the morning of the 13th. They will take a bus northwards from there to an area that the various involved authorities consider the epicenter of the development.

The 13th will mostly be for travelling, briefing and learning how to drive a car in the snow as well as learn the handling of a rifle (for those who have no other combat powers).

The 14th-19th will consist of searching the area and getting closer to the issue. Once some of those that do the abductions are captured, others will be tasked with trying to speak to them and get information.

The 20th will bring a show-down.