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[Media digest and Publicity status] If we only talk about the fox, won't the badger feel neglected?

With the media starting to play a larger role, the purpose of this post is to be a digest and master post for everything that the media (newspapers, radio, TV, internet, etc) have said and will say. This post covers what gets aired/published about the numbered up until the 15th of September. This includes content created by both players and mods, regardless of if it stems from numbered and their allies, their opponents, or neutral third sources.


- You may either link to a post that you made which contained a media voice (like this) or or create small articles/opinion pieces/internet discussions/interviews/statements/etc and put them into the body of the comment, (like this).
- Please use this form:
- Please use the appropriate one of these threads (26/8-1/9, 2-8,9-15) to link/post your media voices.
- If your media voice talks about a small group of reincarnates or one reincarnate in specific, please make sure that you have their players' permission to have the media talk about them in this way.


- The trend towards the numbered being treated negatively in the media is continuing, though it is also a case of opinions becoming more extreme - the neutral/disinterested middle ground is vanishing. Talk of them having hidden motifs and pulling secret strings is turning into a mix of conspiracy theories and them being uncontrollable and dangerous. It is pointed out that they clearly possess criminal energy as individuals and as a group, based on past actions. At the same time there are fans and supporters who make them more and more ideal in their views or even consider them the future of humanity, the next step of evolution.
- The attempts of reincarnated persons to enter the discussion on their own terms is treated differently. Some welcome it, others not, but whenever it happens it is discussed thoroughly in the media afterwards.
- The appearance of Oublie in Locke City and the appearance of the mountain and flooding in Las Vegas scare the general public, and receive almost entirely negative coverage. In Locke, it is more the point of panic that "our issue might be small, but look to Vegas, what if ours grows like that?". Characters that have been noticed to be in contact with the Cathedral/it's undergrounds might be hounded about it by reporters. In Las Vegas, it is more direct and openly hostile, accusing the numbered of having caused the devastation.
- All local Locke newspapers and radio programs are filled with pieces on one numbered or some/all of them as a group almost daily, most in neutral to negative terms, though the reader's comments section might contain highly positive pieces. A local Locke radio station, Energy Up, fills its free broadcasting time with more or less fact-based pieces about the reincarnates, laced with gossip and speculations about their mental state and how dangerous they really are to the city. Fox News has started a morning magazine programme about the numbered in both cities in much the same spirit, though they also start to accuse the numbered of everything that they figure to be wrong with the nation at this point.
- All news outlets in Vegas and a number in Locke now run pieces about specific numbered, and not only about those that are high-profile in some shape or form, but about everyone. Especially in Vegas, this might get to the point where they're dipping into witch hunt territory as the changes to the city continue.
- The internet is a vast place as well, and seedlings, conspiracy theorists and many others discuss the reincarnates - they might have fans or vicious haters here, self-proclaimed specialists on the numbered and so on. In general, the attitudes are fairly similar to those in the official media outlets.
- Last post's digest: # The appearance of Oublie Cathedral (1 & 2) # Well-researched reporting on the Lord of the Bugmen (1) # The murder of reincarnate Jovan (1) # The ridiculous thieves strike again (1) # Some reincarnates go public on the evening news (1)

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[personal profile] squicksilver 2014-08-26 11:58 am (UTC)(link)
Date: 8/26
Type of media/location if applicable: Media: The Las Vegas Sun (newspaper)
Link/Content: interview with of one of the chief members (Alex Mercure) of the organization called, "Friends of the Shell," who comprise local performing artists, their union, and business owners who feel Numbered have no place on the Vegas stage. That said, they decry the murders, and advocate non-violent means for conflict resolution. There is also some discussion of the mountain that arose under Vegas, whether this was another manifestation of their powers, and how to deal with the logistical transportation nightmare of having the Strip rise upon a mountain.
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[personal profile] gobybessie 2014-08-26 04:54 pm (UTC)(link)
Date: 26/8
Type of media/location if applicable: TV news, coffee shop downtown.

John wouldn't have gone along with an interview if rumours hadn't already started floating around about his reappearance, along with ridiculous "articles". At this point trying to stay hidden was becoming more of a bother than "coming out" probably would be. So he accepted the first interiew that sounded preferable, met with the reporter in a coffee shop, and here he is now.

The broadcast switches from the live recording in the news studio to the pre-recorded interview with John Smith.

"So, let me get this straight, Mr. John Smith," the reporter starts. "You were reported missing in the beginning of March, only you looked different. Let's see a photo."

The screen briefly shows this picture.

"That really is quite the change," continues the reporter. "May I ask just what happened?"

John takes a sip of his tea, and leans back in his seat, putting his hands on his stomach.

"I got shot. Instead of dying, I changed and the wound healed as I did. I Spent the next week or so unconscious, and when I woke up, I got a new identity, new job and tried to decide what to do about the whole situation."

"The public knew about you Numbered at that point, but you didn't consider to simply do the same thing as some of your fellow Numbered and announce yourself to the public?"

There's the flicker of an almost ugly look in John's eyes, but as quickly as it's there it's gone again.

"I wasn't sure I wanted to, that's all."

"Why not?"

"I've never been a public person."

It's quite obvious John's not all that happy to be talking about it.

"I see," says the reporter. "Your life would have changed either way, right? What was it like to start over from scratch?"

"It was a pain in the arse," he says bluntly. "It exhausted my savings."

At least it makes the reporter chuckle, even if it's far from the whole truth. Still very much truth, though.

"Would you like to tell us more about your real self? Or is that the wrong way to put it?"

"I prefer saying he's my past self, if anything," he says, and takes a deep breath. "He was an alien and apparently simply went by the name 'Doctor'. He's been kind enough to give me two hearts, a time machine, and a small device that isn't operational at the moment and I couldn't tell you what it is." A beat. "The time machine isn't operational either, for the record."

"That's a lot to take in," says the reporter and pauses for a moment. "Two hearts?"

John nods. "One on the left and one on the right. I have two pulses too, if you'd like to check."

"Well, it can't hurt."

He casually straightens up and holds his arm out towards her. It takes her about twenty seconds to find both of them, but she does.

"That's amazing!"

"That's one way to put it," he says as he pulls his hand back and lifts the tea cup.

"So if the time machine were to become operational, what would you do with it?"

"Probably nothing."



"But imagine everything you could do with it."

"I am imagining, which is why I'm not going to do anything with it."

"I see ..." The reporter clears her throat, and finishes her cup of coffee. "Well, that's all the time we had. Thank you very much for taking the time to talk to us, Mr. Smith."

"My pleasure."

John takes a sip of the tea and the broadcast ends to return to the studio and the rest of the news.
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[personal profile] abhero 2014-09-07 08:18 am (UTC)(link)
Date: 30/8
Type of media/location if applicable: YouTube, social networks, internet articles

Taken by a LCU student who walked his dog through the park, on a phone camera:
- A shaky video of this incident (until the point Nora transforms back and they run away). It’s filmed from a distance so you while you can hear Emil and Nora scream (and boy these two are loud) you can’t make out the words. Occasionally you hear the guy holding the camera saying stuff like “holy shit!” and “that’s a fucking dragon”.
- A closer video, filmed after Emil and Nora ran off. Close ups on the ruined play area (“they fucking trashed it, man”), twisted spring riders (“they were ALIVE, like just a minute ago”), two dead, burned Vermedi (“it’s-- oh man, I don’t even know”). More narration of the “oooooh my God” and “holy shit” variety.
- A few still photos of the area.

The guy uploaded the videos to YouTube, where it hit 100,000 views in under 24 hours-- mostly on account of the fire breathing dragon. It was shared on social networks and various forums. Because of the distance and video quality, it took a little while to identify the vandalists but as of 7/9 they’re identified as Nora Drake (12) and Emil Fiedler (16). Emil is one of the known reincarnates but for Nora, this is her first public appearance. Congratulations, dragon girl!
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[personal profile] umbrael 2014-09-08 01:28 pm (UTC)(link)
Date: 26/8
Type of media/location if applicable: tabloids and totally credible online sites
Link/Content: Doyle and Davin decide to stage some pictures and then distribute them online and to various tabloids.

These are blurry or small pictures of some kind of reptile in a body of water in the classic Loch Ness pose, y'know, neck arched out of the water and body behind it and tail splashing about at the end, as well as pictures of something just under the water.

Of course, a number of people discussing these pictures are correctly chalking them up to the Locke City Dinosaur, but others are speculating this is a new numbered and maybe they'll fight the Locke City Dinosaur because that's totally what big reptiles do right???, or maybe an actual monster?

Either way it gets a few people camping out by any bodies of water near Locke.
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[personal profile] thebalrogslayer 2014-09-04 11:17 am (UTC)(link)
Date:2nd September
Type of media/location if applicable: TV breakfast discussion show

Presenter 1: And it would seem that the ice bucket challenge reached the numbered community yesterday, when the British charity worker Gabriel West was tagged and in turn tagged not only a few of his fellow numbered but also the aliens Geoff Benwick, Badri Barkley and Meredith Chownyk. I believe we have a clip for you, let's see...

[Both presenters turn to watch as Gabriel's video is show, cut to the drenching and the tagging.]

Presenter 2: Believe it or not, Gabriel is older than I am! He was well known as a model back in the early 80s, and came over here to start up a new branch of his charity which helps the homeless. [The video is replaced by two photos: one of Gabriel from November, before he started to get younger, and a more recent one, both dated.]

Presenter 1: Seems like he did pretty well out of it. [Both laugh.] If being numbered makes you younger, sign me up!

Presenter 2: Not so sure about those ears though... What do you think of the ice bucket challenge, though? At this point we've pretty much seen it all!

Presenter 1: Normally I would agree with you, these social media trends get tiresome at the end. But at the end of the day, money and awareness is still being generated. Gabriel's apparently not just donating for himself, it's been released that for every numbered that also takes the challenge he will donate again, on top of their donations.

Presenter 2: Free awareness for him, more like! Does anyone even care about ALS any more?

Presenter 1: Perhaps not. I'm sure the aliens don't even know what it is.

Presenter 2: There you are, see! It's all self serving at this point. Nothing can top the Old Spice one at any rate.

Present 1: Amen to that. [And the program continues onto other pieces on interest.]