Feb. 8th, 2015

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This post is here both as a FAQ and for people to use it to coordinate their doppelgängers with people who want to run into them.

What is a doppelgänger?
They look exactly like the originals, they have the exact same powers and even the soul/aura/etc is an exact copy of that of the original. Their behaviour and actions however are the exact opposite of the original's powers/actions. If they have the original's memories is up to the player - they can have all of them, only some of them, or none of them.

Where can they be found?
Primarily the Neuschwanstein Area! Some of them may do short trips to other locations if they have a strong incentive to go there, but return quickly. They can use the teleporter.

What do they do?
Mostly, they are around and do the things that they want. They are more likely to be found near the castle, and at least a few will always hang out in the courtyard or, once the castle closes for the night, on the street leading up to it. They do not require sleep.

Who plays them?
The player of the original!

This one is fairly straightforward. You'll find a form below in which you can describe what your character(s)'s doppelgänger is like. Other people who're interested in running into them can then hit up your comment and you can plot away.

Character: Bob & journal
Doppelgänger description: Bob's original is super chipper and excitable, much unlike the stoic Bob. He will hug everyone and try to convince numbered, no matter what age, to get on the next playground and play. He'll mostly be found in the Austrian boundaries, but sometimes takes trips to Christmas Island and Locke to buy sweets with money that he steals through pickpocketing.

Answers to questions asked by players
> Doppels can access the network! To make matters worse, they use a number that is indistinguishable from the original's, so private messages will go to both original and doppel. Numbered can see what their doppels wrote/reply to them and the other way around.
> Doppelgängers don't know that they're copies or why they are there; the memories of their reincarnated lives are a bit like dreams to them, as real or unreal as echo memories are to the individual in question. It is up to the doppel how they interpret that state of being.
> If the original receives an ability/physical change/etc after the doppelgänger's creation, the doppel will receive the "update" at the exact same moment. Memory-updates are up to the player.
> Up to two threads played with the doppelganger will count towards AC.
> How long the doppelgangers as a group will stick around is up to player action - they will vanish when/if their centre is destroyed; the individual doppelgangers however are as mortal as the originals - so unless the original is immortal, they can be killed by normal means.
> If a character has a doppelganger in canon, encountering a doppel in StE can of course cause recurrence echoes. The StE-doppel can however not have memories/abilities/etc of the canon-doppel that the StE-character doesn't have, as the StE-doppel is a doppelganger of the reincarnated StE-character and not a reincarnation of their canon-doppel.
> No matter how strong the incentive for a doppel is to stay in a different location, doppels will feel obliged to spend at least a couple of hours per day within a short distance of Neuschwanstein Castle. They will not stay permanently in any of the other locations.
> Characters can talk to/encounter their doppelgängers, but a thread with "oneself" won't count towards AC unless at least every second comment is from another player.