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RECENT EVENTS & Information Directory


Events detail in the game start.

• March 31st-

At 23:56 on March 13st 2013 the skies above Locke City were briefly illuminated by a shimmering light. Similar to the Aurora Borealis and in a shockingly bright pink colour, it lasted only four seconds. The moment it ended, a select few reincarnated humans below experienced an unusual sensation. The number in their mind, received some time ago, began to repeat itself whenever they were awake, growing slowly louder.

• April 1st-

[community profile] The Network went live. Inexplicable in every way, the communication's centre is impossible for ordinary humans to sense and can be accessed through any apparent medium, yet does not seem to exist on any itself.

• April 4th-

Infested by the otherworldly creatures the Vermini, ordinary animals become bizarre and are violently attracted to the reincarnated humans.

• April 5th-

Plot post for April 5th

The first casualty of the war, Paul Ben, is murdered by the Chief of Locke City Police, Simon Edward with the assistance of the commander of Fort Turner, General Terrence Miller.

• April 6th-

The head of organised crime in the city, Vincent Albero, arranges for Paul Ben's death to be disguised as a fiery accident, killing his family in the process.

Meanwhile, [personal profile] Jack Sears confronted General Miller at the base. Captured and interrogated, he revealed and discovered more secrets.

• April 8th-

Several of the reincarnated humans gathered together, which called a swarm of Vermini to possess a human. With its death, the Vermini died with it and the infestation was cleared!

• April 10th-

The Thunder Corporation, unable to begin construction in the Dead District, puts up a snake statue to represent the way the city must shed its skin. The mysterious statue gives off subtle mind altering effects only detectable to reincarnated humans.

• April 20th-

Following reports of 'werewolves' terrorising the Dead District's population, a number of reincarnated beings intervened with mixed results. Although not a spectacular victory, the 'werewolves' retreated.

• April 27th-

Lead by [personal profile] Chris Starsky, numerous reincarnated beings successfully destroyed the statue in the Dead District, launching a pink burst of light into the sky.

• May 5th-May 14th-

Several characters experience paranormal activity: chills, a sensation of being watched/being followed, wet dog smell, a howl, the phrase "I wanted to save the Earth" spoken by a man in their dreams.

• May 6th-

The Hugh P. Thadson Gallery of Fine Art opens a new exhibit: three statues made of the same material as the previous snake statues. The two snake statues caused normal people to want to purchase Thunder Corp. technology and think that the statues were fine art. The third statue, an impaled wolf, had a web address to an ordinary online forum and "Let's Negotiate" written on it. In addition, hired muscle began to force still more stragglers from the Dead District.

• May 9th-

The "Let's Negotiate" forum goes live. The characters reveal that they are disorganized and divided, while the presence on the other side of the forum robotically informs them that it is in charge of local operations in Locke City, that they are returning to reclaim Earth, and that the entire human race is considered acceptable collateral damage.

• May 10-

There is now a Galah in a cage in the art gallery with the snake statues. Should any of the player characters approach it, it will kick up a ruckus.

• May 23-May 30-

Scattered Vermedi sightings across the city.

• June 12-June 15-

Various characters discover that David Proud, the artist responsible for the statues' creation, has been getting his raw materials from a certain abandoned mine. A team explores the mine.

• June 15-

An old man in robes and a hood is discovered deep in the mine. He claims to be the Sage of Earth, and demands that more of the reincarnates come to the mine. Once enough people are gathered, he shares what he knows. Moments after, the mine collapses, trapping the characters inside with a host of Vermedi and Vermedi-infected bats. [personal profile] Chris Starsky blasts their way out of the mine with newly-acquired robot arms. The Sage's speech was recorded to the network.

• June 17-

The statues are abruptly and unceremoniously removed from the art gallery, foiling a plot by [personal profile] Gomez and his friends to steal them.

• June 23-

Vermini begin to swarm again, targeting reincarnates and spoiling summer fun!

• August 2-

There's something in the water! Drinking any tap water results in uncontrollable laughing fits and "flashbacks" to previous Echoes. In addition, there is talk of exploring the abandoned mines in search of the Gems of Earth, as well as doing some espionage on ThunderCorp.

• August 11-

A group of reincarnates discover an unmarked ThunderCorp truck dumping bright pink ooze into the reservoir that provides most of the city's water. They stop the truck and interrogate the driver.

• August 18-

The reincarnates begin to tip off the media that ThunderCorp is dumping weird chemicals into the city's reservoir, which causes the company to stop -- for now. In addition, it has been discovered that the mines -- and the Gems of Earth -- were a red herring from ThunderCorp. However, ThunderCorp is searching for something underground, though what it is remains unclear.

Also, [personal profile] Miranda discovers, through hacking ThunderCorp e-mail, that the Sage's story about the Seven Gems of Earth is a red herring, and that ThunderCorp is actually searching for something underground, known only as "Target 1."

• September 15-

The water supply is officially clean! Under close scrutiny, ThunderCorp publicly denies all responsibility and declares that they will discover whoever it is who is trying to sabotage their reputation.

• September 21-

The pink lights in the sky, last seen in April, appear again. They are accompanied by a low buzzing sound, which seems to disappear with the lights, but returns over the next few weeks, growing steadily stronger. Investigation leads the characters to discover that the buzzing is strongest around -- and under -- Tuning Towers, where tremors in the ground can be felt. No one normal seems to notice.

In addition, normal humans seem to be undergoing brief periods of strange, unfocused docility, zoning out for five minutes at a time. This only applies to the humans who have drunk tap water.

• October 15-

Animated pink statues appear in the Dead District. They are slow-moving but aggressive, and give off the same buzzing feeling as Tuning Towers.

• October 23-

Bombs level most of the Dead District. The snake statues are nowhere to be found. The buzzing from Tuning Towers intensifies.

• November 11-

Octavia Serket and Alan Hunter break into the top floors of Tuning Towers, vandalize it, and are the first reincarnates to be arrested by Detective Jason Sherman and live to tell the tale. Ravindra Savarna has also led an expedition into the sewers below Tuning Towers to attempt to locate the source of, and stop, the buzzing. During this mission, Danny Fenton was able to use his ghost-phasing powers to go deep enough underground to identify the source: an enormous vein of pink rock, cylindrical in shape, rotating slowly in the normal bedrock.

In addition, the exploration team discovered excavation machinery in Tuning Towers' basement. Could this have something to do with the intercepted email about Target 1?

Finally, Nick Burkhardt has begun to worm his way into Detective Sherman's good graces, posing as a non-reincarnate and an ally. Octavia and Alan escape; Ray Zimmerman is not so lucky, and agrees to turn traitor so that he can be released. At least, he says he'll give Sherman names.

• November 14-

A team of reincarnates discovers snake-artist David Proud in an old, disused subway tunnel. He is carving more and more snake statues, and appears to be insane. Some of the statues are animate, others are not. The animate statues give off a psychic message like the art gallery ones: anyone confronting them will be convinced that the snakes are invincible. David Proud claims to be no friend of Thunder Corp, and keeps talking about how "no one" will find him.

• December 3-

Danny Fenton and Brooke Reynolds team up! Their plan is to break off a chunk of the pink rock for analysis; it backfires and causes an earthquake, with its epicenter a mile below Tuning Towers! Shoddy East Coast non-earthquake-proof construction causes a building full of people at work to collapse, resulting in roughly a hundred dead.

Also, Thunder Corp has begun construction in the ruined Dead District, hiring from a pool of ordinary people who drank the tainted tap water and who zone out occasionally. They promise that their compound will be built with state-of-the-art technology and consist of an apartment complex, mall, and office building, intended to bring life to the Dead District again. Their estimated completion date is February 1.

Ray Zimmerman has received help from Wheatley Pendleton with regards to Sherman's search for insurgents: they have created a handful of false identities on the internet to send Sherman on a wildgoose chase.

Lastly, gang activity is on the rise in Locke City: a group called the Blood Keys with superhuman speed and strength are terrorizing the perimeter of the Dead District while the police turn a blind eye. They wear sunglasses at night, as well as during the day, and are well-supplied.

• December 21-

Knowledge of an alien at a farmhouse near the outskirts of town has been gained via the hypnotizing of a cop. A recon mission reveals a large door behind which the presumed alien is, flower stickers and mints. Modification of cops is later confirmed to take place here.

• January 4-

Thunder corp completes their drilling and their building in the Dead District is nearly complete. Blood key activity has suddenly gone down.

• January 25-

A meeting about going back to the farmhouse took place but gets interrupted by a sudden attack of snake statues. During the chaos, David Proud is killed, resulting in all the statues (which explode upon destruction) to cease functioning. The slab of Wise Snake skin still remains down in the Sewers.

• February 2-

Thunder Corp finishes their construction in the Dead District.

• February 4-

Blood Key activity goes down further and they no longer engage in fights.

• March 9-

The attack on the farmhouse takes place. The alien, once engaged in battle, attempts to flee. Upon nearing the city, it exploded (with a nauseating scent of roses filling the air) and sent a shock wave that had been felt throughout the surrounding area. This shock wave caused Wise Snake to awaken.

An earthquake similar to the December 3 one occurred and then Wise Snake emerged from beneath Locke City. The snake rampaged through the business district, its scales turning into snakes that would attack, up until it was defeated. Unlike the alien, however, Wise Snake immediately turned into mundane stone and released ethereal bubbles that floated into the sky before disappearing.

This event gained national attention. The national guard had been called in to deal with the attack itself. FBI agents also became involved and took note of any numbered who did not conceal their identity. All Gundams were under FBI care. At the end of the battle, the business district suffered the most damage while most other areas had little or no damage.

In the following two weeks, lots of gossip and talk spread of the reincarnates while both FBI and police seek identities of those involved.

This marks the end of Season 1.

• March 11-

Alleged sex scandal accusations have been brought up against the police. The FBI becomes involved and begins a thorough investigation of the police force (though they had already been investigating the department for several months by this point, though far more secretly). Wise Snake has been taped off and is under the watch of the FBI.

Thunder Corp also offers their services in rebuilding the destroyed Business District.

• March 23-

The FBI officially finds no evidence to support the charges against reincarnates previously wanted by LCPD and all charges are dropped. Several hundred casualties are confirmed as a result of the Wise Snake attack. Networking sites have by now become abuzz about reincarnates and everything surrounding them.

A pink light, not unlike the one that appeared over Locke City at the start of the game, appears over Las Vegas. Vermani and other creatures begin to appear in Las Vegas, though regular people remain oblivious.

• March 29-

Various loot stolen by The Blood Keys comes to life and causes havoc. No one is spared from potentially falling victim to them, though the objects tend to favor reincarnates.

• April 9-

The FBI officially knows of the Network’s existence, of the so-called purpose of the reincarnates to “save the earth”, and of the system of how a reincarnate gains a “pulse”/“Echo”. Reddit has officially dubbed reincarnates “seedlings”.

• April 12-

Early this morning, a silver-colored spaceship lands in the compound Thunder Corp constructed in the Dead District. Three, business attire clad inhabitants are on board: Geoff Benwick, Badri Barkley and Meredith Chownyk. Geoff, as the unspoken leader, says the following: issues an apology for the confusion and destruction that happened in Locke City, explains that the “alien”, dubbed Tiny, was a former comrade turned renegade (with the details being the following: The trio have been watching Earth on and off for several decades, withholding involvement until now. Tiny was supposed to scout the Earth to determine whether or not the time was appropriate for them to become involved. However, Tiny deviated from the plan and took matters into its own hands – leading to the mess that accumulated in the Business District’s destruction), and that they are now here to set things right.

Geoff says that they plan on cooperating with the FBI and ridding the city of the item monsters plaguing it. Another apology follows. It ought be noted that Geoff appears oddly charismatic due to an influencing effect not unlike Proud's snake statues. Though not mind control, people will feel strongly compelled to trust him. No reason as of yet has been given to distrust this seemingly trustworthy alien.

• April 15-

Jason Sherman, Simon Edward and other corrupt cops are arrested by the FBI. A trial date of April 22 is eventually set shortly after their arrests.

• April 30-

All major corrupt cops are sent to jail. Some lesser cops are simply fired and some (though few) remain on the force. As a result, the police force is at about 50% functionality. A new police chief will be brought in through the assistance of the FBI.

• August 22nd-
A cultist conference in Vegas that the numbered were invited to end with an earthquake, and tremors and a hot ground accompany the changing of Las Vegas's geography to include a mountain and a large lake within the city boundaries.

• September 26-

The giant crab-lobster creature emerges from the lake in Las Vegas and after a disastrous battle is defeated by the numbered.

• October 18th-
The numbered explore the Orbital Tower in Neuschwanstein. They encounter the three aliens there.