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If you can't go home, let home come to you!

Suggestions are closed.

In the context of an upcoming plot event, there will be a wonderful, unique chance for wonderful, unique echoes! Echoes so wonderful and unique indeed that we can only have a small amount of them, which brings us to the following: Between today and the 31st (7:00pm GMT), you will be able to submit what you would like your character(s) to pulse back; and then until the 5th, everyone will get to vote on which four of those proposed pulses shall become reality. The mods will pick between one and four additional ones of those proposals to round the whole thing off a bit, and then they will take effect over the course of a few weeks.

Now what kind of echoes are we talking about?
- HUGE ONES. More specifically: Buildings, forests, (parts of) mountains, and whatever else is immobile and large. Rules about the size of echoes are obviously suspended in this case, but we'll reserve the option to downsize things in one way or the other to make them workable.
- The echoes in question should carry some significance for the character who echoes them, but in this instance the degree of importance to the character is irrelevant: Living near/in the place or it having a moderately important position in one's life is enough. For example: Any Attack on Titan character could echo Wall Sina, any The Hobbit dwarf could echo the Lonely Mountain, any Pokemon character could echo a Pokecenter and any student of Hogwarts could echo any part of the school grounds.
- The echoes will be plot echoes and thus won't need a trigger; they will be available to characters in both Vegas and Locke.
- Please keep it to a maximum of two echo suggestions per character. In the end, a maximum of one echo per player will be granted (in case more than one echo of a player end up in the top four, the highest ranking one will be implemented).

Please peruse the form below:

Suggestions so far:
Batman: The Brave and the Bold | Hall of Justice
Bleach | Senkaimon
Danny Phantom | The Ghost Zone
Death Note | Wammy's House
Dokidoki Precure | Yotsuba Compound
Dragon Age | The Blooming Rose
Eternal Darkness | The Oublié Cathedral Old Tower & the catacombs
Generator Rex | Abysus
Golden Sun | Venus Lighthouse
Hatoful Boyfriend | St. Pigeonation's Academy
Heartcatch Precure | The Precure Palace
Hetalia | Suomenlinna
Kamen Rider W | The Narumi Detective agency slash billiard hall
Middle Earth | The Halls of the Woodland Realm
Middle Earth | Caras Galadhon, the Elven city in Lothlórien.
Middle Earth | The Lonely Mountain/Erebor
MS Gundam 00 | Orbital Elevator
Pandora Hearts | The Abyss
Tales of Symphonia | Torent Forest
Touhou Project | Scarlet Devil Mansion
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[personal profile] buildyourworld 2014-07-24 07:26 am (UTC)(link)
Player: Angel
Character: Tieria Erde | MS Gundam 00
Echo: Orbital Elevator

As the name suggest, it's a vertical elevator into space, primarily used to transport material to and from space. It's a megastructure build to function in combined capacity of an orbital elevator and a solar power satellite capable of generating and transporting solar energy as power source to the entire planet in Gundam 00's world. The existence of these orbital elevator are paramount to the livelihood of millions of people due to their reliance on solar power (every other power sources has been outlawed). It's also a destination for space tourism where you can view the earth from space.

The structure of the orbital elevator is compromised of 2 geostationary rings:-
Low Orbit Station - consisting of commercial & residential areas as well as the tourism center. This is also where the civilian linear trains stop. Gravity block is enforced in this area.

High Orbit Station - this is where the military base is located, along with a personnel station, mission control room and Mobile Suits hangar.

An orbiting satellite station build into the elevator functions as the military operations HQ for defensive purposes and general maintenance.

Last but not least, there are linear trains that run up to both Low (civilian) and High Orbit Station (military) with cargo capacity.

Here's the base of the orbital elevator for size comparison.

Why it would be awesome:
1. Infinite solar power to tap for robot maintenance and everything that needs power usage.
2. Mobile Suits hangar + facility for the Gundams and everything robotic.
3. Space tourism! Linear trains into space!