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plot post for January 16th


This format of plot post is designed for players to ask questions and find ways to influence the plot. Be bold and ask what you can or can't do; the worst that can happen is that we will say no. As plots in Save the Earth are not self resolving nor on a time limit they can evolve in many ways. Although some potential outcomes are given, they are little more than suggestion and can be changed by character action. What role you take is up to you.

The post is also open for players to plot and coordinate between one another.

General/OOC notes:
Important Geoff Note: Willpower will not let a person get out from under his spell. On the contrary: The greater the willpower applied to not fall under it, the more firmly stuck a person will be. The trick is knowing that 1. there is manipulation going on and 2. perceiving him as an enemy (though perhaps a likable one) and then trying as little as possible to see the truth. So characters with less willpower might be more likely to escape the spell that those who have a lot.

Events that occurred recently or are occurring currently:

Media: The media and general public in Locke City and the US as a whole are now seeing the numbered as two groups: Victims of the situation who try to resolve things peacefully that it sees positively, and violent numbered that it sees negatively - though there are few numbered that they have slotted into either category. Worldwide, the opinion of the numbered is still mostly positive, and it gets better the further south or east a person goes.

• Everyone on the planet, numbered and unnumbered alike, miss four whole days of their life - nobody remembers the time between the 2nd and the 5th, there are no videos to tell the story, and so on. Some numbered, however, may have a small memory or item to remind them of the time, and echoes received during this time are kept. (Aka we had a fourth wall happening.)

Locke City

• John Smith met Badri who had some interesting information, and Sho, Saretha and L also met two aliens... but their meeting was scheduled, and the American Secretary of Defense was also present. A few thoughts emerged.

• After mafia shootouts in Locke's streets, the military moved in, imposed a curfew and dominated the city for a good long while. Numbered helping residents that got caught up in these and numbered that participated in the charity run turned a good number of individual hearts their way, even though they couldn't impact the general public opinion in the city.

Las Vegas

• Jovan found himself on a pile of gold and cannot explain how he got there.

Neuschwanstein Area

• The numbered have been asked to investigate the strange ghost-like activity in Neuschwanstein Castle.

Lapland and Christmas Island

The new echo areas showed up.

• Children have been kidnapped in Lapland, and due to the strangeness of the circumstances and the timing, the Numbered Special Comission Group has been called to investigate.

Events occurring in the immediate future:

• Geoff can be seen shaking hands with leaders all over the planet. He tends to be alone, only very rarely having Ms Young at his side when he needs to give a presentation. Presentations on what? Things like how the alien technologies can help with ensuring access to clean water for many millions who don't have it now; how to prevent victims from natural disasters; and so on. And he isn't asking for anything at all in return, except for states and groups to make peace and work together. Media and general public are for now very divided, reactions ranging from distrust to carefully considering him some kind of saviour.

Locke City

• The curfew has been lifted, but the military is still around; they are aiding the police in the mafia clean-up, substitute police(wo)men that are still lacking due to the massive lay-offs of police officers that were corrupted or are suspected of corruption, and finally... they seem to keep a close eye on Thunder Corp. Terrence Miller and Jimmy Won have been shown in the media shaking hands, but it is unclear if both parties are really happy about that.

• Officials have announced that schools and universities in Locke now are safe for numbered to return to them. That is, however, an official statement - the human mind is not so easily changed.

Las Vegas

• An old familiar face is back in action: The Friends Of The Shell (a groupf of members of the local performers union and various business-owners) is announcing that they will bring a big musical about the numbered onto its stages - of course without naming any names. Sounds good? WELLLLLLL. Remember how the cultists wanted the numbered out of the showbiz because it "makes them impure"? Other people have much more practical concerns. The numbered who work in the showbiz are terribly popular. That is just bad for everyone else's business. This means that the musical will be full of slander of all numbered, because how to better go about this than discredit every possible business danger? Have fun deciding how horribly characterized the character that is based on your character (of course with an altered name) will be.

Neuschwanstein Area

• Starting on the 1st of February, people that are visiting or living in the German/Austrian echo boundary will encounter odd reactions to their presence. People will treat them as if they are much nicer or much meaner than they expected, and tell them that really, they have changed for the better (or worse) since the last time that they've met - curiously enough, often enough these are people that the characters have never met before!

And some reincarnates might meet other "reincarnates" that are just... really, really off. They act like the exact opposites of the usual personalities, despite looking exactly the same, with the same powers and same soul, etc. Yup, there's doppelgaengers around!

• The wolpertinger still carefully keep away from the castle.

Lapland and other minor locations

• The currently ongoing Lapland Plot (log here) will have its finale on the 20th... one way or the other, depending on how clever the characters are.

Until tomorrow you can put in suggestions for the next locations! These will then be compiled and put up to the vote.

• The odd behavioural patterns or habits are still a possible side effect of visiting the Christmas Island, so if you want one hand haven't gotten it yet, there's still time.

Events potentially occurring in the immediate future:

• More echo boundaries, and more big monsters to battle!

Potential Echo Opportunities

• Encountering a ghost-like presence, a Vermini, a Vermedi, a Vermaxi, a wolpertinger, or a ghost wolpertinger for the first time grants one plot echo each.
• Using the teleporter for the first time will grant one plot echo.
• Being in the north of Lapland on the 20th of January will grant one plot echo.
• Running into a doppelgaenger will grant one plot echo.

Please direct questions regarding these plot points to the thread below and not the post in general.
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Re: General Questions

[personal profile] evowhisperer 2015-01-17 10:01 am (UTC)(link)
(Moving this over from plurk, so that everyone can benefit!)

Out of curiosity, how close does Geoff have to be to do the whole 'suggestion' thing? Does he have to be personally in their vicinity, or is this something where someone's affected if they're even looking into stuff related to Geoff?

Also, do the aliens have some kind of suggestions/question box? Like some kind of open way to communicate with them that the public has available? I have nothing specific in mind, and this is mostly to try and gauge what sort of options Cesar might have for getting caught up in Geoff's suggestion-range.
evowhisperer: Made by Zalein! (Smarm Face)

[personal profile] evowhisperer 2015-01-18 08:00 am (UTC)(link)
Cesar just got it into his head to try and explore ways that ordinary people might be able to resist Geoff's suggestion, and one of the ways he's hoping to test his (fantastically unsuccessful) theories is by whatever exposure he can muster! What sort of direct line could he get? Could he send him emails?

About Geoff's suggestion ability: This basically makes people feel comfortable and trusting of him, right? As though he's not a threat, and perhaps is even a friend? The blurb up there says that the stronger a person's willpower, the more entrenched they'll become. Does this include increased trust, or does it just mean that they get to a certain point of trust and get harder and harder to convince otherwise?
peacefulwinter: (R-really?)

[personal profile] peacefulwinter 2015-01-17 09:36 pm (UTC)(link)
Minor Geoff thing, mostly for personal consideration since I strongly doubt anyone else will have it come up: does threat (or at least perceived threat) from Geoff (or from the aliens where Geoff is present and not defusing the situation) have any effect on the strength of the suggestion effect?
alilyinthemoonslight: (Yuri - Bookworm (3))

Doppelganger question

[personal profile] alilyinthemoonslight 2015-02-09 09:14 am (UTC)(link)
I don't want to clutter the Doppelganger plotting post, so a question about them!

It's really a matter of logistics and point of reference, even if I don't expect it to be a major issue.

Will content played as the Doppelganger rather than the original character count towards AC normally or not?
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Re: Doppelganger question

[personal profile] sweetssuite 2015-02-09 06:19 pm (UTC)(link)
By that do you mean threads that are exclusively the Doppelgangers, or involving them at all? I figure the former, but just making sure! :)

(This is Ken, I was just too lazy to change accounts on my phone, ahem)
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